I finally heaved a sigh of relief when I heard Blue Niang’s hesitant sound of acacia, and then I looked at Yu Weiyang with appreciation and provoked Yu Weiyang to chuckle.

A month later, a group of people walking and playing finally arrived in Qingcheng. However, Lan Niang sat in a carriage with Yu Weiyang and got a smaller carriage with Yu Weiyang’s hand. She wanted Yu Weiyang to ride a horse and let Lan Niang sit with her. Unfortunately, Lan Niang was still a common citizen after all, and she didn’t dare to kill her. Moreover, she didn’t understand that some girls with her were not generally hurt by the five temples. She even dared not. At the same time, she sighed and drank for her own lady in her heart and became a temple saint. The woman is very beautiful. It is conceivable that the former lady gets along with the five temples. If she is not a saint, she will be loved by thousands of people in the temple. For her, although being a saint is great, it is more important to never find a man who loves her.
Yu Weiyang’s hand work efficiency is very high, and he soon found a fairly good carriage. Lan Niang was very grateful and sat down for lovesickness. She wanted to be close to Lan Niang, but now Lan Niang is careful to avoid her and let her lose.
You know, she’s still alive, and it’s not bad. If you can help her and make her live better, then what’s wrong with strangers? She doesn’t take you as that person, and what’s wrong with Yu Weiyang’s arm around acacia?
It’s not important for Lan Niang to think who she is, but that she can help her when she is in danger. Is it better for that person to think about Yu Weiyang and whether he is like this to himself? It doesn’t matter who Lan Niang thinks of him and how he looks at him. What matters to him is that he is still cute and he can protect himself.
I’m sorry, but she didn’t know what she suddenly wanted to say these three words, but when she realized that mood, she couldn’t help saying them and felt extremely grateful at the same time, but as she smiled at the contradiction and murmured at the same time.
Yu Weiyang sighed and hugged Acacia into her arms, saying that the two contradictory words were not evaluated or that he was white, which meant that he would be white, but he knew her better than Acacia.
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Chapter 35 Qingcheng Mountain Scenery
For acacia, the landscape is just a landscape. Maybe when you look at it in an instant, some artistic conception will never be enough to make her addicted. Maybe after reading it, there will be some surge of emotion, but it will never be like those arty people who chase the landscape and pin their spirit on it. How can she really feel so strong about a stone or a tree or a mountain and a pool of water like those people?
Qingcheng is an ancient city. It is impossible to test how ancient it is, just as Acacia knew some ancient towns in previous lives. People all know that it is an ancient city, but apart from some experts who specialize in it, no one remembers that these towns originated. They can be seen everywhere in this city, and some of their magnificent and antique scenic buildings have also attracted many elegant people to admire Qingcheng. Many poems have also gone from here, but the meaning they represent has long been forgotten.
Acacia is not an elegant person. It’s never about past lives. It’s an information world. She is a science and technology producer. When she arrived in the underworld, it was short. She was pulled by the underground to recite these romantic poems at the first time. Where did she have the heart to think about it? She became a small talented woman when she saw her former nine lives and then several lives. But it was her past life. The hometown station let her know all this, but it didn’t let her remember more about the past lives. She never nodded to this world since she was a child. Although they were all men, I came into contact with her, but she was bent on learning more about the world, some characters and customs, and for those poems that she would come to love, she jumped over directly, but it was impossible for her to write love poems.
Now, there are poems everywhere, and poets and poets are everywhere. It’s incredible that she dares to glance at the architectural landscapes that trigger these people’s poor inspiration. What’s wrong with seeing them is that when she was attracted by a building in Qingcheng on the first day, she asked for a car to watch her just settle down. Two scholars seemed to strike up a conversation and asked her to suppress her poems on the spot. She couldn’t learn from an ancient person like many women who crossed the road. She doesn’t want her not to be interested in the limelight, or two people who don’t know each other. Why do they want her to write a poem? If she copied a poem that really made a sensation like that woman, wouldn’t it attract more important poets? She doesn’t have much poetry to learn from.
What’s more, when she looked at these scenery, she felt something particularly novel. She didn’t see any poetry. She also found poems that could not be used for reference for a while. Fortunately, Yu Weiyang was omnipotent. Finally, he was saved by her in a few words. Since then, she dared to stay in the carriage and have a quick look. Although she didn’t think so, she didn’t look at it without looking at it.
Alas, such a beautiful scenery has been delayed by these literati, sighing like acacia
Yu Weiyang sat beside her and pulled the curtain of the carriage aside for her, so that she could easily see the wap of the mobile phone outside.
Do these literati have nothing to do? Acacia is curious. They have been walking for half an hour. There are thousands of literati shaking paper fans. They are always shaking their heads and reciting some sour words. Ancient literati are simply a big moth.
Is it true that these arty literati love to return those darling daughter who also come here? Yu Weiyang chuckled, and at the same time, pointing to a big boat with a spacious river not far from the road with another hand, several young girls and dolls were sitting laughing and accompanied by silk and bamboo.
Acacia can’t help but realize, and then look at those literati whose eyes are long gone. They can’t help laughing at this feeling. These people are all ready to be a daughter and rise directly. Suddenly, I think of Lan Niang, who was here in those days. These literati are generally lucky to be next to him. Now, when I think of this, she loses that relaxed mood and gets depressed.
Yu Weiyang knew her mind and put the curtain on the car and gently held her hand.
I’m fine. Acacia looked up with a sigh and smiled lightly. I think this man turned out to be like this, but he was lost in his heart.
I’m not like this Yu Weiyang hurriedly interface
Acacia spray smile mood is better.
It took nearly seven days for Acacia to see all the places where Qingcheng Mountain was praised by literati. Unfortunately, she came to think about whether she could inspire some of her poetic goals. It seems that I am not an elegant person. After reading it, she lost interest in these scenic spots in Qingcheng Mountain. It is not her cup that will not be won’t be won’t it?
Seven days later, they went back to the city, because they entered the city lightly a few days ago, and even rented a new carriage. At the same time, it was also necessary to let Silver Heyi take Blue Niang to the city in advance. Today, Acacia and Yu Weiyang sat in the carriage and hugged each other in Qingcheng City.
It’s acacia’s dissatisfaction. I must be a concubine. I was a fiancee before, and now I’m actually going back to concubine status. The ugly point is that the maid is still an ambiguous girl who can’t explain to the Lord. This identity really makes acacia dare not compliment.
When Yu Weiyang passes through other parts of Qingcheng City, he will always be provoked by those sour literati. Do you want those people to write poems again?
Acacia one leng think of that day can’t help shivering in my heart, but it’s wrong to think about you. Do they dare?
Yu Weiyang smiled. They dare not be here. Women are no better than men.
Acacia nai nodded.
Facts have proved that Yu Weiyang’s decision is indeed true, especially after they just entered the duke’s mansion that night. At the same time, she was deeply impressed by Yu Weiyang’s admiration. Although those people looked at her with disdain or bedroom eyes or turned a blind eye, it made her feel uncomfortable. However, compared with those women sitting next to those men who were full of poems, she felt that it would be good to be behind Yu Weiyang and pour him wine. Of course, she would be better if Yu Weiyang had not arranged those two women around the duke of Qingcheng Mountain.
Acacia is not jealousy, it’s really not jealousy. It’s that those two women’s bodies are too strong to make her nose itch, and she can’t help sneezing. She’s not allergic to women, and she loves some rouge gouache, too. It’s really that these two women’s bodies are more than ordinary people can bear.
Yu Weiyang drank the wine in the cup and listened to the banquet with a smile. Those scholars talked about poetry from time to time, and they gave encouragement, applauded and provoked acacia. Of course, no one except those literati ladies would really be attracted by these poems, and no one would take it seriously. After all, except those literati, others are not stupid.
Ouyang Guang, the duke of Qingcheng Mountain in the Five Temples, that is, the old man sitting next to Yu Weiyang turned around and approached Yu Weiyang. He was just about to say something. Unfortunately, Acacia finally couldn’t help it any longer. The smell of those two women is really unbearable for ordinary people. I don’t know how Yu Weiyang kept that smile. The facial expression didn’t even lift an eyebrow.
Acacia, this is earth-shattering. At that time, people’s eyes were flashing straight at her.
Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Acacia wryly hides behind Yu Weiyang and lowers her body.
Ouyang castellan, what did you just say? Yu Weiyang didn’t seem to hear the rude sound. He didn’t even lift his eyebrows. A pair of those people’s eyes seemed to look at Ouyang castellan with a light sideways smile and asked, so he easily attracted his eyes to acacia.
Ah, in general, people who are disrespectful like Acacia will be beaten up a little bit, even if they are afraid of a little life. It can be seen that Yu Weiyang actually doesn’t care about the others, although some accidents, but he didn’t say that after all, the girl is from the Fifth Temple and Ouyang Guang immediately decided to ignore such a trivial matter.

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