Because in addition to surpassing Pang Xia, the sea has another goal that can make him struggle and refresh himself.

That is, let him create the first faction of the day and completely surpass the starlight reception!
After three rounds of wine and five flavors, Vivian Dawson gently knocked on the glass and waited for the crowd to stop and then slowly spoke.
"Day is 36 strong we star cocktail party people can’t be in sheng.
Compared with the possibility that all of us will meet together, the probability is very, very large.
So I have a request or hope.
I hope that if you meet one of our own, don’t leave your hands and don’t hold back because of our feelings.
Because our feelings will not be resentful because we lost to our brothers and companions.
That way, people can’t get into our starlight reception, and they won’t be recognized by all of us
Therefore, try to deal with all enemies, even those sitting next to you now. I hope everyone will not leave their hands on purpose!
I don’t know if you agree with my words. If so, let’s drink to it. "
Vivian Dawson voice except PangXia nine people all raised the cup to gulp the wine in the cup.
But when they saw that Pang Xia didn’t move, they all stopped to look at Pang Xia.
Recently, when I saw Pang Xia, I was very unhappy. Xiaoqing immediately opened her eyes when she saw that Pang Xia didn’t raise a glass.
"Shrimp, what do you want? If the moth has something to say, just fart … go out and let it go!"
Hearing Xiaoqing’s words, Pang Xia made a pair of crayons as shy as Xiaoxin and said, "People are not so good."
Xiaoqing heard this almost a mouthful of old blood and spit it out.
She looked at Pang Xia’s mouth twitching and said, "Dirt!"
Gently cough a pang Xia became serious. He looked at Xiaoqing and said directly, "In fact, I have some different opinions."
That is, I really want to win this championship. I don’t know if you can leave a hand when you meet me. "
Xiaoqing just wanted to vomit after listening to Pang Xia’s words.
Suddenly I found that Pang Xia’s expression was laughing, but the look in his eyes was very serious
Although what Pang Xia said just now is not true, in fact he really wants to win this championship.
It’s all what Pang Xia meant by his companions who have been together for a long time, and everyone has seen it.
Pang Xia’s speech before telling everyone to keep their hands open is false, but it’s true that they are eager to win the championship.
It is precisely because of this that after a moment of silence, the sword wins the snow and directly speaks.
"What’s the matter with shrimp? Why do you have to win this championship?"
"The champion can get a mysterious reward, although I don’t know what that reward is.
But I know that there is something hidden in that reward that I urgently need.
This is not only for my strength, but also for my life and death. "
Pang Xia never tells lies when he gets down to business. It’s a starlight reception, and everyone knows it.
When he said that it was related to his life and death, everyone’s expression became extremely dignified.
Sword wins snow directly up. He stared at PangXia intensely and said word for word, "Shrimp, what’s going on?"
Did someone threaten you in reality to hand over the championship prize or it would be bad for you? "
Shook his head PangXia looked at sword wins snow and said "sword in the real world we are together.
If there is something in the real world, how can it hide your eyes?
After all, you are looking after me or protecting my nature, and you won’t ignore those.
To tell you the truth, I am from this game or from the parallel world of this real world! "
Chapter 9 Conversation and Demonstration
"Parallel …"
"This game world?"
"Game world threat?"
Pang Xia’s words can be regarded as a stone that stirs up a thousand waves, and everyone here is lost in all kinds of thinking.
Some of them know something about people in the inner world, such as 9 Hao and Vivian Dawson.
Others have a deeper understanding of this game world, such as being sent by Pang Xia michel platini and dopted mother to protect him.

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