It is calm after understanding the truth of all things.

[Divinity] Turning in the light
after that
He opened his palm.
In the pure white brilliance.
One by one, even with excellent microscopic equipment, the observation was successfully carried out, and the basic particles appeared automatically.
These "basic grains" are not only the basic composition of all things, but also the "dark tower" and "truth", that is, the "big" and "small" rings symbolize "inclusion" and "inclusion"
He has fully understood some words that Marten once said and gained a new understanding.
Among that knowledge he know.
My friends, that is, [Edie], their hometown-[Earth], have sent many digital units to explore the mysteries of mathematics.
That’s a term far beyond that mathematical category he once knew.
after all
His environment base also needs simple algorithms of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
A, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a billion, a trillion, a Beijing, a country, a country, a ditch, a stream, a positive, a polar, a Ganges sand, a monk, it’s up to him … Don’t say, don’t turn … Ge Liheng counts … Alef … No.
Those units in front are easy to say.
Go to the back
The more he had neve imagined before.
Touche that blind spot of his past knowledge.
Those things are no longer important.
He has succeeded in understanding everything.
Know all the knowledge
from antiquity to the present
All kinds of knowledge have appeared in the whole "Dark Tower" and circulated in his mind.
Although the law touches the so-called "true limit"
However, he made a "basic particle" at will, and all of them already contained a number far exceeding those numbers.
Because the Dark Tower contains the big and the small.
And 【 Dark Tower 】 is the most extreme pole.
The power possessed by the "Magic Rune" will naturally be the same.
Ask him to be willing
He can also adjust every physical rule and energy rule in the universe at will, or fantasize the minds of ordinary people into reality to create several ghosts and gods everywhere, or take out everything in the universe and control it at will when the Star River Fleet runs around the whole vast area.
This is close to real power!
Adapted to his existing strength, he
Backhand will throw those just made [basic grains] into the first floor of [Dark Tower] to serve as a number of cornerstones.
soon afterwards
It’s just an idea
He resurrected all those relatives and friends who had destroyed the thistle plow and died by himself.
And erased all the tragedies and created a "human" and "Roland" to accompany relatives and friends.
It is also a perfect life for relatives and friends.
In real [Roland]?
Because of too much strength
He is no longer fit to accompany his relatives and friends.
He still has his own mission to complete.
Challenge the mission of [Blood King]!
[Dark Tower] Pole 1
It symbolizes that 【 White Axis 】 and 【 Magic Symbol 】 are bound to collide with 【 Red Axis 】 and 【 Bloody King 】.
This is an inevitable thing …
Therefore, to be a "magic charm", he must face each other directly …
[Diskodia Castle]
[Bloody King] [Dark Tower] The main base of each tower.
This is a place where many times meet.
It is also the ultimate holy land in the hearts of evil creatures.
Cause it
Because [the bloody king] [the doppelganger] or Ortegana is located on the tower floor [the doppelganger]
Usually sit here on the throne and receive prayers from poor evil creatures.
Castle department
Manage the castle [minister] [Mary Shaw] is arranging the daily basic matters.
for example
The problem of food in Olga that day
Although it has nothing to do with eating.
But it’s good to taste it
What they eat belongs to the recreational activities that Olga prefers.
That’s why.
For this matter
Race [evil spirit] [Mary Shaw] That’s also paying special attention to the actual situation, paying special attention to the requirements that all families must come up with the best, most dedicated and correct work attitude, but if there is a little problem, the perpetrators will die very miserably!
This leads to every meal time
In the huge kitchen, the "evil spirit" and "scream of fear" will ring back.
"You fools!

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