"The war started? !”

Lin Tianxiao’s figure appeared in front of Liu Heng and the goblin. As soon as he appeared, he shouted, "Immediately organize personnel to take you to Longdao to collect dragons as pets and mounts."
Liu Heng and the goblin heard Lin Tian-xie’s words and rubbed them together. They waited for this moment for too long. I still remember that Lin Tian-xie got the ghost dragon Xiaosi as a pet when he just entered the game for a short time. At that time, Liu Heng and the goblin hoped to get the dragon pet house. Liu Heng had no pets. He caught a thunder unicorn king as a mount and the goblin had no mount, just waiting for this moment!
Without words, there is speed. Now it is too urgent for them. The national war is imminent. Today, a small team has invaded, but it has proved that the other party has found its own city.
An hour later, there were 200 million members outside the suburbs of magic dragon. These people are all level 65 personnel, and they either don’t have mounts or pets. Only such talents can meet the conditions. If Lin Tianxiao is evil, he will fly and prepare for the mobilization meeting.
"I’m here today to lead you to Longdao. Remember that the city can be lost in the current situation, but its strength and influence can’t be strengthened."
"Longdao is actually the boss of Longdao!"
"Mysterious Dragon Island Dragon Pet Boss, I love you so much!"
Lin Tianxiao held out his hands and the whole scene was quiet soon. Lin Tianxiao continued, "Not everyone can get the support of the Dragon clan this time, because the conditions of the Dragon clan are too harsh, and everyone needs to bear the power of the Dragon clan to get their approval."
"What? To bear a blow from the dragon clan? "
"Who can pick it up? It’s simply impossible!"
Lin Tianxiao once again made the scene quiet and said again, "Let’s hear me out first. After all, it’s too urgent now. Before I took it, I had already tried it, but it caused me to die. I want to wake up. Everyone must be prepared in advance to put a big medicine in their mouth when they are hit by the dragon clan."
Lin Tianxiae paused for a moment and continued, "It’s good to succeed, but don’t be angry if you fail. Around the dragon clan, there is still strength that has reached the sub-god level. There is no lack of god level for the dinosaur clan. If you get them as pets or mounts, you will also get strong strength. If you fail, I will take you to Longdao to catch dinosaurs again."
After Lin Tianxiao took out the Dragon King and gave himself a token, he threw it at the height. As the token rose, a purple light appeared, which instantly covered tens of thousands of meters.
This purple light keeps gathering and eventually forms a huge six-pointed star, and a powerful suction will appear in an instant and everyone will be sucked into the array.
When those peripheral members saw it, they immediately rushed to the array. No one knows how long this array can last. Once it disappears, they don’t even have a chance.
When more than 200 million people entered, Lin Tianxiao entered the battle with Liu Heng and the goblin. Lin Tianxiao once again returned to Longdao, only two hours before and after he left.
More than 200 million people immediately attracted the attention of the dragon clan when they entered the Dragon Island. The dragon king immediately rose with tens of thousands of dragons, and when they saw Lin Tianxiao coming out of the queue, the dragon king also flew over.
"You’re still young. When?"
"Don’t wave, now!"
"Well, I have tens of thousands of people here. You can divide your people into N teams to challenge our people. If you can withstand a blow from our people, you can get their approval!" The Dragon King once again said the terms of this competition.
Lin Tianxiae nodded. "All right, I know everything. Prepare the venue!"
With a wave of his hand, the Dragon King immediately disappeared by tens of thousands of people, but all of them appeared in a virtual place. In this place, tens of thousands of rings appeared, and those dragons were already in the ring.
"Listen carefully. Don’t give me a copy if you lose. Give me all these dragons!" Lin Tianxiao immediately shouted at those members behind him.
Tens of thousands of people immediately appeared in different challenges, but these people just went and soon turned into white light and disappeared in the challenges, followed by a piece of land.
Because this is the virtual place created by the Dragon King, the player doesn’t lose his level after he dies, but he loses the competition. So is Rao. Lin Tianxiao frowned. Just now, tens of thousands of people didn’t even bear one person. It seems that this time the situation is a little worrying!
Soon, the second round of competition was good. Although the white light kept flashing, one person finally stayed in the ring. It took a long time to tremble, as if the dragon signed a contract.
Everyone was attracted. When Lin Tianxiao and others saw the man clearly, a smile appeared on his face. This man was none other than his good wife Yang Qianqian.
This time, it happened that two women were also in the game, but they didn’t say hello to Lin Tianxiao. Two women hid in the crowd and followed up to live up to expectations. Yang Qianqian was the first to take his opponent
"Sister Qian Qian is good!"
At this time, a charming incoming Lin Tianxie’s ear. Looking back, who is not Zhou Xiaofu? Zhou Xiaofu seems to have seen Lin Tianxie’s back and immediately vomitted to vomit. small tongue shrank back from the crowd, but he was caught by Lin Tianxie and patted her on the charming hip.
"You two!"
Soon Yang Qianqian put the dragon away and returned to Lin Tianxiao’s side. He immediately gave Lin Tianxiao a hug. Only then did he get excited and shouted, "Husband, I am so happy to have the dragon as a pet!"
"Ha ha, it’s good to be happy, but don’t do such a thing behind my back, and you’re not afraid of any accidents." Lin Tianxin said.
Yang Qianqian smiled at Zhou Xiaofu and said, "Xiaofu’s face depends on you. I’m going to stay with Xiaotian first!"
"Don’t worry, I can do it!" Zhou Xiaofu shook a small fist and said firmly
Chapter 32 The Dragon Knight was born ()
In the third round, Zhou Xiaofu was in it for a few seconds, and the white light rose again. Those dragons seemed to be crazy, and they were crazy to display their big tricks. One hundred percent of their power fell unceremoniously on the players who participated in the competition.
At this time, Lin Tianxiao’s eyes are staring at a challenge, which is where Zhou Xiaofu is located. Brewmaster became famous. After drinking a mouthful of alcohol, Zhou Xiaofu’s strength was limited. After doing a good job of defense, her opponent immediately attacked.
Zhou Xiaofu’s charming drink abruptly suffered a blow, and his body whooshed and flew to the edge of the ring. The blood couldn’t stop coughing up. Fortunately, Zhou Xiaofu heard Lin Tianxiao’s words and contained a bottle of healing medicine in his mouth.
When she fell to the ground again, Zhou Xiaofu had the slightest strength to bite her teeth and drink the healing medicine. The blood volume in her stomach soared by 5 points.
Don’t look at this 5 o’clock blood volume, but Zhou Xiaofu has the strength to take out a few bottles of healing medicine and fill her stomach again. This just slowly got up, and with a touch of blood on her mouth, she showed a satisfied smile.
After that, it was simple to sign an equal contract with each other, and the dragon became Zhou Xiaofu’s pet. Zhou Xiaofu appeared beside Lin Tianxiao and looked at Lin Tianxiao in a very hanging way.
Lin Tianxiao touched Zhou Xiaofu’s head and followed it to the members behind him and shouted, "You bastards have to let two girls compare. Although they are my wives, I have never taken care of them. I even promised them that two Tianshi robes have not been honored yet. Do you really want them to compare? Are you still men? "
"No, no!"
Listening to the roar of the crowd, Lin Tianxiao’s face revealed a smile and followed the fourth batch and the fifth batch until the thousand times. The number of successful dragon signings reached 33. Although there is a big gap with Lin Tianxiao, it is not bad for tens of millions to have such achievements.
At this time, Liu Heng and several of them were on the scene. Lin Tianxie really couldn’t see it, because many people thought they could get the help of the dragon, such as the Liu Heng goblin, who was indifferent to your tenderness, such as persistent dark cuisine and his sister’s snail impulse, and his best friend Wang Youliang.
However, Lin Tianxiao’s focus is still Liu Heng and the goblin. After all, both of them are leading figures. If they don’t succeed, it will be somewhat unreasonable.
Liu Heng’s hand here is holding a handful of baked days, and he waved it in front of the dragon, feeling that it was wrong to take it back, and then he saw a khaki light on his body.
As soon as the dragon was shocked by the powerful power of the sky in the hands of Liu Heng, it was because they were very powerful in the dragon clan that they felt respect for the strong, and their respect was to strike by themselves, so a powerful breath rose in the dragon body and enveloped Liu Heng.
Liu Heng instantly felt the strong pressure, but in his position, he wouldn’t give up and yell, and when he came, the dragon attack fell on him.
Lin Tian evil heart a tight because he can feel Liu Heng opponent this blow is definitely more than its former attack strength is one of its most powerful blow, and then see if Liu can hold on.
A more red and yellow light in Liu Hengshen flashing dragon attack directly hit the light and made a click sound as if Liu Hengshen’s light has become a substance.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Liu Heng incredibly hard carrying the dragon blow even seven steps back just stopped on the edge, but most didn’t spit blood corners of the mouth or shed a little blood.
"Ha ha ha what a powerful blow"
Liu Heng laughed and shouted at the same time quietly to drink the healing medicine in his mouth. Although it was hidden, it was discovered by Lin Tianxiao.
Deadly face to face, living hell, Mrs. Lin’s evil heart whispers that she has turned her attention to the demon side as if she were interested in fighting here.
At the same moment, the dragon felt the powerful breath from the demon’s hands, and there was a look of reverence in his eyes, and his physical strength was transferred to the strongest.
The demon side is also covered with a layer of egg shell by a yellow light. It’s really energy shield skill. The higher the mana value of energy shield skill, the stronger the defense.
But that’s not all. After the yellow energy shield rose, the demon held Zhentian in his hand and put on a protective cover again. This protective cover is an egg shell like energy shield, but the color is pink.
This boring man!
Lin Tianxiao despised it in his heart, and continued to observe and found that the demon disappeared in his hands after putting on the second pink egg shell, which showed that he was ready for the dragon’s blow.
Instantly exploding, the dragon attack fell on the goblin body, and the goblin roared, and the pink egg shell did not move, and it was directly broken into several brilliance.
However, the strength of the dragon’s blow is not over yet, and it falls to the yellow egg shell again, and it is a dense click. The second layer of yellow egg shell is also broken into light spots.
However, after two layers of egg shells offset the dragon’s attack power, it also weakened a lot. Finally, it fell on the demon body and let the demon spurt out one mouthful blood. The body dallied and even took three steps back, which stabilized its shape and quickly knocked on a bottle of healing medicine. This just smiled and signed a contract with the dragon.
In addition to Liu Heng and goblins, this time, many strong people screamed, and it was Wang Youliang who did not get a mount. It was at this moment that his defensive warrior’s high defense easily withstood the dragon attack, which was a relatively relaxed person.
Snail impulse is also full of smiles. You are signing a contract. You are gentle and depressed. You are just a little short of biting the healing medicine in your mouth, but you still haven’t resisted being defeated. The same failure and dark cooking are the alchemist’s weak body. It’s normal to fail to resist, but it’s anodyne to let Lin Tianxiao feel surprised. With the wizard’s body, he actually caught the dragon attack.

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