"Ha, ha, ha ….. your mouth is really going to say that I appreciate you more and more. Well, I will tell you that Brother Lei’s family has a blood relative in the center. I say that you should be brother Bai Leige. What is his position? Why should I be willing to listen to him when I am bald? " Baldheaded laughed and said

"Bald teddy boy? I don’t know, I haven’t heard of it. Sorry, I am a foreigner! " Ye Qing is very honest and authentic. That doesn’t sound like a deliberate irony of bald punk, but a very sincere statement of truth.
Teddy boy laughed again. He knew that Ye Qing was telling the truth. The word "Bald Teddy boy" may have some weight on the beach, but its influence is limited to the sea. Who knows you? Moreover, their mixed society doesn’t dare to be too high-profile. Those high-profile people, such as the Northeast Joe grandpa four, have all been shot. Really smart people are very low-key. It’s normal for outsiders not to hear about it.
Chapter 397 Gu Ye
Teddy boy with a bald head is one of the best in the beach. Usually, he doesn’t personally do such a small thing, but Brother Lei named him and asked him to personally take someone to take Ye Qing back. His hands searched everywhere, but they didn’t catch anyone. This also aroused his curiosity. He wanted to see what a man who dared to beat Brother Lei like a pig’s head and could still disappear in a wide range of searches looked like.
Teddy boy didn’t speak, so he grabbed his hand to kiss up to Ye. "You haven’t heard of Teddy boy, but you are ignorant. Brother Fei is doing this in Luwan, Jing ‘an, Zhabei and Hongkou!"
The man gave a thumbs up and said proudly, "Now few people on the beach dare not give Brother Fei a face. When Brother Fei was killed by one person, Huangpu helped the shocked beach people to get the nickname" Fast Knife Flying ".Later, because he kept a bald head all the year round, everyone on the beach called Brother Fei bald. Do you know now?"
Teddy boy raised my hand and slapped the talkative guy directly, which was very depressing. "Who told you the origin of my nickname?" And does it have to be said? Isn’t this clear at a glance? " Teddy boy touched his shiny head.
Ye Qing felt funny. This famous beach is not so terrible. Probably he didn’t show his fierce side, or he appreciated Ye Qing’s failure to treat him rudely as he said.
"Let’s go. I’ll go and see that brother Lei and make things clear. If it’s my fault, I apologize. If I didn’t kill him by mistake, I won’t apologize!" Ye Qing to A Fei Dao
"Have a backbone! But it’s not up to you this time. You have to apologize whether it’s right or wrong. After all, you moved your hand and it was very cruel! Brother, I tell you a truth that makes no sense in the face of absolute strength! Don’t talk about the king’s law. You will always remember who is the king’s law. My arms can’t twist my thighs. When I was young, I was fearless. Do I have to listen to others now? Listen to my brother’s advice to bow your head when you bow your head. Be flexible! " Baldheaded teddy boy very sincerely to leaf tilting way
Ye can hear that teddy boy really wants him to suffer, and somehow teddy boy has a lot of affection, and teddy boy sees the reality very thoroughly, and it makes sense to speak. Now this society is like this. Some people are born with golden keys and deep backgrounds. How can ordinary people fight? And Ye Qing knows very well that this time things can be solved without an apology!
Ye Qing bowed his head and walked towards the corridor stairs. Teddy boy chased him with one hand on his shoulder, just like an old friend he had not seen for a long time. The others swarmed with two people, and Ye Qing asked the biggest question in his heart while smoking.
"Brother Fei, actually, I have been cautious enough. I checked around the hotel and didn’t find any of you. How did you find out that I entered the hotel and how did you suddenly appear?" Ye Qing was puzzled by this problem. He felt that he had done his best, but he was ambushed by the other side, which showed that the other side was not simple.
Teddy boy grinned and then bounced the cigarette butt directly to the roadside trash can.
"As the saying goes, the height of the road is one foot and the height of the magic is ten feet. You have had a wall ladder. I have Zhang Liangji. If you ambush around the hotel, it will be easy for you to find it." Teddy boy said and pointed to a building opposite the hotel. On the tenth floor of that building, there were a few people by the French window of a spacious and luxurious office. One of them was black and blue. Lei Ge and others were very popular and calm. They were not simple people.
Brother Lei holds a telescope lens in his hand to lock the place where Ye Qing and Teddy Boy are. He puts the telescope to reveal a smile and is satisfied with a middle-aged humanitarian beside him. "Gu Ye is really fierce, and that little fox has fallen into a trap."
Known as Gu Ye, he nodded with a smile and said, "It’s easy to have flaws in ambush around the hotel. We can sit here and watch all the way. The key is that the little root doesn’t know where we are, but we know everything about his every move."
"Fortunately, Gu Ye helped me this time, otherwise the old fight would have been wasted. Teddy boy was too able to find anyone in the city search yesterday. After Gu Ye left the sea, their team was really talented!" Another tall man chimed in.
Gu ye turned with the wave, "which one are they? Which one am I? Black and white road or road? "
The tall man was terrified when he heard the news. He knew that he seemed gentle and polite. Before Gu Ye stamped his foot on the beach, the Huangpu River was going to be in high tide. Even though his influence in the sea had not weakened in recent years, the bald punk was so unruly that he had to look down on his eyes and dared not expect anything.
The tall man immediately bowed his head in fear and said, "I can’t talk, Gu Ye Haihan!"
Gu ye smiled and laughed. "I know very well which way I am. People can’t take one road in a generation. In the end, all roads lead to the same goal. It is the right path! There are few good places for black people when you go one way. This sentence is also meant for you. It doesn’t matter if that young man is young and energetic, but I don’t think it’s a bad person. You have to forgive others. You want to vent your anger, but don’t understand it too much? "
Brother Lei Lei, who was called by Gu Ye, was not angry, because he was a generation shorter when he came in front of Gu Ye, and the people behind Gu Ye had great energy. Even his relative in the central government had to let him have three points. Although his relative was in the central government, his position was not very promising and the horse was about to change. The old man was seeking higher development, regardless of family affairs.
Brother Lei’s name is Shi Lei, and his temper is as smelly and hard as the stone in the pit. He was named after his grandfather, a deputy commander of a military region. He hoped that he could be as tough and car-scrapping as the stone. However, this small business did not develop as expected by his grandfather, but quickly became a beach dude with family influence, causing no less trouble and being beaten by people.
One of the words that this little overbearing man pursues most is that Du Yuesheng, the emperor who dominated the beach in the 1920s and 1930s, said, "In my eyes, there are two kinds of people in the sea, one is dead and the other is mine!"
This sentence means that if it is not someone else, it will become a dead person. Everyone has to listen to him, but his sentence is not even dare to be more powerful than him in the circle of * * * * *. He can bully ordinary people and weaker people than him.
Shi Lei pulled up a chair and sat down. Then he said to Gu Ye, "I remember what Gu Ye said. Don’t worry, I won’t go too far. How long will Gu Ye stay in the sea this time?"
"Three days!"
"What’s the matter? Maybe I can help, especially in official matters! "
"I don’t need your help yet. I was ordered to protect a person! I think it’s enough to have teddy boys here. "
"Protect a person? Who deserves your attention? Do it yourself? Is it … "Shi Lei was a little surprised and a little curious. Gu Ye shook his head." No! The young master in our family doesn’t need my protection. It’s our uncle who protects me! "
"Miss big husband! ?” Shi Lei exclaimed that Gu Ye nodded with a smile and Shi Lei gasped at the air conditioning. That man is the real meaning. * * * * * Although he is not in Beijing, his grandfather was once at the peak of his strength. His family is not comparable to Shi Lei. It’s no wonder that people like Gu Ye have to personally come out to protect that man. Who dares to touch that man?
Some questions Shi Lei dared not ask him. Although he was a dandy, he grew up in that circle and knew what to ask and what not to ask. After hearing who Gu Ye was trying to protect, Shi Lei lost all sense of superiority. He lowered his posture and whispered to Gu Ye, "If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know!"
"I won’t be polite if I need you anywhere. Well, I’ll see what you do with that guy. I’ll talk to your dad about some business when I’m done."
"good!" Shi Lei nodded. He knew that it was very difficult to clean up that little thing today. Gu Ye watched him and didn’t dare to mess around. Gu Ye came to his company early this morning to talk about business with his father. He knew that Gu Ye was actually the second most important thing to talk about business, or to protect that person was just talking about business by the way.
He knew that Gu Ye had a lot of energy at the beach and had the best way to do it, so he asked him if he could catch Ye Qing’s results, so Gu Ye thought of a way to observe Teddy boy through a telescope in this building, and his hand was waiting in a nearby shopping mall. Once Ye Qing appeared, he would be captured by Shi Lei telescope, and then he would inform Teddy boy to arrest people. Everything was done well, and Ye Qing was clever, so he kept silent.
This building is the tenth floor of their family business in Shi Lei. The office is the president’s office. The tall man is the president, but he is also a wage earner in front of Shi Lei. It is also his pleasure for Shi Lei to occupy his office.
Ye Qing followed the bald teddy boy’s fingers and looked at the gray sky reflected by the bright glass on the outer wall of the building. It suddenly dawned on him that the other party had put the observation post in the middle of the building. No wonder he couldn’t notice that he sighed. It’s really behind the scenes that someone is smarter than him. It’s also a lesson that someone planted it this time.
Chapter 39 Leave a finger
Ye Qing and Teddy boy walked out of the stairs on the tenth floor of the building, and there were two of them. The other minions were all in the building. They were not qualified to meet Chloe Wang. Teddy boy was not afraid that Ye Qing would take the opportunity to escape. Although Ye Qing looked taller and stronger than him, he was not worried at all that he was confident, but he could put Ye Qing down in a few minutes.
A-Fei was braver when he was young than fighting three or five people with his bare hands. If he had a knife in his hand, he would be a wolf in the flock, but he could fight his way out in the siege of more than a dozen people. This is already very awesome. In some novels and movies, one person fought dozens or retreated in the middle of a hundred people. The plot is exaggerated. How can modern people be so powerful? Not to mention whether you have the kind of force to fight dozens of hundreds of people by one person? The physical exertion alone is very huge, and one hundred people will make you tired.
The physical quality of modern people is still far from that of ancient people. The key is that eating is different and the quality of air is different. Where did the ancient people know about additives, ripening agents and swelling agents? Vegetables are all natural pollution.
During the Three Kingdoms period, the feather weapon was a dragon crescent moon blade, which was described as weighing 2 Jin in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. What is this concept? Modern people find it difficult to just pick it up. People can hold it in their hands and dance wildly to split people and kill the enemy. Modern people estimate that picking it up will not kill the enemy, but will smash their own feet.
It can be seen from this that the force value of a bald punk is very great, and it is said that he once worshipped a famous martial arts family in the south and practiced Nanquan Nanquan for three years, including many kinds of boxing and knife methods. He killed the Huangpu gang with one knife and said that it was not a cave.
In fact, he didn’t destroy all the Huangpu Gang, but the main people of Huangpu Gang got together at that time. He broke in alone and took care of the big bosses, which led to the disintegration of Huangpu Gang and was eventually completely dissolved and annexed by the Flying Eagle Society he established. Since then, it has become one of the best in the beach.
Ye Qing doesn’t know the glorious deeds of Teddy boy, but he doesn’t dare to move because he can feel the dangerous smell of Teddy boy. Although he doesn’t look fierce on the surface and is very polite to Ye Qing, Ye Qing knows very well that if he makes a slight change, he will be given to ko by Teddy boy in an instant, and he doesn’t dare to take that risk.
After coming out of the ladder, Teddy boy walked into a hall with Ye Qing. A beautiful woman sat at the front desk and got up after seeing two people. Teddy boy waved at the beautiful woman and the beautiful woman sat down, apparently knowing Teddy boy.
Teddy boy went straight to the outside of an office, stretched out his hand and knocked on the door. People like him had to knock on the door before entering the office, which means that people in the office are even more complicated. Ye couldn’t help but get nervous, and he didn’t know what to do with it.
"Come in!" There was a majestic sound coming from the door. It was the sound of Lei Ge. That guy always spoke with such a high voice that he felt that he was awesome. Teddy boy pushed the door and pulled Ye in. Then a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa nodded his head and said respectfully, "Gu Ye!"
The middle-aged man also nodded, and then Teddy boy turned to Shi Lei, who was sitting behind his desk. "Brother Lei brought it!"
Ye Qing glanced at Shi Lei’s little bruise, which was not serious in trauma, but the image was very bad. Even so, it was hard to hide his innate arrogance. Shi Lei lightly said to Teddy boy, "Please take a seat."
After that, Shi Lei pressed another table and said, "Phillips, make a cup of tea!" This is obviously a secret to the outside world. The secret is actually the secret of the tall man, that is, the secret of the president, but it was Shi Lei who was inserted and had an affair with Shi Lei.
Ye Qing knew that the cup of tea was definitely not for him to make Shi Lei. It was not so generous and would not be the enemy. The cup of tea was obviously for teddy boy. Sure enough, a tall and beautiful woman in a professional suit came in and put a cup of tea on the tea table in front of teddy boy.
Ye Qing in the middle of the office felt the eyes of several people very uneasy and embarrassed at the same time. He felt that he was being visited like a monkey in the zoo. When he saw Shi Lei, he took the initiative to say, "I have come. What should I do? Speak frankly. If you don’t plan to kill me, then solve the problem quickly. If I don’t go back for too long, my brothers will worry about calling the police, and you will be in trouble, even though you are not afraid of the police!"
Shi Lei saw that Ye Qing had reached this point and was still acting like a so-called sample. He suddenly slammed the table and was about to speak when he heard Gu Ye’s mouth, "Don’t be so impatient!"
Shi Lei leng a don’t know gu ye this sentence is said to him or to listen to the leaves he is not good to interrupt gu ye then says "don’t always say what kill don’t kill now is the legal society, you really don’t want to kill people? What the hell is going on? Say it again in the same place and I’ll give you justice! Xiaolei, are you okay with it? "
"Of course, there is no opinion. It is better to have Gu Ye presiding over justice!" Shi Lei hurriedly said in his heart that it was his business to deal with, but Gu Ye robbed him of his words and was still in his territory, but he couldn’t offend Gu Ye.

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