Li Chunfeng squinted at him and laughed. "This is a good sign!"

Zhang Qiwen heart excited way "good sign? How good is it? "
Li Chunfeng said, "This signing is not capable of being poor. I want to ask Master to cancel it for me!"
"Then please invite the master. I won’t have less incense money!" Zhang Qiwen said that he took out two pendants of money and secretly handed them to Li Chunfeng. Li Chunfeng took over, "Please come with me!"
Yuan Tiangang Zhengtuanpu in Houdian closed his eyes and rested his eyes. In the past six months, the Sanqing concept has developed rapidly. There are many rich and powerful people among the 500 people. At present, the biggest gold owner is Zhang Gong, a descendant of the Gansu nobility. Zhang Gong has invested hundreds of gold in Sanqing concept and has become a loyal believer in Sanqing concept.
However, Zhang Gong seems to be very busy. He can’t see anyone at ordinary times, but every now and then, people will always send money to make Yuan Tiangang excited.
Yuan Tiangang’s one-step plan is to develop believers into officials of the Great Sui Dynasty, from which he can get more money and gain greater benefits, but he also knows that he can’t develop too fast, otherwise it will not be worth the loss if the court suspects him.
At this time, Li Chunfeng came in and whispered, "Master has come to a big gold Lord."
"Who is it?" Yuan Tiangang asked.
"Master, he’s a disciple of Shangtu, who did not do this dynasty. He’s seen him in the palace," Li Chunfeng said.
Yuan Tiangang suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Li Chunfeng. "No mistake?"
"Absolutely not!" Li Chunfeng said.
Yuan Tiangang narrowed his eyes. He was just thinking that if the officials of the Sui Dynasty were developed into believers, a big official would come, just like a sleeper picking up a pillow and making Yuan Tiangang excited.
"Invite him in!" Yuan Tiangang said that although he was excited in his heart, the title of "immortal" could not be disgraced. How can an immortal meet a mortal?
Hanchuan county
Yang You, the south of the county, is walking along the main street, and Du Ruhui is next to him. Both of them are dressed and look like ordinary people. There are many people with strong Chinese accents busy in the street.
"Mr. Du, do you think Li Yuan will be a pawn?" Yang You asked.
Du Ruhui laughed. "Li Shimin was outgunned in Tianshui World War I, and Tang Jun was already frightened. I think Tang gaozu is considering moving the capital!"
"Tang gaozu, the old fox, seems to be honest and honest, but in fact, he is scheming. Even if he says that he wants to move the capital, it is just a test of the loyalty of his ministers." Yang You laughed. Tang gaozu was almost completely beaten by Liu Wuzhou and Song Jingang in Hedong. He claimed to give up Hedong, but he didn’t give up in the end. Later, in the face of Turkic strength, he claimed to move the capital well, but he didn’t move it in the end.
You can’t believe what this person says. Most of the time, you need a discount.
Du Ruhui ha ha a smile "even if he is tempted, I’m afraid his heart will panic."
"So what do you think Li Yuan will do?" Yang You asked.
Du Ruhui shook his head. "This person’s mind is vicious and will never be soft on the enemy. Once he comes up with it, I’m afraid it’s a deadly trap!"
"Poisonous plan?" Yang You thoughtfully tang gaozu at this time can have any deadly trap? Although the military forces in Longxi are insufficient to attack, they are more than enough to protect themselves. If it is said that it is obviously impossible to assassinate Qu Tutong and Sang Xianhe, it is not necessary to say that Tianshui Yugoslav capital Fan Rusen and Yan Guang are the leaders of Fangde, and the Royal Guards are not eating for nothing. They will certainly be able to get news to nip all this in the bud.
At this time, Yang You felt that someone was looking at him. He looked up and saw a young man looking at himself. The young man was dressed in Tsing Yi and wore a poof head. He was not tall and seemed a little thin. Looking at that face, Yang You felt as if he had seen it there.
With a stupidly kung fu, the young man has gone far away. Yang You is surprised that he waved his hand and laurel nodded and followed.
Yang You but Du Ruhui found a restaurant, sat on the second floor and asked for some meals and a catty of fruit wine.
Half an hour later, Xiaogui came back and told Yang You that Yang You felt a little strange. What was she doing here?
Dou Honglian didn’t expect that Yang You hit the street red-handed and blushed. She immediately fled back to the inn.
Three months ago, she arrived in Chengdu and met a young Taoist named Li Chunfeng. At that time, Li Chunfeng didn’t recognize her as a woman disguised as a man. This interesting little Taoist eloquently announced to her the Sanqing Shengjun. At the same time, he also told Dou Honglian that she would be successful in official career in the future, and the most important officials smiled at Dou Honglian.
She is not interested in wealth, and wants to live a flat life, but in this big era, she can’t change this big era and can integrate into it.
After driving away the chattering Li Chunfeng, Dou Hongxian stayed in Chengdu for some days. She saw that Yang You married the woman in that brothel, which surprised her very much. She was somewhat envious of Yan Ran’s good skin and actually got the favor of the Great Sui Emperor and got married.
Envy at the same time, her heart also has a faint loss and disdain. It turns out that men are so fond of young and beautiful women, and there is no meaning.
Despite all kinds of complicated emotions in my heart, I learned that when Yang You led the army to Hanzhong, she came here with the tie. It seemed that my heart would be quiet when I was closer to him. At this moment, there was a knock at the door, "Bang Bang Bang!"
Dou Honglian touched some red faces and quickly patted them with cold water. The red face gradually receded and this was a low voice. "Is this the store?" Come in! "
The door was pushed open, revealing a smiling face. The man laughed. "Does your father know that you are here?"
Chapter 219 Who should be loyal to
Xiangyang Huju Nanyang Basin is located on the bank of Hanshui River, because there are heavy troops stationed here at Jingxiangmen.
At this time, it was noon. Jang Jin Zhou had just had lunch and was pacing at home to digest food. However, there were more problems hovering in his mind.
Zhang Zhenzhou is over forty years old this year, and he is an elder minister of Daye. He once attacked Ryukyu for six years, and the king of Ryukyu sent troops to refuse to fight, but was defeated by two men. He occupied Sui Jun and begged for the capital to be beheaded and captured by 17,000 people. Soon after his return, Ryukyu set up a hundred officials to be included in the sphere of influence of Da Sui. Because of his merits, Yang Guang appreciated him and he was promoted step by step. Zhang Zhenzhou was a rare general who was good at water warfare in Xiangyang.
Jang Jin Zhou Lai was the Shoujiang of Xiangyang, but Wang Honglie was sent to be the Shoujiang of Xiangyang by King Yang Dong of Yue six months ago. Since then, Zhou Jun of Jang Jin has gradually fallen, and Wang Honglie has become the Shoujiang of Xiangyang. Although he was dissatisfied, Zhang Zhenzhou accepted the transfer to take charge of Xiangyang civil affairs out of loyalty to Da Sui.
Later, Yang Guang Jiangdu was killed, and Wang Shichong’s nephew Wang Honglie naturally chose to defected to Luoyang court and drove away the emissary from Yang You. He did not admit that Wang Honglie did not admit that Yang You was the orthodox emperor of the Great Sui Dynasty, but it seems that this is a difficult problem. Who should Zhang Zhenzhou be loyal to? His heart is full of contradictions.
By this time, he had got the news that Yang You was stationing troops and Hanzhong was preparing to attack. For most people, Yang You’s actions were normal. After all, China was the foundation of the big Sui Dynasty, and there were two countries in the country, one was Xijing Daxing City and the other was Luoyang, the eastern capital.
If Yang You wants to recover the Great Sui Dynasty, it must recover the Great Xing City, or it will be a real place. Sui Jun’s main force will gather in Hanzhong to prepare for the attack. Because Sui Jun began to prepare last autumn, and now it is making a big splash, the major forces in the day have focused on Hanzhong and China.
Zhang Zhenzhou’s heart is really hard to choose. If one day Bashu court and Luoyang court fight, who should he be loyal to? This is really a difficult problem! When Zhang Zhenzhou was thinking about these problems, the housekeeper came to Jang Jin Zhou and said, "There is a visitor outside the master’s door."
"Is it a person?" Zhang Zhenzhou asked
"He said it was an emissary sent by the officials," said the housekeeper.
"oh? Ask him to come to the room! " Zhang Zhenzhou said that since it is an emissary, there must be some secrets, so it is not appropriate to make a big fuss.
Zhang Zhenzhou commanded and walked towards the room. A moment later, the housekeeper appeared in front of him with a young man. Zhang Zhenzhou was particularly surprised to see the man suddenly narrowed his eyes.
"How could it be you?" Zhang Zhenzhou was so surprised that he forgot the etiquette. He really didn’t expect that the Dugu Martial Arts Master would come to himself. When Jang Jin Zhou was young, he used to play for Dugu Luoshou, so he was very familiar with Dugu’s family. Did he know that Dugu Martial Arts Master came here to play for Bashu Court now?
"Ha ha, Zhang Dage, don’t come here!" A jack dugu fuels said
"Good, good!" Zhang Zhenzhou said meaningfully, "Please sit down!"
"Brother Dugu, I’m afraid you’re not just catching up here?" After sitting down, Jang Jin Zhou immediately went straight to the point. He is a straightforward person and never talks around.
"Yes, Zhang Dage Cong should be able to guess what I came here for!" Du Guwu said
Zhang Zhenzhou narrowed his eyes. Although he has been in officialdom for many years, he speaks bluntly, but it doesn’t mean that he is a fool. Dugu Martial Arts came here naturally as a lobbyist to persuade him to take refuge in Bashu court.
He knew everything about Bashu imperial court, and he was happy with some lines in Yang You. Comparatively speaking, Yang You was very strong, and he firmly grasped that Liyou was a soldier.
But Yang Dong of Luoyang imperial court is scattered in the hands of seven nobles in Luoyang. As far as he is concerned, the benefit is not great. What is more important is that his character is weak and he can’t afford the revival of the Sui Dynasty.
Zhang Zhenzhou didn’t speak for many years, and his experience told him that since the Dugu Martial Arts Master came to see him, he would be literate, and his family were all in Xiangyang, even if he was loyal to Da Sui, he had some concerns.
Master Dugu laughed at this moment. "Brother Zhang, if there is chaos today, will you be loyal to others?"
"Nature is big sui!" Zhang Zhenzhou said

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