Lin Langtian lost his hands behind him and didn’t see him move his head at all. He found a huge whirlpool, which was terrible. He forced the top of his skull to storm, and when he blinked, he turned into a huge fiery red sword, and then the red light flashed and tore it apart, and the fire roared.
Lin Langtian’s three-person attack potential is quite calm compared with that of Qingzhu Ling’s attack. When the hand lifts its feet, the violet falls off a hu petal, which is immediately swept away by the dense green mountain package and the seal that hangs over the top of the mountain in the distance.
Four people single-handedly this piece of heaven and earth Yuan Li is violently fluctuating. Many people in the camp are full of amazement and want to drag Yuan Li to this level of divinity. I’m afraid that’s all you can do when you step into the three realms of nature.
Stepping into the three realms of nature is to be able to cast the force to this extent?
Lin took a deep breath, and it was really shocking that the gestures could condense the forces of heaven and earth to form the forces of all things.
In this kind of power, even Lin Dong has a dignified face. Now, although he is strong enough to defeat Yuan Dan in dzogchen, his strength is still quite weak for people who have stepped into the three realms of nature. He still needs some way to go if he wants to PS the main roads of these great inflammation dynasties.
But he believes that one day he will be able to surpass these top people.
On the day when Lin’s eyes were flashing, the mighty offensive was already bombarded around the top of the mountain with many eyes.
As these offensives approached, the sky also showed some distortions, and then an energy mask slowly condensed, and the lines on the mask were like strange runes
in a grand fashion
The first to arrive was Wang Yan’s golden gun, which was filled with arrogance. The gun was heavily bombarded on the mask, and the gun was a little violent and sharp, and the mask was bombarded with ripples.
Hua Hua
The wave formed by the strong force is also followed in a moment and pours into the same point. Suddenly, the spread speed of ripples on the mask surface is getting faster and faster, and the color of the mask is getting darker.
In another moment, the crimson sword came with a burning potential and was inserted into the mask with a very slow speed.
Day Lin Langtian mouth micro a light.
Lin Langtian sound just fell and it was already inserting the tip of the sword into the mask latosolic red sword. Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the abnormal violent force swept wildly, and all the runes in the mask were erased.
With the gradual dissipation of the force, the color of the mask has become extremely dim, but it is still strong. In this scene, many people secretly stunned. I didn’t expect that this seal was still tenacious after three people stepped into the three realms of nature.
make a din
When the seal was strong and amazing in the crowd, the last potential looked the weakest, and the green mountain was also lightly swept away. Soon, the lotus huhu flap was obliquely inserted in the mask.
When the lotus huhu flap is inserted into the mask, it immediately diffuses the strong green awn to cover the mask.
Click click
The surging of green mountain brought a series of subtle and crisp rings, and then everyone saw that the light curtain turned out to be a split, and the cracks were visible to the naked eye.
The seal is about to break.
Seeing this, many people are getting bigger, and some eyes look at the mysterious woman with a little shock. Obviously, I didn’t expect her to hold this means and don’t know what is sacred.
Hehe, the green bamboo girl, Bi Tianlian, is outstanding. Lin Langtian Wang Yan and Qin Shi are also slightly surprised. Immediately, they said with a smile that their eyes are all on the blue lotus stand of Qingzhu Ling Yuzu.
Is just happened to seal with some grams of sex Qingzhu Ling gently say with smile.
Qingzhu Ling sound just fell, and the mask, which was already full of cracks, finally exploded with a bang, and an extremely earth storm swept away like a hurricane.
The hurricane did not move the figure of the four people in the sky. When the mask was broken, their figure was suddenly swept by the rainbow and the blink of an eye was about to sweep the top of the mountain.
The seal is broken. Go!
See four people rushed to the tomb mansion, and all the people were crazy. Immediately, Yuan Li roared up and turned into a series of figures. They mustered all their strength and turned into a series of brilliance, and quickly swept away to the top of the mountain, and all the horses and mountains were broken.
Let’s start, too.
Looking at this scene, Lin Keer and others are also eager to try. Immediately, they took one look at the front and took the lead in rushing to the top of the mountain. Then they quickly used their means to follow.
Xiaoyan walk
Lin Dongyue’s eyes are also full of smiles. Now that I’m here, I can’t say anything. He wants to see what’s going on in this ancient tomb house. Even Lin Langtian is so strong that he can’t wait.
Xiaoyan sent a shock to the mountains and roars in the sky, and soon it turned into a fiery red shadow, flashing like a flash at the top of the mountain, and idolize swept away like a moon.
The tomb fight is always Rev. Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Get rich.
The quiet mountain peaks became violent in an instant, and people rushed to the top of the mountain. However, there were obviously monsters in the mountains, and some screams sounded from time to time, but in general, many people rushed to the top of the mountain in just a few minutes.
Instead of rushing too fast, Lin moved a little behind, and those monsters along the way were all evaded by him, so it was quite smooth to rush to the top of the mountain all the way.
At the top of the mountain, a huge stone gate hidden in lush vegetation appeared in his sight. At this moment, this extremely thick stone gate has been blown into rubble by a kind of outrageous means. Judging from the arrogance and arrogance left here, it is probably the Wang clan. Wang Yangan’s strength is really fierce

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