"Visit eleven report! Meet the imperial concubine! "

"Where did the imperial concubine come from?" Often lovesick sneer.
Yuan Yun’s loyalty is that the emperor did not reply to her mocking question. Feng Jiang’s clothes were very dissatisfied and he directly pulled Chang Ai-qing into his arms to see Yuan Yun.
"Can you find the emperor or those rebellious thieves?"
"There is no news back to the eleventh report!"
"Continue to search the corner and don’t let go!"
Yuan Yun saluted again and immediately left with a large number of troops.
"jealous?" Often acacia asked him with a smile.
Seeing his arm holding her waist tightly can’t help but feel funny. When she finds Feng Lisu, she must ask him to remove those imperial concubines.
A deep smile in Feng Jiang’s clothes gave her a kiss on the face.
"Can you not be jealous? My woman is so shouted, but I am so lucky compared with the emperor. At least you like the person and I chose me! "
This alone is much better than Feng Lisu!
Even though he is full of poison, he always misses him, and even though he is an idle prince with no power in the court, he always misses these things.
Feng Li Su Tianjiao is so outstanding and dazzling at the top of the situation, but he can’t attract the attention of Chang Ai-qing.
I often miss the lantern in one hand and put my arm around his waist in the other, smelling the familiar cold plum fragrance and feeling full of comfort.
"That you are really easy to meet! Let’s go. It’s windy here. Hurry up and find the emperor. It’s getting late. When we find it, we can go back to sleep! "
I couldn’t help secretly glad that Feng Jiang’s clothes had slept all afternoon. Otherwise, how could he support it?
This abandoned palace is a cold palace. There are several of them, but they are all piled up in this area.
I heard that there were many concubines living in this cold palace before, but after generations, some palaces were abandoned, and the emperor simply put the woman who made a mistake here.
Until later, a new wall was built to surround the cold palace and distinguish it from other palaces. Many places were in disrepair and dilapidated.
The two of them searched for a place to live, and the people were all women with long hair. Most of them looked old and young.
Later, after listening to Feng Jiang Yi’s explanation, I realized that the women here and the first emperor’s princess had been detained in the cold palace because they had made mistakes or been wronged.
Several of those young people are Feng Li Su Fei, and their concubines fought for the favor and put themselves in limbo.
In the past, there were no figures of Feng Li Su in several palaces, and there were no green mu workers.
Two people find some disheartened suddenly saw a nearby palace with candlelight light and a female voice softly "emperor … emperor you come to see male and female servants? It’s cold here, Emperor. Will the Emperor come to pick up the concubines? "
Feng Jiang’s clothes clenched Chang Acacia’s hands and took her towards the front. In the rich night, Chang Acacia reluctantly saw that a dilapidated courtyard had put Zheng Zixi in the cold at the beginning.
And that sound should also be Zheng Zixi!
Zheng Zixi didn’t see who the other person was when she saw a figure coming and the shaking lantern, but she was more cheerful because she was wholeheartedly emperor.
She suddenly got up and ran towards them, screaming, "Are you here, Emperor?"? Have you come to pick up the male and female servants? The emperor-"
Suddenly, Zheng Zixi stumbled over her skirt, but even though she fell badly, she got up and ran towards them.
When they saw Zheng Zixi running, he was so skinny that his long black hair, which was always combed with dignity and beauty, became very thin, boring and loose, and his face was a little rich and delicate.
At this time, she is so thin that the rest of her face is not as good as a slap, and her face is sallow and her lips are even paler. Her eyes look a little scary!
Beauty and bones are really unusual. At the beginning, if she didn’t detoxify and didn’t have so many drugs to support her, let her wait until the mysterious dance doctor. It is estimated that she didn’t often miss it, and she will be Zheng Zixi now before she died.
She doesn’t have any sympathy for Zheng Zixi’s appearance now, but it’s just self-inflicted!
Zheng Zixi ran to the front of them as if he didn’t see Chang Acacia’s eyes fixed on Feng Jiang’s dress and suddenly giggled with joy.
"The emperor male and female servants have always loved the emperor very much. I miss the emperor very much. How did you come here? Emperor, are you here to pick up the male and female servants? Great! I finally can’t live in this place. I’m afraid of spending it at night! Squeaking makes people unable to sleep. "
She wanted to rush over there, but she dared not hold her hands tightly together and stared at him eagerly. She hoped that the skinny sample and the boring hair made her look really beautiful and dignified.
Feng Jiang’s clothes pursed her lips and frowned lightly. She still has disgust at her present situation. This vicious woman has made Chang Acacia suffer so much.
But seeing her like this, he doesn’t have to fall into a trap. The wicked will reap what they deserve. Zheng Zixi has gone crazy.
Moreover, the beauty and bones are blindly poisonous, and now her hand is still wearing that string of Bodhisattva beads, and the toxicity is eroding her nerves every day, and there is not much time left. He will let his hands be stained with blood again!
And give her a good time?
At the beginning, I often suffered from acacia for a long time. This time, let her have a good taste.
Feng Jiang Yi ignored her, took Chang Xiang-wei’s hand and walked towards the inner courtyard. They didn’t give up the corner all the way, and even the places where the first emperor’s concubines lived just now were searched one by one.
The room is very simple, there is a candlelight, and there is no heater in such cold weather.
The house is in ruins, especially where there is no soft bed, a quilt and cold everywhere. Compared with this environment, Zheng Zixi is crazy. It is not underestimated that he can live to this day!
But this time should be the last time we meet.
Zheng Zixi watched them go in and immediately chased them and shouted, "Emperor-Emperor, why don’t you want a concubine? What did you do wrong? Emperor, don’t leave, don’t lose a concubine!"
She suddenly burst into tears, and the whole person collapsed on the ground thin and thin, and her face was sallow and blue, which looked particularly terrible. Cold tears spread on her face.
She cried out "Huang" in a mournful way, and it was full of sadness and sadness without stopping.
There is still no sign of Feng Li Su in such a large cold room, and the night is already deep when they leave the cold room.
In addition to the cold palace, most of the places in the palace are lit up and people are coming and going, and the figure of the body-guard makes people panic.
At this time, the security of the palace is even more severe. It is almost three floors inside and three floors outside to surround the palace. At this time, even if they want to leave the palace quietly, it is difficult.
The two men walked towards the bright palace, and they often missed Feng Jiang’s clothes, and his face was a little distressed and he was tired.
"It’s getting late and you haven’t eaten much tonight. I’ll get someone to ask the kitchen to cook some food and have a rest after eating!"
Feng Jiang Yi shook his head and had no appetite at this time, so he sighed lightly, "We can be passive when the emperor is in their hands, but I have some moves. It is reasonable to say that he usurped the throne and must want to kill the emperor. Instead of killing him directly, he poisoned him. Even if he wants to poison the emperor, he will take the emperor away?" ——
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"Maybe what does he want from the emperor? Is it a national decree? But if Qing Mu Gong ascended the Ninth Five-Year Statue, it would not be a phoenix country, and this country would no longer be a phoenix country! "
Chang Xiangsi really has some doubts about Qing Mu Gong’s move!
Although the palace is very big, there are many people looking for it, but there is still no news of Feng Li Su until late at night.
Every place in the palace has been searched several times, even the dog hole has been searched, and there are dark guards around the emperor, but they are all gone!
Suddenly, the crowd surged ahead, as if someone was shouting General Bei Xuan’s voice.
When they saw something in front of them, they strode to lean against a pile of unmelted snow near Weiyang Palace and found two bodies, both women in white and red with blood, which was not easy to find.
There has been a group of people around there. When Bei Xuannuo used to have those two bodies moved out immediately, he was studying who they were.
Chang Xiangsi’s phoenix-red clothes also came over. When Chang Xiangsi saw the two bodies pulled out of the snow, his pupils suddenly dilated!
It’s like wind and snow!
I didn’t expect them to have been killed!
Often acacia loosened the phoenix-crimson clothes and pushed the crowd towards them. They quickly checked their injuries, both of which were very neat swordsmanship.

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