Zhu Chongdao said, "Yes, I used to be a monk in the temple. It’s really chilling to hear that Marshal Guo is attracted by talents."

Guo Tianxu said, "You ugly monk have a terrible mouth. Now the military situation is urgent!"
Zhu Chong said, "Everyone says I’m a Yuan army. Can there be a Yuan monk who shaves his hair?"
Guo Tianxu was asked in a daze: Yuan people regard their hair as important as life, so how can they easily fall into Buddhism and enter the Central Plains? Although the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty strongly advocated Buddhism, he believed in Buddhism and became a monk, but he was still a noble Han Chinese, and he was willing to become a monk!
Guo Tianxu slammed a glass of wine and scolded, "You waste things are also bothering me. Sending them directly to the army is disturbing the old interest!"
Beside the female hand gently put Guo Tianxu’s shoulder and said, "Jong will make such an ugly man angry and propose a toast to Jong."
Guo Tianxu smiled, "You still know my heart!" Say that finish hand touch to female waist soldier be well-advised with zhu heavy away.
Zhu Zhong naturally heard people call that person rumbled in front of him. It doesn’t seem that Guo Xing would ruin his future if he defected to such a person.
The soldier glanced at Zhu Chongdao. "Now Marshal is recruiting Qinbing, you can report there!" Say that finish hand a finger next to the position where there is a piece of wood to write the conscription office is in front of a few people don’t seem a little cold and cheerless.
It was here that Zhu Yuanzhang met those brothers, Hua Yunlong, Li Shanchang, Chang Yuchun and Xu Da, all of whom were brave enemies. Unfortunately, they have been excluded by the Guo family and met the same noble people in their lives. If it weren’t for Ma Xiuying,
Although Guo Xing valued Zhu Yuanzhang, he was grumpy and avoided justifying his faults and listening to slanders. He hesitated and others incited him, and he repeatedly suspected Zhu Yuanzhang of scolding him.
When Guo Xing was angry, he told Zhu Yuanzhang that he was not allowed to eat in the detention room. After learning this, he personally went to the kitchen to "steal the cake into the flesh."
Seeing this situation, Ma gave his own property to his adoptive mother, Mrs. Zhang, and Guo Xing concubine, Zhang, and asked them to say something nice to their adopted son-in-law before their adoptive father, so that Zhu Yuanzhang could get out of trouble.
When Zhu Yuanzhang was in the south, Ma was in charge of the correspondence and did it in an orderly way. At the same time, she also advised Zhu Yuanzhang not to disturb the people and not to kill them indiscriminately, which won Zhu Yuanzhang’s appreciation.
I sleep with the sun, the moon and the stars.
I dare not stretch my feet at night for fear of stepping on mountains and rivers.
Restart your own business with lofty sentiments and ambitions.
You can’t fight without soldiers, although farmers everywhere have revolted against the Dayuan Storm. But dozens of uprising forces in various places, mostly refugees who were in the Yellow River flood that day, now most of them have their own ownership, so they can’t dig into other people’s corners.
Knowledge and courage will never go out of date, so it can also make you achieve immortal greatness. Zhu Yuanzhang, who has great wisdom, has no hands for the time being. Most of them are illiterate and an old hat.
Liu Ji’s history is quite famous. Liu Bowen hasn’t chosen the master yet. Someone compared Liu Bowen to Zhuge Wuhou, that is, Zhuge Liang devoted all his efforts to restoring the Han Dynasty. Unfortunately, he still managed to change the situation. Zhu Yuanzhang, the auxiliary beggar emperor, got the day and finally retired to the countryside. It has to be admirable. From this point, people think that Liu Bowen is far away from Zhuge Liang. If you add the similar joke line in Journey to the West, "Liu Bowen counts 500 years and Sun Wu urinates here!" Even less Zhuge Liang didn’t have this thing. It’s a pity that Wu Zhangyuan put on a seven-star array but still didn’t count Wei Yan’s robbery
Zhu Zhong’s departure from Guo Xing like a duck to water and his name changed to Zhu Yuanzhang are of great significance in making a comeback.
In the training ground, people shout and kill the sky, the flagpole hangs, the messy hair flutters in the wind, and Xu Da holds a big gun and kills a hundred swords. Everyone can shout and kill in the array, and Zhu Yuanzhang nods repeatedly. If he wants an iron army that is not afraid of death and fear, he will be invincible if he wants to own this iron army.
One goal is Chuzhou.
Chapter five hundred and twelve Hongwu the Great (3)
Chuzhou City was originally designed by Sun Deya, Zhao Jun and others to capture Chuzhou after Guo Xing occupied the day when Zhu Zhong left. After Yuan soldiers attacked Guo Xing in an instant, they didn’t want mantis to catch cicadas and yellowbirds, so they led their troops to flee from Chuyang and disappeared.
Shoujiang Muha sits in the middle with his glass in his hand, but two lieutenants place tables in front of him, and some beautiful women dance and attract a clap from time to time.
Muha clapped his hands again and again and said, "Good dance! Go get the reward!"
Several women hurriedly bowed down, and several of them were Han women. Because of the imperial hierarchy, women could be used as handmaiden to kill a handmaiden. It was not necessary to be responsible for it. It was necessary to pay a certain fine to punish the difficulties encountered by the Han people in the Yuan Dynasty. It was a complete imagination that the humble and pitiful riots seemed to have been avoided, and the suppression of people’s hearts to a certain extent brought about the inevitable cessation of resistance.
The lieutenant said, "General Zhong is away from the county seat, and now there is an extra team to guard against!"
Muha said, "Are people and horses?"
Lieutenant said, "It is said that Zhu Yuanzhang, the leader, was originally a Guo Xing account, and finally came to Zhongli County to independently collect the Hutou Mountain thieves. Now he has less than 5,000 troops!"
Muha said, "It’s just a group of Uzbekistan, China, Dayuan fighters and 1,000 people. This force is not to say that it also has 5,000 generals!"
Lieutenant said, "General, don’t be careless about hearing that the thief in Hutou Mountain has extraordinary martial arts! On that day, Zhu Zhong’s account in Guo Xing was even more successful. Even General Harim lost his hand! "
Muha said, "That’s like Harry, the most humble Han Chinese, and compared with the general. If Zhu Zhong dares to attack Chuzhou City, the general will definitely make him go back and forth!"
At this time, the soldiers came to report that "General Zhong left the county and found a group of people who seemed to be coming in the direction of Chuzhou!"
Muha said, "Speaking of Cao Cao and Cao Cao will arrive soon enough to go to war with the general."
The lieutenant said, "General, it’s better to guard the enemy first!"
Muha said angrily, "Are you a general or should I listen to my order to set up an infantry bring up the rear in the middle of the road with cavalry wings on both sides outside the city!" This man is so conceited that he just won the battle and doesn’t care about the other side.
This is why the cavalry on both sides of Dayuan is always in position, which is conducive to killing the middle infantry. bring up the rear is the most appropriate way to protect Zhongjun. The cavalry is superior to killing the infantry and defensive. Muha took the glass and drank it and dared to offend the general stationed in Chuzhou. You are dead!
The two lieutenants are respectively responsible for the cavalry to kill and guard Chuzhou city. General Muha sits on his horse and looks at these people. Compared with Dayuan army, the armor is bright and orderly. Look at Zhu Yuanzhang’s weird side decoration. Most of them are dressed as mountain thieves, and the weapons in their hands are even more strange.
Muha can’t help but come out of Ma Le and dare to attack Chuzhou City with these chop suey. Are these Han people all brain-irrigated?
Zhu Yuanzhang’s side is also in the position of Huayun, Feng Guosheng and Xu Da. Only Chang Yuchun is the only one in Zhongjun. Before going to the front, Chang Yuchun took the initiative to take the lead.
Zhu Yuanzhang naturally believed in Chang Yuchun’s strength, and Xu Da also nodded on the same day. Although Chang Yuchun fought to a draw in World War I, if he fought again, he would be afraid of being lost. After all, his strength was weaker. Chang Yuchun Xu Da had already positioned himself as a handsome talent. How many of them were the Chinese handsome roots?
Muha looked at Chang Yuchun and said, "Youren?"
Chang Yuchun laughed. "Hutoushan is in charge, and now he holds the account of eldest brother Zhu Yuanzhang as a pioneer officer. Listen carefully, the brave enemy killed Chang Yuchun in all directions!"
This series of appellations has caused Muha some headaches. The only thing to remember is that there is a tiger head mountain who is in charge. To put it bluntly, he is a thief. Now he is carrying a broken axe in his hand. Seeing the general today is like teaching you a lesson.
Muha’s hand made the flag swing left and right, and each of the five hundred elite cavalry rushed out of two lieutenants and rushed to Chuzhou City with guns, and a hurried horseshoe immediately sounded.
Look at Zhu Yuanzhang’s cavalry here. There are less than 400 people. Most of them are recruited or bought horses. The imperial court carefully raises horses. Compared with the light head, there is a lot of difference.
The horses rode by the cavalry in Chuzhou City were fat and strong, and their hair showed light. Zhu Yuanzhang liked it very much in his eyes. Who made us poor? Weapons, armor and horses were not enough to fight Chuzhou City.
The other cavalry fought out of Chang Yuchun and roared. One led four hundred cavalry also rushed out of a good Chang Yuchun, like a tiger mountain double axe exhibition, and instantly entered the other camp
See the axe blade roaring in the place where the cavalry have fallen behind, and the morale of the cavalry is great. Go forward and Chang Yuchun will go straight to the other side to kill Zhongjun.
Muha was protected by the Chinese army to watch the confrontation between the two armies. Seeing that Chang Yuchun killed his own cavalry, he couldn’t help but praise "Good Kung Fu!"
The left and right lieutenants will join forces to get Chang Yuchun. On the left, there will be a big red-faced man with a big gun and a long beard. On the right, his face will be more ruddy because of drinking. On the right, the big man is a black-faced man with a small figure. In his hands, there are a pair of dark sledgehammers. From the head, it is inevitable that this person will be amazing in arm strength although he is short.
This is why Chang Yuchun is good at discovering the strengths of his opponent. The big axe in Chang Yuchun’s hand gently knocks out the other axe, and the strength of a Chang Yuchun is good. Although the big red-faced man is burly, it’s a pity that his arms are not strong enough. The left-handed axe knocks out the big gun and bounces back the right-handed axe. The strength of the opponent’s double hammer is not weak. Chang Yuchun can’t help but drink "a little strength!"
Abandon the red-faced man’s double axe and fly straight for the double hammer man. This is the double axe against the double hammer battlefield. Who is afraid of who? Chang Yuchun’s big axe is ill, and the black-faced lieutenant is lost to the red-faced Han pike.
Chang Yuchun suddenly Ma Xiangqian’s axe blade swept the red-faced man. The black-faced lieutenant should pull the horse to go to Chang Yuchun’s high road. "Dude, don’t go since you’re here!"
The two armies are fighting for life and death, and it’s not inviting people to dinner. Where can the black-faced man listen to and see that the red-faced man was killed by the other hand, so he immediately dialed his horse and left?
Chang Yuchun chased after him, and the double hammer in the hands of the black-faced lieutenant suddenly hit back. This trick was originally used by Yang Jiajiang, but now he was chased by the black-faced Han society to see the other generals behind him. He exulted in his body shape and hit the double hammer from the armpit with the wind. Chang Yuchun was a good Chang Yuchun double axe. Hanging the saddle shape also shrank the double hammer and flew over the head. Chang Yuchun suddenly jumped from the horse, and the handle of the double hammer was abruptly caught, showing how strong the arm should be.
The black-faced lieutenant saw that the sneak attack could not be achieved. Chang Yuchun turned the double hammer and made two buzzing sounds at the same time, and at the same time, the Chang Yuchun urn sounded "Give you back the broken thing!"
The double hammer hit the black-faced lieutenant and screamed in the middle of the back. Seeing that it was not working, Chang Yuchun killed the rising horse and went straight back to kill three in and three out
Two lieutenants were killed. Muha saw that Chang Yuchun people could be enemies. Suddenly, they had a guilty conscience and fled the rear camp.
Zhu Yuanzhang seized the opportunity to kill Chuzhou fortress, which had already been stationed by Zhu Yuanzhang. Muha abandoned Chuzhou city and led more than 1,000 people to flee.
Zhu Yuanzhang’s fame in Chuzhou World War I was greatly improved. Hundreds of horses were recruited and thousands of soldiers were surrendered, and Chuzhou City came to join the army. More than 10,000 people were handed over to General Xu Da to train Chang Yuchun to make great contributions in the first battle.

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