No, no, maybe it will be stronger. After all, it was someone else at that time …

The turning of the page brought Su Mo back to reality. Yan Shuhan looked at the catalogue and turned it to the most exciting part accurately and mistakenly, showing great shock and sadness. "The original lady likes this."
Even though he knew that the other party was deliberately saying this, Su Mo was infected by the emotion in alpha’s words.
"No … Sir, I didn’t." Su Mo sat up straight and looked at Yan Shuhan but was afraid to touch in alpha’s arms.
"Sir, I didn’t … I came to buy it for Mr. Wang to see at the event this afternoon."
Ega looked at him closely, perhaps a little anxious and a little red-eyed.
Probably because ega’s skin is too white and tender, people’s eyes are so red that they look quite delicate and touching.
Yanshu cold heart is soft in a big mess almost immediately bowed their heads and kissed Su Mo forehead "lovely not angry with Mrs."
Su Mo also knew that alpha was not angry with himself, but he was deliberately teasing him, but he felt a little wronged when he was so close to the man, and he could not help but explain it slowly. "… I came to surprise Mr."
I want to hide it in Mr. Wang’s usual notebook stand and then hide by the door to surprise Mr. Wang because Mr. Wang will definitely tell him that I am on the fifth floor.
"But but when I came in, the window was open." Su Mo felt a little wronged here
"It was windy and I felt cold, so I went to the window and put it on the desktop. When I came back, I saw it being blown away, revealing those …"
"Well … I just know that this is not ordinary."
As ega spoke, she burst into tears and realized that she was crying. She was surprised first.
Yan Shu-han instantly felt distressed, released the soothing pheromone and began to comfort each other in an instant.
"It’s okay. Mr. Baby likes it."
"Sir, how can you like these?" Su Mo wiped away two tears that overflowed, and his heart said that it was really spoiled by alpha more and more. Before this kind of thing, there would be no tears.
But now he will feel wronged when alpha pampers him and gives him a comforting kiss.
"Stop crying."
Yan Shu-han put her arms around Su Mo’s waist, tied the person up and bowed her head to kiss each other’s forehead, cheeks and nose to kiss each other’s lips.
"Stop crying, sir. I know that the baby wants to prepare a surprise for my husband."
"Well …"
Su Mo still wants to kiss and stretch out his hand to ring Yan Shu Han’s neck to hook people up and kiss them.
What’s special about eating dinner on time is that ega was taken.
When eating, Yan Shuhan remembered what happened at noon and always felt that he still had to "save" his image in ega’s mind "Madam noon …"
"at noon?" Su Mo’s mood has been completely stabilized, and now he is eating the food that alpha has caught.
"Well, at noon, my wife said that I should encourage Ling Yu," Yan Shuhan said. "I thought about it and thought that my wife was right …"
"No …" ega felt a little embarrassed to think of talking by herself at that time.
I realized that alpha seemed to have misunderstood something, and I was busy explaining, "No, sir, sir also said at that time that it was his job, but I was too emotional at that time and didn’t expect anything in general."
Seeing what Yan Shuhan wanted to say, Su Mo added, "I really didn’t take it to heart. Although Mr. Wang seemed a little … a little fierce at that time, the advantages of Mr. Wang’s acting in public and private always outweigh the disadvantages …"
Realizing that what he received might be a little sour, Su Mo paused.
Yan Shuhan smiled gently and looked at Su Mo with gentle eyes. "What do you want to say’ say again’?"
"Besides …" Su Mo was a little embarrassed and always felt that his image in alpha’s heart would probably change. "Besides, Mr. and Ling Yu have been together for nine years."
"Mr. and Mr. Ling Yuqian must know more about how to communicate than I do," Su Mo said. "I always said casually, Mr. Don’t take it to heart."
See ega so awkward carefully some difficult feeling Yan Shu cold can’t help but laugh out.
"What are you laughing at, sir?" Su Mo was embarrassed and his face suddenly turned red.
"Laughing at me, why does this rabbit even want to eat vinegar from my husband and brother?"
Su Mo’s ears are red, but his mouth is adamant. "How can I be honest? Ling Yu did know Mr. Wang much earlier than I did and stayed with him for a long time."
"Oh" Yan Shuhan smiled and replied, "Seeing people’s ears are as red as pomegranate seeds, and slowly converging some food for people." Well, I know what the lady means, but the lady seems to have misunderstood one thing. "
"Where?" Su Mo looked at alpha’s black eyes.
"Sir, it’s not convenient for me to talk about this-sir, God is not always thoughtless. When my wife finds out, she should tell me not to worry about anything inappropriate. Besides, I didn’t ask my wife about the former Zheng Feng?"
Zheng Feng and the viper leader Su Mo remembered that the alpha sound was very distressing at that time.
"Well," Su Mo nodded. "Okay, I see, sir."

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