"There is a room to be practical." Li Minhua laughed.

"Then think of me as buying a house and making another million dollars. How do you spend it?"
"Let’s talk about it when you have it. I really don’t want you to go to the police again." Li Minhua stared at Feng and said.
"Don’t worry, I’ve thought about the fortifications. Hey, why did Dad go on a business trip for so long?" Feng asked.
"Another topic. Who knows that he didn’t have two money nets for a month to tinker with your father and son?" Li Minhua shook his head.
"Mom, you’re wrong to say that. I’m a horse, and I’m going to earn over a million people a month."
"What are you dreaming about making money?" Li Minhua poked a maple forehead and said.
"Really soon, you should first think about how to spend money then ~" Maple said and ran back to his room to stay in Li Minhua alone and shook his head on the sofa.
Chapter sixty-one Stimulate the taste
After returning to the game, Feng continued to watch it. It wasn’t long before he finished reading the remaining% of Tracking.
"Knowledge is power. Congratulations on mastering the basic knowledge of tracing."
After listening to the instructions, Feng walked up to Yves Ritter and said, "Mr. Yves, I have finished reading the tracing technique."
Evelyn, who was still cutting wood, looked up and asked, "How’s it going?"
"Very wonderful" maple to affirm.
"Ha-ha, this is my pride. Come with me now that you have finished reading it." Evelyn got up and walked towards a rack in the room.
"It won’t be a cliche …" Maple shrugged.
"It’s a plane, but it’s not old-fashioned." Evelyn hit the plane with a punch.
"Boom …"
After a roar, I saw an entrance to the ground where Feng Yuan was sitting.
"Well … I admit that the door way is quite fresh" Maple twitched her mouth and said.
"Who are you to give it a punch? You don’t want to trigger a hundred punches with your little strength, "Everitt stressed."
"Oh ~ is there some kind of strength tester in it? That’s interesting, but I have another question. Is it necessary to build such a mysterious room in this big city?" Feng asked.
"Of course, it is the big cities that need to be built … which are the favorite places for thieves." Everitt nodded.
Oh ~ there is such a glorious career as a thief … Does it mean that players can steal if NPC can steal? After maple wanted to think, he couldn’t help insidious smile.
"What are you smirking about? Come on!" Evelyn Ritter, who has already gone through the passage, shouted.
"Oh, I’m coming." Feng answered and followed Evelyn Ritter.
"Wow ~ this is really worth building a basement to prevent thieves." Feng sighed when he saw the appearance of the basement clearly.
The area of the basement is larger than that of maple. Many kinds of things that are valuable at first sight are placed on the ground at will. Even hanging on the wall to take pictures of things is the first time for maple to see. Compared with torches, this thing is much brighter.
"That’s a magic lamp, and I spent a lot of money to get it," Yvette said proudly after watching Maple staring at the wall lamp.
"It’s really convenient that magic will also make this kind of folk creature." Maple nods.
"After all, those wizards also want to make money." Evelyn Ritter laughed, but there seemed to be some disdain in her smile.
"Master, these treasures should be very valuable?" Maple casually knocked against the wall a tower shield asked.
"It’s just commemorative gifts. If you bring something nice to honor me later, I’ll be here," Yvette replied.
You are so old and shameless! People always receive a red envelope, and they all sneak a hint-you want it directly.
"Well, I’ll try my best to search for some rare goods," Feng nodded, but as soon as this sentence was spoken, he felt as if he were going further and further on the brazen road …
Yvette Ritter nodded with satisfaction after hearing it, took a bottle from the shelf and waved to Maple, "Come here."
Feng Yvette was going to show him something good again, so she immediately went over, but before he could ask what was wrong, Yvette suddenly hit the bottle and put it in front of Feng’s nose.
"Oh …"
Feng immediately bent down and retched when he smelled the bottle. It was really because he had not eaten anything before, otherwise he could definitely spit it out. He swore that even when he went to the garbage dump, he never smelled such a destructive smell.
"Do you know what this smell is?" Yves Ritter calmly asked
"Ha … ha, ha, Mr. Yves didn’t expect that you still have the habit of letting fart out in the bottle. It’s really bad." Feng said after masking the sense of smell in the unified setting.
"Ha, ha, ha, I think you’ll get used to the smell. I want you to remember it." Everit said after capping the bottle.
"Does Mr. Yves often fart?" Maple eased a mood after said
"This is the smell of fear of demons. Have you forgotten?" Yves Ritter didn’t mind maple mocking him and asked with a smile.
After hearing Yvette Ritter’s words, Fengdun felt that it was wise to smell when he was not dead in dealing with the fear of magic, but he didn’t expect to hide from the first day but the fifteenth day and even smelled it at this time of preparedness
"I don’t want to remember this smell …" Maple said after rolling her eyes.
"Oh, you’re wrong. The sense of smell is very important in tracking. For example, if you want to catch dark wizard this time, you have to track the smell of fear of demons to find him." Everitt shook his head.

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