A huge thing flew over Song Yun’s head. This is a bird’s wing and a lion’s body. The strange wings of Warcraft flew over Song Yun’s head as if it covered the sun. The atmosphere of Song Yun was overwhelming. Fortunately, this horrible Warcraft did not pay attention to Song Yun’s little ant.

The mountains in Lei Yun are full of dangers. Take the Warcraft just now as an example. The strength has surpassed that of Song Yun. I’m afraid that the horrible breath can’t match the strength even if the martial arts master is strong. It may surpass the martial arts master’s territory.
Wang Jiazhen is a small place where Wu robbed the mainland. The martial arts master is already the most powerful person in Wang Jiazhen. He is stronger than the martial arts master in Wang Jiazhen. Song Yun can now look up to it.
Strong is also weak, and growing strong step by step has aroused Song Yun’s fighting spirit. Song Yun was not an easy loser in the past, or he would not have stolen the magic weapon of the bodhi old zu when he was in Du Jie, a sect of his own.
Song Yun did that just because he didn’t want a generation of legal persons to be qualified before they went to the ground, but Song Yun’s talent in this life is excellent. If this can’t be achieved, Song Yun won’t kill him with a piece of tofu.
Well, there is a quiet little lake in front of Song Yun, and it is very quiet around it. On the left side of the lake, a beautiful flower in full bloom has not attracted Song Yun’s attention. Song Yun’s eyes are fixed on an ordinary grass among the flowers.
This grass is ugly, but it grows strangely in flowers. The slender grass stems are blooming in the wind, but it gives people a very strong illusion. When seeing this grass, Song Yun becomes short of breath. This is the Tongmai grass that Song Yun has been looking for for for a long time.
Tongmai grass is usually grown in a lake. This humble grass grows in a hundred flowers, but it is like a hundred flowers emperor. You can tell at a glance that it is not all.
Tongmaicao Ventilation Ginseng The same medicinal material is valuable. Song Yun searched hard for a long time and finally found the trail of Tongmaicao. Tongmaicao was in front of him, but Song Yun was not in a hurry to get close to Tongmaicao, but hid nearby.
A powerful Warcraft wobbles close to this small lake, which is very close to the martial arts master and looks like a lion. It is rare to see a water source here, and there are not a few Warcraft who come here to drink water.
This Warcraft near the lake bowed their heads and drank. Suddenly, a huge black shadow leaped from the lake, and Zhang directly swallowed the lion-shaped Warcraft into his mouth. The process of flashing that powerful Warcraft root died without a trace of resistance.
This is a huge python that swallowed the Warcraft. This python looks a little bloated, but the breath that was inadvertently leaked is shocking.
Just as the python devoured the Warcraft, Song Yun also moved and came to the lake nearby, Song Yun felt the danger. This is because he has been in the Lei Yun Mountains for many years and Song Yuncai has never had a hand.
A figure quickly crossed Song Yun and quickly rushed to the side of Tongmai Grass. Grasping this plant as a medicinal material in his hand, he started to run. The python was enjoying his lunch at this time and suddenly saw a human flash and suddenly became furious.
Roar at the python’s strength, which is comparable to that of the martial arts master. The speed is terrible, but after devouring the lion-shaped Warcraft, it looks a little bloated. After a slight hesitation, Song Yun has disappeared into the forest.
The python held its head high and found no trace of Song Yun. Finally, it was unwilling to roar a few times and then disappeared into the lake. Listening to the python roaring behind it, Song Yun was not jumpy. This time, it was too thrilling for the python to snatch food.
Deep in the Lei Yun Mountains, the lake seems calm, and Song Yun has long felt the danger. If Song Yun had gone directly to pick Tongmai grass, I’m afraid he would have been buried by now.
Getting the Tongmai grass means that Song Yun is one step closer to refining Qi Dan. Now Song Yun can immediately refine Qi Dan if he eats meta-worms, and the hope of breaking through to the territory of the martial arts division will be greatly increased.
Phagophagous worms generally live in veins and live by devouring all kinds of strange minerals in veins. The first step to find phagocytic worms is to find veins. There are many veins in the Lei Yun Mountains, but no one dares to mine in the Lei Yun Mountains.
There are many Warcraft in the Lei Yun Mountains. After entering the Lei Yun Mountains, Song Yu encountered several dangers and wanted to take root in the Lei Yun Mountains unless it was a super-large force. Wang Jiazhen Zhonggen did not have such a powerful force.
Roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar.
Sending this roar is definitely a powerful one, and now this powerful one is obviously fighting another powerful one. Song Yun bowed his head and thought about it instantly, and then hurried in the direction of this roar.
Far away, Song Yun felt a strong force colliding. In the distance, a mountain was collapsing and two huge figures were intertwined. This is a picture of conan the destroyer.
Song Yungen didn’t dare to get close to the battle center. From time to time, huge stones fell in the sky, which made Song Yun go into a hurry. At this time, the two powerful forces were finally in Song Yun’s eyes.
One is a strange monster whose body is bigger than the giant lion’s body and bird’s wings, and the other is a giant snake with long wings. These two powerful forces are constantly fighting, and they are beyond Song Yunren’s recognition of Chapter 19.
Chapter 19 Gather materials Two powerful Warcraft collided in the middle of the game, and the lion’s body leader’s wings of Warcraft were displayed in the middle of the game. A blazing flame was drawn without an arc from this powerful Warcraft and went straight to the giant snake. The blazing flame hit a boulder in the sky and melted the peerless piece into pieces.
A giant snake with two wings on its back is not inferior. A colorful smoke spurts from the jaws of blood, and a blazing flame collides together. Two mountains of Warcraft are constantly collapsing, and several huge stones fall from the sky.
Colorful smoke and blazing flames collided, and both of them disappeared in the middle. Two behemoths collided quickly, and the snake-head faucet bit each other, and blood and rain kept falling in the sky.
There is poisonous poison in the giant Shekou. After being bitten by Shekou, there is a black light on the dragon’s body. There is a blazing flame in the dragon’s body. Every time you bite the giant snake, it can make the snake’s body covered with healing scars.
The strength of these two Warcraft is far beyond Song Yun’s cognition. In Song Yun’s impression, it is like the four elders of the Wangs coming together. I am afraid that they will be killed one by one in these two Warcraft.
Huge mountain peaks are constantly collapsing in the battle between two powerful Warcraft, and blood and rain are constantly falling in the sky. These two Warcraft bodies are bigger than Song Yun, and I am afraid they are as small as ants in front of these two Warcraft.
When the battle continued for a while, both Warcraft bodies were scarred, and the back-winged serpent took the lead in resisting the unknown wings and quickly fled to the depths of the Lei Yun Mountains.
The dragon head and lion body of Warcraft refused to let it go, followed the serpent and disappeared in the depths of the Lei Yun Mountains, waiting for the two powerful Warcraft Song Yuncai to walk from his hiding place in the distance.
Looking at the depths of the Lei Yun Mountains, Song Yunruo thought that the battle just now seemed to be that the dragon head and lion body of Warcraft occupied the wind, but Song Yun denied that the final death was probably the wind of Warcraft.
Although the strength of the giant snake is inferior to that of Buron’s first lion body of Warcraft, the biggest trick of the giant snake is that it is poisonous. Now the dragon head and lion body of Warcraft seem to dominate the wind, but if the giant snake keeps running away, it will be the time for the giant snake to fight back when the dragon head and lion body of Warcraft can’t hold back its injuries.
This giant snake is very cunning and more intelligent than ordinary human beings. This is the performance after the strength of Warcraft reaches a certain level. According to the current situation, this strength of Warcraft has definitely surpassed the martial arts.
Who lives and who dies in these two Warcraft? Song Yun is eager to have such a powerful force. Song Yun’s past life qualifications are limited. Two hundred years of penance is also a period of cultivation. However, Song Yun has never been a person who dares to hibernate. Song Yunran is not willing to give in to others.
The huge mountain peak has been razed to the ground, so the power is so terrible that Song Yun’s eyes suddenly showed a surprise. In the ruins of the collapsed mountain peak, a huge cave appeared, and beetles climbed from this cave one by one.
It’s hard to find a place to find these beetles. Song Yun has been searching for them for a long time, and Song Yun didn’t expect to find them accidentally in this place.
Metaphagous worms generally live in the vein and it is difficult to find a place. This is why Song Yun has been looking for it for so long, but he has not found any trace of metaphagous worms. Because this time, two powerful Warcraft battles will make this mountain collapse, and Song Yuncai will find the metaphagous worms by coincidence.
Phagophaga is a kind of beetle about the size of a palm. It’s gray and white, and it walks carefully to the vicinity of Phagophaga. The appearance of Phagophaga is not threatening, but it would be a big mistake to underestimate Phagophaga.
The autophagy worm devours the ore and its body is extremely hard. Although its body is small, its teeth are extremely sharp. If it is not the strength of Wu Qixing, it is not bad to catch the autophagy worm and not be swallowed by the autophagy worm.
This cave is obviously a place where autophagy lives. Just seeing Song Yun is enough for more than a dozen autophagy insects. Song Yun’s refining Qi Dan needs a autophagy, and there is nothing wrong with it.

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