Xiao Quanchun said in accordance with the wolf’s fear, Ye Feng, didn’t you say that I would let me go if I ate it? How could you not keep your word?

Ye Feng sneered that it is a hundred times cheaper than a dog. Can a race believe it? I’m telling you, the letter from your mouth is an insult to the word.
Xiaoquanchun said according to the wolf, you haven’t finished yet. A man and a woman rang, and then the maple sound came to you with a sword and dismembered you.
Night maple met and came from the room. Behind the six people, she looked at the four grown-ups and cried bitterly. This kind of race that even her own parents eat is not worth staying in the world. Night maple said that she threw a purple fire on the ground and soon the fire spread to an orc tribe.
Night maple looked at the fire and said softly, it’s all over. Let’s go home. Purple light flashed and seven people disappeared.
Night maple looks at the army outside the boundary. It’s a feeling that I haven’t seen it from my heart for a long time. Now it feels like I’m back in the protoss. The bloody scenes reappear in front of me. Night maple feels the price of blood in the bloody battle.
Unconsciously, the momentum from the night maple body is getting stronger and stronger. Adults are crushed by this momentum and stand back a dozen paces abruptly. Even breathing is difficult, and the enchantment is crumbling. An avalanche is full of fear in every corner of the Elf clan. People are trembling. It is a kind of fear that rises from the bottom of my heart and is deeply afraid.
Yaqi thought how the boss could become so powerful, just imposing manner. If you don’t wake the boss, I’m afraid all the elves will be ruined. Later, Yaqi thought the same thing. They looked at each other and struggled to leap from the ground and put quarrelling on the night maple’s back, which was a blow.
Poof, Yaqi later fell to the ground at the same time and slipped more than ten meters away. A big ditch was clearly visible. Night maple was killing people. Suddenly, I felt two tiny energies coming from behind me. I turned my head and saw Yaqi later fall to the ground. Everyone looked at Yefeng and laughed. It seems that God’s momentum is coming again.
Night maple whisked Yaqi up later, and night maple played a little energy to help them heal. Yaqi saw that the injury was almost better, and said, Boss, it’s the Elves here. If you don’t do it, the Elves will probably go down in history.
Ye Feng looked at the crowd and said, You’re frightened, Yaqi. Are you all right?
Melfi fixed his eyes on the night maple and said, Big Brother, just now, you were so powerful that I almost died. Fortunately, Little Seven stopped you later. No, then I can’t imagine.
Ye Feng walked to melfi and touched her long green hair. She laughed and frightened you.
Wow, the boss actually smiled. Later, I followed Ye Feng for a year and it was the first time I saw Ye Feng smiling.
"Big brother smiled maple elder brother smiled daughters also have cried.
Yefeng certainly smiled because he knew that the race was going to be planted, and he had solved the three layers of seals. Who can compete for high and low in the mainland of western Chu? Nine drugs have also made six samples, and three samples are left. Isn’t it easy to get the last three with the strength now? I thought that Yefeng laughed at this night, and the eardrum was almost worn by everyone.
Suddenly, the night maple stopped laughing, and everyone felt better. It’s not that the night maple didn’t want to laugh, but that the night maple chuckled because the army outside attacked the enchantment. It’s really a group of useless people. I dare to sliver with the night maple covering the site.
Night maple put out his throat and said to the crowd, Let you see what is true energy. Night maple disappears for a moment. Now, when I see him in the Warcraft group, I will bump into one side with one hand and fly twenty or thirty meters away. The night maple figure flashes again. A purple-purple energy belt is shot from the night maple’s hand into the Warcraft group. Immediately, World of Warcraft can’t move. Night maple slowly puts an enchantment around Warcraft and mumbles that if it weren’t for keeping you, you would all have become a pile of fly ash.
It took the night maple just a few seconds to complete this movement, and people were shocked again, especially the elves. They couldn’t believe that all this was true. Warcraft was captured in just a few seconds. You know, Warcraft is the main attack force of speed, but it is with your own eyes. You have to believe it if you don’t believe it.
Ye Feng threw the trapped enchantment of Warcraft aside, and then slowly floated to the orc army, saying that the dwarves would retreat the orc army in ten minutes or they would all kill Ye Feng. When she said the last sentence, she said it with special emphasis, especially the word "kill".
The dwarves have always been a competitive race, and they will never offend others unless they are offended. It is not that they want to join the orc army this time because the orcs have taken thousands of dwarf girls hostage and threatened dwarf soldiers to join them in their shameful occupation of the Elves. He doesn’t know who the night maple is.
When the dwarves heard the night maple, they all went to the other side. Soon, the dwarf warriors came to the foot of 100,000 people. One of the dwarf leaders said to the night maple, this time we came to occupy the Elves. It’s not my family. It’s all the orcs who have taken thousands of girls of my dwarves hostage. These girls are all my dwarves. We can’t follow them.
Ye Feng said, well, I’ve always been fond of you dwarves. Don’t worry, the thousands of girls will be returned to you one by one. Now the dwarves are out of your business. You should retreat to five kilometers away and kill the orcs as soon as you see them.
The leader of the dwarves nodded, well, then he retired with his own team.
The orcs saw that the Elves were their own territory. I’m afraid they killed Cheng Yaojin halfway. The top leader of the orcs roared, everyone lined up to shoot this reckless guy. The orcs had to pull the team immediately, and the bows and arrows were all ready, just one call.
Everyone shot him into a hornet’s nest for me. With the supreme leader’s order, hundreds of arrows came all the time. The battle was really bigger and denser than the rain. The dwarf army could clearly hear the broken arrow five miles away.
Everyone in the enchantment looked at this arrow, and the rain came to their throats. I hope that Ye Feng will leave quickly and hide from this arrow, which is bigger and denser than rain.
But everyone was disappointed. Ye Feng didn’t move, and hundreds of arrows flew to himself, and he didn’t put them on the opposite side to protect himself.
Big brother Shi Er Le cried for hundreds of thousands of arrows, and the power of the rain is even if you think about it with your feet. What’s worse, a person is not protected.
Brother Feng, the eldest brother, cried out emotionally, but he could watch the arrows rain down on the maple in the middle of the night.
But they didn’t see a layer of light things around the night maple because they were far away. As soon as they came into contact with purple, they were immediately absorbed.
The rain of arrows seems to be endless. One after another, one after another, one by one, one by one, more powerful, one by one, bigger and more broken.
Enchantment people look at all this and feel that the sky is falling and their hearts are broken, and that’s the only boss.
Everyone’s eyes are red, but apart from being sad, looking at this impenetrable arrow rain, what can you do to save it? Are you kidding? Can the energy barrier stop the arrow rain? Even if it is blocked for a while, can you stop the arrow rain from two sides and three sides?
Everyone cried, and the rain was over. As the ground piled up hills, the arrows were as high as the arrows, and they also shed tears. Everyone was heartbroken, and everyone was emotional when they cried.
It seems that it’s dark at this moment. People think it’s a MUBI. Well, in the past, the night maple passed by and reappeared in my mind, but it changed completely in a few hours.
Anger, everyone’s heart is angry, and the fire is burning quickly at this moment.
But are you angry? There are hundreds of thousands of orc troops waiting for you outside the boundary. Do you dare to go? Heaven seems to be laughing at these guys.
It moved. It did.
In the sky, the arrow piled up and became a big ball with a square kilometer. As time went by, a purple light was slowly emitted from the top of the ball.
Yaqi, look, it’s the boss. Later, the excited voice is trembling. It’s trembling and tears.
Enchantment all moment is trembling happy tears who this tears and he can feel it, will he take a look back?
In the dazzling purple awn, the night maple body slowly and the orc immediately felt breathless.
It is the evil spirit that has returned. Five thousand five hundred years ago, the evil spirit has returned now.
See blood in his eyes at this time. Blood is thick.

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