Lin Tianxiao wants to be in Doby before, but he doesn’t know King Kong, but he is very hostile to Lin Tianxiao’s yi tooth and mouth.

"Hey hey, it seems that he still bears a grudge against you for killing him!" Liu Heng laughed.
At this time, Lin Tianxie remembered the words of the Buddha. A pet is very peaceful, but a pet is very angry and has deep hatred. It seems that this hatred is aimed at himself.
Lin Tianxiao smiled and said goodbye to the goblin and Liu Heng, and the two also organized personnel to clean up the Red Moon Canyon.
After leaving, Lin Tianxiao came to the alliance province with Wang Youliang still waiting for him. Seeing Wang Youliang, Lin Tianxiao gave him the pet egg and told him the pet level.
Without saying anything, Wang Youliang directly chose to admit that the Lord had bitten his finger and dropped a few drops of blood to doubt that this pet was a double-headed The Hunger.
This Wang Youliang has two pets, one is the celestial skeleton emperor, and the other is the immortal double-headed The Hunger. Seeing Wang Youliang’s right-hand man, even Lin Tianxiao has a little envy. No one can let himself be stupid and not compete for that first time!
Lin Tianxiao bid farewell to Wang Youliang and handed Zhou Xiaofu to Wang Youliang to let him take Xiao Fu to train, and the goal is to raise Xiao Fu’s level to level. By that time, Xiao Fu can pick up the fairy dragon’s secret bow, and Zhou Xiaofu will rank among the strong.
Just click a few random scrolls. Lin Tianxiae saw that the distance from Zuma Temple was not far away, so he quickly rushed over.
I came to Zuma Temple, and Lin Tianxiao went all the way invisibly, and went to the fourth floor very smoothly. I wanted to kill the elite monsters in it, but there were still many players here, and Lin Tianxiao went straight to Zuma Temple maze.
Half an hour later, Lin Tianxiao appeared on the first floor of the corridor of Zuma Temple, and a familiar feeling entered Lin Tianxiao’s mind.
"Is it you?"
At this time, Lin Tianxiao’s mind came to the little brother sound of Zuma Guardian.
"Xiao Yi, it’s me. Where are you?"
"I’m on the third floor, master. Wait for me and I’ll go!"
In about ten minutes, the Zuma guardian came over and Lin Tianxie could feel it from his breath. This is his first year.
"Xiao Yi!"
"Master, you are here!"
"How’s Enxiaoyi recently?"
"Not bad. By the way, master, my strength has risen a lot recently. I died in my hands, and there are thousands of people without hundreds."
Lin Tianxiae stared at Xiao Yi with a surprised look. No wonder this time, he showed a big circle. "Xiao Yi, is your boss here?"
"Boss?" Xiaoyi doubts!
"It is the founder of Zuma!" Lin Tianxiao reveals a sneer.
Xiaoyi shook his head. "I haven’t seen him since I left!" "
"What? Haven’t seen him since we left? That time? Is this the time when you rioted? " Lin tianxiao was surprised and asked.
The younger nodded and said, "Yes, that’s when!"
Lin Tian evil light oh a head quickly turned up about two or three minutes, Lin Tian evil mouth peep out one silk obscene smile followed in a small ear said something.
Xiao Yi looked horrified while listening to his face, as if he had heard something that surprised him.
"Master, you can rest assured that I will do it if you tell me something!" Small one by one serious said
Lin Tianxiao nodded, "Xiao Yi, remember that I can’t beat a word and run."
"Don’t worry, master, I am white!"
"Then show me around. Anyway, it’s up to you here!"
Indeed, as Lin Tianxiae said, the primary position of the whole Zuma Temple is the highest, and he has done a good job. Every time a large number of enemies attack, he will clean up from the fourth floor to the seventh floor with his hands, and then he will feel at ease and improve his strength, which is very prestigious in front of all the hands.
Lin Tianxiao led by Xiao Yi traveled all over the third floor of the cloister, and all of them also knew the location of the hall of Zuma leader, but there was one place that made Lin Tianxiao confused.
There is a door on the other side of the hall of Zuma leader. Even the first one doesn’t know where it is. Exploring the unknown world is Lin Tianxiao’s favorite thing, otherwise he won’t go to the new map every time.
After bidding farewell to Xiaoyi, I once again told him to be careful of everything. Lin Tianxie plunged into this door and suddenly Lin Tianxie appeared in a mysterious place!
Snoop, snore!
A pleasant sound entered Lin Tianxiao’s ear. What happened? Is this feeling so familiar? It seems that when I was a child, I snored when I was raising pigs at home.
Lin Tianxiao immediately lit a torch. Lin Tianxiao then stepped back five or six steps and leaned back against the wall.
"No, it’s a pig!"
Lin Tianxiao blurted out that there was a funny and surprised look on his face. In front of him appeared a pig with a big belly and a mace!
Black wild boar (heavenly monster)
Grade 1
Blood volume 2
Lin Tianxiao immediately summoned the god beast dog and the skeleton younger brother, and then applied a red and green poison to the black boar to lead it over.
Immediately ordered the beast, the dog and the little brother of the skeleton to kill, and followed Lin Tianxiao. He heard the howl like a pig. No, it should be the howl of a pig when he killed a pig.
The black boar’s two white fangs are exposed, and every time it is attacked, it screams and screams all over again. This makes Lin Tianxiao’s hemp thread smoke from time to time, which is like a cat’s paw scratching at the glass.
However, the black boar screams, but did you leave a mace in your hand and smash it at the skeleton younger brother!
Boy, it’s so bad to attack Gao Lin. Seeing a 4+ injury coming from the skull’s younger brother’s head, dark sigh a way
God beast dogs finally spit out a flame and burned directly to the chest of the black boar. A singeing smell got into the tip of Lin Tianxiao’s nose.
Lin Tianxiao, who scolded his nose, reached out his finger and rubbed it, but when another god beast, dog, er, spewed out flames, he got into a barbecue smell at the tip of his nose.
Wow, roast suckling pig!
Lin Tian’s evil heart praised a mouth full of saliva and gave his thoughts to two beasts and dogs at the same time.
I want to eat roast suckling pig, and you roast it for me!
Ok, Lin Tianxiae’s idea directly changed the game dramatically!
Chapter 119 Eating roast suckling pig causes an incident
Two beasts and dogs burst into flames for about two or three minutes, and the black boar fell to the ground, steaming and smelling like meat, and got into Lin Tianxiao’s nose.

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