And at about the same time

Peng a dull noise before a few great god level test strong rushed to the tragedy Stuart is hit by a personal chest a sag and then a face of sauce purple big mouth blood spray three and personal directly inverted unconscious.
Stuart lost in a flash, but Yuan Yegen didn’t know whose hand it was.
Ps Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone. I’m very sorry that I didn’t break out today. I haven’t broken out recently. In fact, it’s also an achievement or it’s at the end. On the contrary, I don’t want to end it early. Forget it. It’s all an excuse to break out when it’s time. I’m sorry that this festival didn’t deliver the essence. I wish Chapter 1419 Battle and Wish Tianrong.
Zhuge Changhong defeated Stuart for three points, and then the referee Mu Ke Landao obviously surpassed these people, and the super master Mu Ke knew what was going on.
Zhuge Changhong, your Brahma secret method allows you to get all the way first, but your strength is still not enough. The second strongest God-level test, Luo Qiong, smiled and then locked his eyes on Bao Wenqian. Obviously, today, except Yuan Ye, he is the strongest God-level test. Bao Wenqian is the weakest of these people.
Van Gogh’s Secret Method Yuan Yetian Yuan Yexin was surprised and immediately did not hesitate to rise again. Although I don’t know what that means, one thing is certain. Even if he can strangely injure a long-distance person, it is certainly true that the farther away he is, the less powerful he is, and then he will fly higher.
However, just as Yuan Ye was climbing rapidly, a terrible feeling came to him. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but look behind him, but he saw a dark red figure approaching him rapidly. The figure was full of bloody yin and cold, and a dark red ghost-headed broadsword was full of bloody taste, and the fog filled around it. The man was dressed in a dark red robe with a proud face and a few cross-cutting scars, which faintly gave people a kind of extremely fierce spirit. These fierce spirits permeated together, and the same bloody head roared and angered the lion, which generally made people feel chilling.
Zhu Tianrong saw this scene and Yuan Ye’s face changed dramatically.
Haha, I said that if you want to die, will you be the only one who can fly? I recently got a purple seventy-two soul. The rules of this competition are really good. If you beat me, you can accumulate three points and I will be unbeaten. At that time, I should almost be able to advance to the top five. At this time, Zhu Tianrong is very strong. He is the sixth among the seven gods, and with a terrible little jerk, it is often difficult for him to make it to the top five, but now he can not only avenge himself, but also advance to the top five.
Seeing this, Yuan Ye’s face is also grim to the extreme, but he is not afraid in his heart. Instead, he will make some expectations to test the strong players. This is the first time in his life, and it is also the best opponent to test his strength after his great increase.
Call Yuan Ye doppelganger also directly now beside yourself that doppelganger holds the avatar of the statue department, and Ling stands with eyes staring at Zhu Tianrong intensely.
Call one energy crystal suddenly flew from Yuan Yezun’s hand, while Yuan Ye was busy staring at each other intensely.
Boom was when Yuan Ye tried to dispose. At the first moment, Zhu Tianrong stepped on the soles of his feet, and the terrible strength suddenly overflowed. Soon, Yuan Ye saw the huge cracks and the same snake suddenly spread, and suddenly it oscillated around. But Zhu Tianrong’s figure was now in front of Yuan Ye like a ghost.
Bad in ZhuTianRong instantaneous Yuan Ye face suddenly changed immediately also gave up the disposal directly a virtual retreat kilometers range.
Before Yuan Ye inverted and at that moment, a blood mountain in his previous place was swept away quickly, which directly tore a deep ditch through the void.
I still want to be in front of me. You can’t treat me like a fool. I wish Tianrong looked at it and Yuan Ye sneered at it.
On the other hand, Yuan Ye’s hair stood on end slightly, but when he knew that the disposal needed a little, he was also ready to be busy to resist the other side’s fight for that disposal, but when Zhu Tianrong’s hand was instantaneous, he was busy and rooted.
What a horrible speed! Is this the gap between the God-level test and the Heaven-level test? Yuan Ye’s forehead dripped with some cold sweat, and then he quickly retreated and joined together in two places. If he hadn’t made great progress this time, I’m afraid he would have noticed the previous Zhu Tianrong attack.
This guy is difficult to deal with Guzhen, but he also quickly got up and patted the dirt, then frowned and said, you guys should be careful with your hands.
Together, Yuan Yezun gave up the idea of disposal and rushed directly at the same time. At the same time, the quarrelling between the sun and the moon in his hands quickly condensed, and then he suddenly drank Lei Zhen Yin and Yang.
A bright golden energy with this heavy thunder sound quickly formed in Yuan Ye’s hands and then shot away at Zhu Tianrong.
Seeing the golden energy, Zhu Tianrong disdained to smile. The ghost broadsword in his hand split a knife directly through the virtual oblique. A huge knife mans is to tear a knife, which is to tear Yuan Yelei’s yin and yang, and the residual knife spirit is directly swept away by Yuan Yezun, but it was quickly evaded by Yuan Ye in the end.
Peng: Just when Zhu Tianrong retreated Yuan Ye, his feet suddenly fell into a void, and an energy snapped around him, and then he sprayed it with terror.
Hum for the huge energy ZhuTianRong is a cold hum a soles of the feet gave a stamping virtual see that huge energy was directly trampled by its living collapse and terrorist forces four diffuse near the department of shock.
Almost at the same time, the Yuan Ye’s busy handprint changed into a ten-way power, and it also exploded ten times as fast as the five-way power.
Dang for Yuan Ye busy this terrorist attack Zhu Tianrong hands ghost head broadsword quickly dance behind a red knife flower, and then the knife flower is rapidly spinning, not easily tearing the ten rays away, and spare no effort to cut it at Yuan Ye busy.
Calling for a front attack focuses on the bloody knife flower, which contains a strong and powerful way to shake Yuan Ye’s body back more than ten steps before stabilizing.
Yuan Yezun is also crazy at this time to attack ZhuTianRong.
Worm in also dare to provoke god level test strong majesty in the face of Yuan Yezun busy siege that ZhuTianRong is sneer at a left hand clenched and then suddenly boom two blood mans these two blood mans flash condensed into two bloody tigers growled two people hit in Chapter DiYiSiEr two’ o heaven and earth.
Snow was blown hard by Zhu Tianrong’s blow. Yuan Yezun was busy with one mouthful of blood, which was directly sprayed and abruptly retreated. Two Yuan Yes also quickly condensed a wave of power because he knew that if he didn’t prepare early, he could send a second wave of attack when the time came, and it would be too late to respond. Yuan Ye has always been a great statue of nine to turn to strength. Even if it is a great statue of nine to turn to the top, it may not be his opponent. But he didn’t expect that the gap between Zhu Tianrong and his opponent would be so big.
Mom told you that Yuan Yezun had a heavy drink and was immediately swept away, and then he was also busy again. At this moment, the extreme whistling spirit broke out and the ripples were blown.
At that time, many attacks broke out in Yuan Yezun’s busy place, which also made Zhu Tianrong slightly caught off guard. Not only did he quickly hold a ghost-headed broadsword in his hand and dance impenetrably, but all the two Yuan Ye attacks were prevented from occasionally bursting into a sharp knife, and Yuan Ye was also in a hurry.
There are nearly 1000 people who are better than the tower, but seven people who are better than the god. I don’t know how big the gap is.
In the face of two Yuan Ye’s deadly siege, Zhu Tianrong once again showed a sharp counterattack after being caught off guard at the beginning. When the sole of his foot stepped on the virtual body, it suddenly spun up and a blood-red tornado broke into a black hole in an instant.
Bang, bang, sharp knife, flash, whirlwind, and directly, Yuan Yezun’s doppelganger fell upside down and fell from the sky to the ground, and the body slammed into the surrounding boulders. That horrible strength even turned the boulders into powder in an instant.
At this time, the ground battlefield is also fierce to a white-hot degree. Bao Wenqian, the weakest player, has been eliminated. Who defeated Yuan Yegen? I don’t know that even Jingyu is in jeopardy in the face of Zhuge Changhong. The fourth strongest mountain month is the second strongest. Luo Qiong fought together, and the little jerk opponent turned out to be the first master. Ruxue seems to be interested in the little jerk.

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