Just as the sea breeze just fell, two things broke out suddenly from the side. When the old man saw this sword, he even clicked two points. However, his strength in pouring a sword failed to cause much impact on the two bamboo swords, but it just changed the trajectory of the two bamboo swords slightly.

Fortunately, although the old man is old, his skill is not old at all. When he found that he failed to make meritorious deeds with one blow, he immediately jumped aside like a spirit ape. Then he shouted, "Great Xia, please ask for an assistant for a while. This is all a misunderstanding!"
However, he answered that there were waves and waves on the nearby sea occasionally passing seabirds.
Seeing that Zhang Ping was unmoved, the old man continued to yell, "Just now, the Great Xia was seeking revenge against his enemy. Please forgive me and ask the pavilion to show up and make amends by pouring tea."
However, until he slowly returned to the room to respond, he was still rolling waves on the sea.
Just when he just put a little heart to prepare to open the door, a touch of silver suddenly flashed behind him.
This silver light is really terrible, and it almost suddenly appears. Even though the old man was trying to avoid it after he found it, he was still left with his right arm by the knife light.
The withered right hand and the threatening sword have fallen into a pool of blood at this time, but Zhang Pingdong has not been delayed.
As Zhang Ping followed, a big handprint of music attacked the haggard old man and cried that he was shot in the right chest. The whole person was shot out like a rag doll and seemed to stick to the wall instantly.
At the end of his life, the old man’s eyes are full of vicissitudes of life. This is a man with a story, but soon he will become a dead man. No matter how wonderful and touching his story is, he will go to blowing in the wind.
The old man’s eyes involuntarily glanced at a corner of the house where garbage was piled up. This may be his greatest attachment to his life.
At this time, Zhang Ping made up a knife in the other party’s heart, and then he just thought about it and walked to the place where the other party just looked.
A worn-out water tank and a few earthen bricks were swept by Zhang Ping, and it was found that there was really nothing special about it. Seeing that it was getting late, Zhang Ping immediately waited until the sun slowly set, and immediately he was out of body experience in this area.
As a little smile flashed across Zhang Ping’s mouth, Zhang Ping did not hesitate to destroy this dilapidated water tank with a palm. Then he picked up his hands and broke it in half.
With the rupture of the bottom of the cylinder, a piece of yellow rag floated out of it, and Zhang Ping sucked it into his hand and then felt a moldy and pungent smell coming from it.
However, Zhang Ping can see that although it is not written, there must be something extraordinary about the other party in this case.
Just as Zhang Ping was about to continue to explore the mystery of this rag, a crisp and loud sound suddenly came out of the door.
"Six grandpa, are you there? Today, a big brother like a fairy flew over from the other side of the sea. He wanted to ask us the way, so I called him over. "
Zhang Ping heard that he shook his head here and immediately flashed out of the window. Then he saw that his posture was like an erratic ghost, and several flashes disappeared into the vast night.
The tall boy obviously didn’t think of himself and the "six grandfathers" as outsiders, so he came excitedly. He stretched out his hand and drove back the wooden door with a squeaking sound.
As soon as Zhang Ping cast his posture and swept out of a path in this small fishing village, he heard a panic roar from behind him. Obviously, the silk stockings net is really a terrible thing for an innocent child.
The change in this matter greatly exceeded Zhang Ping’s expectation, which made Zhang Pingyuan’s plan to ask for directions and rest in this small fishing village fall, but fortunately, although Zhang Ping knows how to enjoy, he also knows how to endure.
There is a cliff near the small fishing village, which is even steep with mountains. From time to time, waves hit this cliff, which is full of reefs and rapids. Even old sailors who have been wandering in the sea for decades dare not set foot here easily. It has become a vast and desolate cliff group.
At this time, Zhang Ping ran to the cliff and saw his big sleeves waving. The whole person was like a flexible bird. A few light toes fell behind and a few bumps passed in the cliff. With the sea breeze hunting and passing by, seabirds passed by. Zhang Ping saw that Zhang Ping was hovering over the cliff and could not help but hover over Zhang Ping’s head. At this time, Zhang Ping laughed and suddenly saw that the rock was like being hammered by a thousand pounds, but it was like a sword rushing straight into the sky.
At this time, seabirds hovering in the sky saw that Zhang Ping suddenly struck and fluttered their wings like a ghosting image. It’s a pity that this bird is fast, but Zhang Ping’s flying skill is better. Zhang Ping suddenly killed these birds without waiting for them to fly away.
The most fat seabirds were selected. Zhang Ping caught a few ghosting images with his hands, and then he saw a purple figure falling on the cliff. His left and right hands caught the fat seabirds respectively.
After Zhang Ping looked around, the old man found a fire in his home and some dead branches nearby raised a fire. Then Zhang Ping washed and plucked the two seabirds and put them on the fire to bake them. The first foodie, Zhang Ping, accumulated cooking skills, was not the best in the world, but at least it was a famous chef. In a short time, two seabirds in Zhang Ping’s hand were baked by Zhang Ping, and the aroma was tender and fragrant.
Meimei had a delicious cooked food before Zhang Ping took out the rag with a sea breeze and continued to study it. After some soul exploration, Zhang Ping first put the rag in front of the fire and baked it. Unfortunately, it still changed after about half a column of incense.
Seeing that the experiment failed, Zhang Ping was not discouraged. On the contrary, the sea soaked the rag in the sea, and this broken step showed amazing changes. Rows of small characters emerged in the rag.
Zhang Ping’s ability to see things in the night like day instantly brought all these small words into her eyes, followed by a lot of analysis and comments. Zhang Ping didn’t understand this sentence until he read it. It was more than a hundred years ago that the martial arts of the Wulin generation Tianchi Weirdo was located. Since the old man got this clue 30 years ago, he has been living in seclusion and trying to crack the secret.
Unfortunately, before he could crack the secret, Zhang Ping took his life, and even this rag he regarded as his life fell into Zhang Ping’s hands to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ten The palace adventure
Looking at this rag handwriting and then thinking of yourself in this world, Zhang Ping can’t help but feel ridiculous and sad by this old man.
Because he didn’t know that the secret he had worked so hard to get decades ago had already been cracked by others, and even if he cracked this sentence, I’m afraid he could gain a greater disappointment. Maybe it would give him more hope to let the secret never be cracked.
In Zhang Ping’s memory, this sentence is that the wonders of Tianchi will happen every few years. Gu Santong, an unbeaten urchin, and Hou Zhushi, an iron-hearted god, once cracked the secret and got the two unique achievements of Tianchi Weirdo. Unfortunately, Zhang Ping’s memory was broken, but he knew that Zhu Shi was in charge of Hulong Mountain Villa after defeating Gu Santong, while Gu Santong was in the ninth floor of the prison.
Zhang Ping was busy for half a day, only to find that he was just happy except for restoring a little memory of the world, so Zhang Ping no longer wanted to rest here for one night and then prepared to leave for Beijing to see the martial arts secrets collected by the royal family in the world.
Walking all the way along the pipeline, Zhang Ping went straight to Beijing after buying a healthy horse in Dengzhou, and went straight to the capital. The capital of Dachao was also the capital of Beijing. Beijing was more prosperous and imposing than the capital of Jin Dynasty, and at this time, all kinds of people outside Beijing were in an endless stream. This weather is really rare
When I entered the capital, I saw high-rise buildings covered with carved cars and horses rushing through the streets, scrambling to see Zhang Ping’s own knowledge for several generations, and I couldn’t help nodding and praising him.
I chose one of the largest inns to live in the teahouse and collected information for a day. After it got dark, Zhang Ping quietly ignored it in the direction of the palace.
To experience a different world, Zhang Ping just arrived at the palace gate and found that these guards were all unusual. They saw one by one in the shadow behind them, dressed in black, breathing long and holding strong crossbows. They were motionless and lurking. If Zhang Ping didn’t look at them for a day or two, he almost exposed himself before his trip.
However, although the fossil magical power was greatly reduced, Zhang Ping’s fighting capacity was not as inferior as that of I. After careful observation, Zhang Ping took a chance and took advantage of it.
I don’t know how far Zhang Ping has just turned out. Suddenly, I feel that moral stocks are coming at me like an avalanche. This force is like a tiger out of the gate. It is constantly devouring everything around me and bringing up several pieces to roar in front of Zhang Ping.
Zhang Ping saw that the sunflower power and the posture of walking at a distance instantly jumped to the extreme, roaring at that force, and at the same time, a clever jump like a ghost dodged the past.
Then, with a wave of his right hand, Zhang Ping’s big sleeve, two bamboo swords attached to Xinli suddenly shot at the one who attacked himself. These two bamboo swords have already stirred up layers of explosions like bubbles bursting in the process, which is terrible.
However, just when Zhang Ping was able to make achievements with one blow, he found that two bamboo swords fell to the ground as if they had met a layer of air wall three feet in front of each other. Then Zhang Ping saw a slightly obese old eunuch with a white face and satin and shouted, "What person? It’s so bold to dare to break into the palace at night. If I don’t teach you a good lesson today, you don’t know what my father-in-law can do. "
At this time, although Zhang Ping saw the amazing strength of the other side, he was also fearless. Instead, he swooped down on the other side and shouted, "Death."
As Zhang Ping swoops down to the front of the other party, he sees Zhang Ping’s right hand flash across his waist like a phantom, and then the other party sees a flash of silver light, followed by a firm but gentle roar.
However, Zhang Ping’s new practice of firm but gentle assistance in breaking the air made the blow melt in the other side’s air wall like a mud cow into the sea.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s personal experience finally understood that the opponent’s force was terrible. In terms of the quantity of single-wheel external force, Zhang Ping’s external force was not in the other side, but the quality of the two forces was really like a cloud of mud. Zhang Ping didn’t feel deeply about the quality of the opponent’s force. Now he personally shot Zhang Ping to understand that the opponent’s force was terrible
For the square gas wall, it seems to be physical, but it is actually just positive, and the other party is obviously a generation of wizards who have practiced this just positive kung fu to the realm of anode and yin. At this time, the other party’s strength is mixed and the odds are broken unless it is absolutely powerful.
Thinking of this, Zhang Ping first threw a copper coin, then turned around and left without saying a word. At this time, the dead eunuch pulled his drake’s voice and shouted, "Come and go if you want. How can there be such a cheap thing for my father-in-law?"

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