Meiying Factory is a state-owned enterprise and involves the cultural industry. It has a great influence on whether it can succeed or not. Chen Bo really has some drums in his heart.

If it is said that the private enterprise is dizzy with money, it is not believed that he is not moved. It is very simple and direct.
But this is a national animation, and it will be quite difficult to produce a flag if it is to change hands.
Chen Bo has some psychological complex. Since childhood, he has watched the classic cartoons such as Monkey King, Little Tadpole looking for his mother, Black Cat Sheriff and Huluwa, but when he grew up, he found that so many classic places have been produced.
This belongs to 7, post-feelings 9, and I still have an impression on the film studio. There is probably a lotus lamp to miss, not to mention that few people may know this place.
I have witnessed his ruined Chen Bo’s ability and can’t be linked to his industry.
But now it’s different. Whether it’s Xishanju Swordsman or fanatic Swordsman, more professional artists are needed to participate in the design. Artists in the art studio can do animation and advertise, which can also benefit their advantages to play games.
What the film studio lacks now is capital and technology, as well as new ideas for development and some good dramas.
None of this is a problem for Chen Bo, and the Pixar studio drawing rendering technology can also be awarded, although it is relatively high. If we can successfully acquire DreamWorks and Meiying Studio, we can at least compete with the old animation companies such as Disney, Pixar and Warner.
The only question now is whether the film company will let go of the cultural department or not.
Film reform has been brewing, although the production and distribution process system has been reformed, and the transformation of the old film studio has been gradually promoted.
However, the status of the film studio is very special after all. We can let Kyle take people to get in touch and sound out the tone before doing it. He plans to do everything by himself when he is not out yet. What do employees need to do?
Chen Bo is sitting in Ma Baogang’s workshop. The film has been edited and finished.
The whole TV play is extremely well-made, no matter the props, costumes and scenery, it’s a good money.
Liu Ye’s acting skills are not to mention that after all, it is more than enough to shoot a TV drama from a professional background. Gao Yuanyuan’s performance can’t be said to be very brilliant, but it’s not bad for a newcomer. It’s natural that the directors keep praising her.
Chen Bo is still very gratified at this point. If the filming is not good, it will definitely be a blow to her and will also affect her confidence in the future.
Chen Bo is picky about film and television, but he can live with it. At the very least, non-professionals and the general public can accept it
Except for the theme song, Chen Bo is very satisfied that the theme song is chosen by two campus singers. This special melody is soft. I can’t say that it is not perfect. It is because it is too soft, but it lacks the explosive theme song and background music when the whole drama reaches * *. If a good film and television can complement each other into a classic and a swan song.
It’s like shooting 95 condors and 97 dragons in three years, but they are all good singers.
If you want to do this play well, you must strive for perfection and not be careless at all.
Chen Bo found Gao Xiaosong, who is a professional music producer. It is more appropriate for him to do this job.
"This video drama is good and can express the feelings in the novel, but if I want to make a theme song, I will make it similar to the song base of dancing lightly," Gao Xiaosong said after watching the sample.
"My specialty is that the rhythm of campus folk songs is relatively slow. If you want to meet your requirements, I will think of someone, and he is now in Yanjing depending on whether you are willing to spend money!"
"You say it’s a great god? Can also be so admired by you "Chen Bo can’t help wondering how big a shot Gao Xiaosong’s personality is?
"Li Zhongcheng? Qualified, right? He is looking for a place in Yanjing to move the Shanghai guitar workshop here. I saw it a few days ago. "
"Isn’t he a musician? Why did he start a small workshop?" Chen Bo wondered
"Handmade guitars are ingenious. Don’t underestimate that this guitar can cost 6 pieces in the market," Gao Xiaosong envied. "And it’s still US dollars!"
I didn’t expect Lao Li to have this hobby, but this guitar is expensive enough. This is of course Chen Bo’s whim.
The capital is produced by factory running water, and a folk guitar from foreign masters will start at 20 thousand, and it will take one to two years before it can be made by hand.
However, Li Zhongsheng, a well-known musician, has nothing to say when making music, and there are many singers who are definitely big names in the entertainment circle.
"Then you can make an appointment for me. There are too few singers in Xinghe Music to see if there are any talents he can explore or companies worth buying. This time, the money and food management is enough for you."
Chen Bo has the money to make it hard. Although Xu Wei and Zheng Jun have renewed their contracts and transferred to Xinghe Shibo Company, they are somewhat unruly and lofty.
Keep them is to protect the Red Star Music Production Society, which represents the brand of Chinese rock music. kun yang Records will return Hsinchu culture for two years before it can be transferred.
Xinghe Music is now in the initial stage of development, and if you want to improve your soft power, you have to rely mainly on buy buy to buy and buy.
He is greedy for wheat field music, and Zhou Xun records are all in their hands, but it is obvious that it is really difficult for them to dig corners and wrestle with international music giants by relying on Warner Records.
He is not familiar with his small company, so let Gao Xiaosong stare at this market first and then have a look.
After all, it will expire in half a year. Although the red tape hasn’t come yet, it’s not far away. Li Shusen also helped the Pengcheng people’s congress deputies and CPPCC members prepare to launch this bill in the two sessions in the spring of next year.
The development of Pangu Group is obvious to all, and it is impossible to realize it so quickly in a real industry.
It is really nothing to say that supporting a typical model enterprise is also a worker in Li Shusen.
"Your place is really nice and the environment is good." Chen Bo and Li Zhongsheng made an appointment with Xinghe Music Company. The layout here is more artistic and there are fewer people. There are only a few singers and agents to release some independent music albums, and there are not many employees.
"That’s ridiculous. I heard that Mr. Li is preparing to move the guitar workshop to Yanjing?"
Chen Bo and he have met several times, but their friendship is not deep.
"There is this plan, but it’s very kind of you not to call Miss Li. It’s my face to call eldest brother." Li Zhongcheng smiled politely.
He’s not an outsider to the president of this young Internet company. From last year’s music competition to this year’s music billboard, there are still hundreds of millions of dollars to sell Skynet.

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