"If we chase after our ass, it’s not that the government soldiers have a copy of the road ahead," Li Chongjiu said

Suso nodded and wanted to save Su Su and Sun Erniang. Fortunately, Li Chongjiu still judged the situation calmly. When Suso saw that Li Chongjiu was somberly and had no heart, he looked confused. When she couldn’t help but admire her heart, Taishan collapsed in the front and remained unmoved. This is a great person.
When Su Su said, "Exactly."
The roads in Taiyuan County are familiar to Li Jiazhong’s escorts, so someone immediately pointed out a shortcut. When Li Chongjiu and Su Su led hundreds of cavalry to copy the path shortcut and went directly to the official road, there was a post near the official road, which was stationed by Yi Ding. Taiyuan County was an important town in the border county, and there was a post every 30 miles. Besides Yi Ding, there were also soldiers stationed at each post.
It was very important in the Sui Dynasty. When recruiting Koryo, the soldiers, traders and pawns of all walks of life were guided by the couriers along the way. If war broke out suddenly, the post needed to help the Yingyang government to call the soldiers of all the houses. However, after the failure of the three-levy Koryo, the system of officials in the Sui Dynasty was ruined and the post was already in decline. All the posts were banished prisoners, so there was no discipline and fighting capacity at all.
Li Chongjiu led hundreds of cavalry and immediately surrounded the post. Suddenly, there was a large crowd of people around the post. Where did the postman attack? So he surrendered more than 30 post guards and guards without resistance. It was not difficult for Li Chongjiu to disarm. They sent two people to watch them all in one room.
Li Chongjiu immediately found an ambush site nearby because there were a large number of post horses in the post, so a hundred acres of alfalfa fields were planted nearby. Except for alfalfa fields, there was only a large forest near the official road to hide, so Li Chongjiu immediately went to the official road to find out. Obviously, there was no big brigade passing through horseshoe prints, so Li Chongjiu Su Su decided to ambush in the Woods.
This wait was half an hour until it was getting late, when all the people in the forest were not anxious. Su Suxin, Li Hu, and Sun Erniang were even more restless in the Woods. At this time, Li Chongjiu sent to the front to find out that Li Hu had been ill and returned to the front and pointed out that "a large cavalry was found five miles ahead of the monarch!"
Hearing this, everyone was nervous. Li Chongjiu shouted, "Get ready at once!"
Everyone took out the bow and arrow and hid in the tree and stared at the direction of the road. At this time, it was dark to see the big stocks of horseshoes ticking ahead. More than 200 riders in front were riding saddles and walking away. They were obviously very embarrassed to lose all their swords, guns, bows and arrows.
Li Chongjiu saw Li Hu at a glance in the forest. He saw that his sleeve was half short. I don’t know if it was cut by a bow and arrow or a knife, but less than half a mile after Li Hu, there were more than one hundred riders, but they chased Li Hu closely. It was hazy sky behind them. Li Chongjiu recognized that the other leader was Li Yuan’s confidant Sun Shunde Li Chongjiu. They all put Li Hu and their cavalry on the road, and then they set up bows and arrows to aim at the government cavalry.
At this time, two escorts were exhausted, and the horse speed began to fall slightly. Later, Chang Sun Shunde attacked the horse with a knife and pulled it out. He chased an escort. Seeing that Chang Sun Shunde was as fierce as an evil one, he couldn’t help but look pale and tremble. The horseshoe staggered, and Chang Sun Shunde slammed a knife and chopped the horse.
Killing one person, Chang Shunde’s face was spattered with blood, and his murderous look was even worse. Another escort saw this fear and waved his whip wildly. The horse accelerated for a while and then slowed down. The quarrel was full of foam. Obviously, Chang Shunde had already overdrawn, grinning and then slowly approaching.
"Not good!" When the government soldiers and cavalry were about to enter the ambush circle of Li Chongjiu, Su Su drank a little. It turned out that two Yi Ding dressed people jumped up from the field in the alfalfa field next to the official road. They obviously escaped from the field when Li Chongjiu surrounded the post just now. It has been a long time since the two men ran to the official road and shouted, "Jun Ye, help! Help! "
Seeing Sun Shunde’s hesitation, Li Chongjiu decided to untie the reins and turn over the horse, while Su Su exclaims, "Shoot the arrow!"
When a wave of arrows rained down on the officers and men in the forest, but the officers and men heard the warning from the two men, they were ready to raise the side cards on the saddle to the side of the forest, and Sun Shunde was no exception. He naturally attracted the target and the side cards blocked three arrows.
See the enemy’s grandson Shunde in the forest when he turned his horse’s head, and then he saw a horse riding out of the forest to see that the score was Li Chongjiu’s grandson Shunde when he laughed and said, "See your grandson escape without tail between his legs and come to die to see me chop your head off for the old master."
When Sun Shunde, the eldest grandson, came straight at Li Chongjiu from the pommel horse dancing knife, he saw that Li Chongjiu suddenly shot an arrow at himself, and he was surprised to hear the wind. He was aware that Li Chongjiu was about to suddenly shoot an arrow in the cold.
When the arrow struck, Sun Shunde, the eldest grandson, looked up and roared defiantly, "What can you do except cling to women?" Sun Shunde glared at Li Chongjiu, who saw the other side’s provocation against him, ignoring the sneer at a’ coward’ and rushed straight at the long Dao with a stroke.
After seeing Chang Sun Shunde blocking his arrow, Li Chongjiu unhurriedly continued to draw arrows and shoot them in a row. When Li Chongjiu’s arrow came, Chang Sun Shunde jumped his eyelids and protected the side card before his chest. After seeing the shadow of the arrow, he waved his left arm and actually blocked another arrow.
"That’s all!" Grandson Shunde smiles when he doesn’t fear others’ big steps, and it’s very fast. It’s less than 20 steps away from Li Chongjiu, and he can hardly breathe. But then he listens to an arrow suddenly, and his left arm jerks again to block an arrow. Grandson Shunde rushes to the center. Hey, hey, sneer. The two will firmly protect his body with six white feathered arrows, but he won’t be able to step quickly. Li Chongjiu draws another bow from the saddle. It is the five stones that pick the stars, bow and sink the arrows, and make an arrow go away.
Sun Shunde suddenly realized that the arrow was not good. When he waved his long knife in his hand, he tried to remove the arrow, but the arrow quickly passed through the knife flower.
Listen to poof into the meat fields, and suddenly there was silence. Chang Sun Shunde’s body suddenly burst into blood, and the arrows soared upward, penetrating the light armor of his side card together. Chang Sun Shunde’s left hand still raised the side card to cover his chest, and looked at his chest in disbelief. The armor was already fragmented. When he looked up at Li Chongjiu, he saw a cold color from his eyes.
Blood berthed away, and Grandson Shunde burst into an involuntary kneeling, when he tried his best to look up and yell "Kill! ~”
The sound is full of resentment and anger, unwilling to be squeal and abnormal, suddenly cut off halfway, and then boom. A long Sun Shunde’s body was smashed to the ground, and his eyes were wide open and he died unsatisfied, while Li Chongjiu breathed a sigh of relief slightly. The right-hand man of Tang Yuan Li Shimin, a general who was loyal to Li Tang in history, died his own arrow before he left his name.
"Tang gaozu this is the beginning!" Li Chongjiu silently and said
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Lost his wife and folded his soldiers.
Songying’s armor shone brightly, and the soldiers walked around cleaning the battlefield and dragged the bodies one by one in a row.
Tang gaozu pressed his sword and wore a thick armor. His eyes were cold. In front of him was the body of Chang Sun Shunde. Chang Sun Shunde kept his face upside down. His eyes were wide open and he glared at the blood in front of him. But the side card was still fit. The armor was penetrated by an arrow, and a teenager knelt in front of the body of Chang Sun Shunde and wept bitterly.
"I’m sorry, Brother Shilian!" Looking at the body, Tang gaozu heaved a sigh and showed sadness.
"Who is it? People shot my uncle! " The young man angry way
Tang gaozu was silent for a while and shook his head, while a gentle man with a long sword glanced at the young man and said, "This arrow shot from dozens of paces can finally penetrate the armor. There are five strong bows and strong crossbows."
Speaking of this, the elegant man bent down to distinguish the arrow feather of the arrow and said, "This arrow is not a crossbow, but a bow. How many people can shoot five stone bows a day?" Speaking of which, the elegant man sighed.
As soon as the voice fell, the young man slammed his fist and roared, "The champion is bitter!"
"Don’t be sorry for your loss!" The elegant man said that they were both friends and went to Li Fu together, and they were both friends of Li Shimin. The elegant man’s name was Liu Hongji, and the boy was Li Shimin’s wife and brother-in-law.
Tang gaozu’s face sank and he looked at the bodies of 27 officers and men, all of whom were stripped of their armor and swords. This is obviously a rogue act. Tang gaozu said, "All the officers and men of Li Chongjiu and Li Hu will be arrested if they dig three feet!"
Just as Tang gaozu was talking, a servant of Li’s family turned over and fell off his horse and came to Tang gaozu in panic. "My Lord is bad, Miss San, she’s gone!"
Tang gaozu’s hand shook his eyes and shot a stern look. "How can a good man disappear?"
"This old slave, I don’t know. In the evening, I found several surveillance ladies who were knocked out." The servant was trembling with fear. If outsiders in Taiyuan stay-at-home are going to rob Li Zhiwan, where is it so easy? The only possibility is that Li Zhiwan will leave the house privately.
Tang gaozu was so angry that his grandson Shunde died, but Li Zhiwan was his favorite daughter. A man actually eloped. This is not like eloping in Zhuo Wenjun, Sima Xiangru, but a woman abandoning the honor of the Li family. It is said that if this matter goes out, Tang gaozu will not be a respectable person! Tang gaozu was so angry that he almost fainted on the spot.
Shortness of horseshoes suddenly stopped Li Chongjiu and Li Hu. After they ran along the official road all night, they were really exhausted and rested in a dense forest. It was not too far from the border of Taiyuan County, but Li Yuanda’s arrest order must have gone out during the day. At this time, they were once again wanted by the court for rebellion.
However, it is a problem that they must first leave Taiyuan County, which is controlled by Li Yuan, and then leave Taiyuan County in confidence.
Now Li Chongjiu’s choice is to go to Huaihuang Town or Huaihuang Town in Valley County. The soldiers were controlled by Tan Zong’s confidant brothers who came out of Shaolin Temple in the year of 7,000 villages. They were not worried about problems, but it was a long way to Huaihuang Town. If Yanmen County learned that the news would inevitably block the Great Wall entrance, they would have difficulty getting out, but Valley County was also uneasy. Only the abbot of Feihu County was Gao Chu Zhao Wan San Xi Cao. What if they learned that Li Chongjiu was wanted? There is Li Chongjiu’s painstaking efforts to newly repair the Jiangfang iron mine in Gujun, but this must not be given up.
After some discussion, Li Chongjiu and Li Hu decided to take a detour from Gujun to the Great Wall and rest for an hour. It was just dawn and the people set off again. Soon their horses were full of foam, and obviously their horsepower was not good. At this time, they suddenly saw a post in front of the road. When Li Chongjiu and his more than 300 riders surrounded it, it didn’t take long to break the post and kill the post, and then they took more than 70 post horses to transfer.
Li Chongjiu simply changed his mind. The road to the Yanmen border in Taiyuan is three miles and one post. The post is built according to the standard of the big Sui army’s intelligence, and the six-post official document is delivered to the ten-post emergency official document every day. That is to say, in three hundred, it is urgent to change horses without changing people. Tell the military intelligence.
If Li Chongjiu’s heart destroyed the post along the way, it would inevitably make it inconvenient for military intelligence to deliver it. Maybe they could grab Li Chongjiu’s punishment document and send it to Feihu County. The cavalry who took the lead in entering the city, if flying, would not be afraid to pursue it. If you add a post horse to transfer, it would be greatly high speed. If you send a light horse to pursue your own people, you can come to die. If there are many people, you will definitely not run fast.
When Li Chongjiu, Li Hu and Su Su, they simply became a rogue thief and led people to burn, kill and plunder all the way along the official road, and each line sent people to delay the pursuit of the cavalry behind them along the scattered iron thistles or random trees, while the officers and men of the dock fort along the way saw Li Chongjiu and his party running like flies, and a cloud of smoke billowed behind them. As a result, a single soldier dared to come out and intercept the Sui Jun. The only thing he could do was to light the wolf smoke of the fort and give an alarm. So one day, the whole Taiyuan County was already full of smoke and the people were not in it, and hundreds of thousands of fighters
Li Chongjiu finally saw what the grievances of the people in the Sui Dynasty were like boiling smoke, and together they were like a slogan. They didn’t wait for them to start work. In several places along the way, they saw large mobs attacking the loyalist guards. The people took off the corrupt officials directly, took them out and hanged them, and beat them to death. After all this, the people cheered together and were not afraid of the ambitions of officers and men.
Along the way, there are several people, dozens and hundreds of people, big and small, who ask Li Chongjiu to take refuge and join them in the uprising.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six The thief is powerful
While Li Chongjiu was collecting bandits one after another, the cavalry along the road quickly attacked the post to hinder traffic and communication, while the infantry made great strides. Li Chongjiu, Su Su and Li Hu found that their team was expanding rapidly like a snowball. Although the speed slowed down again and again, people came to vote in droves.
Su Su, who took the initiative to take refuge in these bandits in Yanmen Fenyang County, is extremely disdainful of his eyes. Obviously, there are more thoughts of these bandits taking advantage of the chaos. Although Su Su has been escorting the Li family for a long time, he still holds the reader’s pride and feels that he wants to be a force of his own. Otherwise, these bandits resolutely refuse to accept these people, but Li Hu doesn’t think so. These bandits are all forced to go against each other. When their opinions are combined, these bandits are screened. First, the old and the weak are eliminated, and then some of them are cut off.
After expanding the troops, Li Chongjiu simply ordered people to pick up the gongs and drums and beat them all the way to grow stronger. When passing Fenyang County, although there were many township soldiers in the two regiments of the county, the city gates were closed and watched helplessly as the bandits roared past the county. Sui Jun was even afraid to go out. Even along the way, Sui Jun was frightened, lost the trench and grain, and fled. Li Chongjiu did not continue to fight. He broke through five posts and kept gathering bandits, and these people even held two thousand people hostage.
After Li Chongjiu attacked the post, more than 300 cavalry gathered more than 100 horses and killed them at the border of Loufan County in Taiyuan in one breath. But at this time, the detective horse immediately reported that the border road was the only way. Hu Benlang intercepted Pan Changwen and led a thousand troops at the road, completely blocking their road ahead. Although a thousand troops were few, they were not the regular troops of the big Sui Dynasty, so Li Chongjiu could not compare with them. If they stormed, they would definitely not get it.
Li Hu suggested whether to divert Shi ‘ai County to Hengshan County and then to Valley County Li Hu. The reason is that there are hundreds of thieves flying in Lishan County, and it seems that there is hope for these people. This road is not easy to detour first, and there must be an army of officers and men stationed near Weize. Will Li Hu be able to break through Weize then?
I’m afraid it’s a dangerous road, but there’s not much time left for Li Hu to delay. Tang gaozu’s troops are about to be delayed for half a day, so it’s really a dilemma to be surrounded by living. Just as I was thinking, Pan Changwen suddenly caught fire at the back of Sui Jun camp, and the fire burned up very quickly. Li Hu in Su Su was surprised and happy but not white people helped them.

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