Princess Wang Feigui’s status is noble. Where will she get the report? Other women Xiao Xiao said that I saw Su Yan walking around the garden with the princess yesterday. You know who Su Yan is. Be careful. She is secretly bad.

Guan Li’s brow twisted gently, but it was a light smile. I never thought they would want to stay with the report silently. What are you worried about?
Hey, Xiaoxiao sighed. If everyone can be like Sister Guan Li, the day will be peaceful, but you’d better take precautions.
Hehe, Mo Ying, thank you.
Xiaoxiao has a bad smile. Why are you thanking us? We are friends.
Watched the official glass thoughtfully from Xiaoxiao and left the pie mouth. The official glass is a wise man but suspicious by nature. I would rather believe it than be bothered by those things. She doesn’t mind calculating new enemies and old haters and kissing this demon. Let her fight with Su Yan now.
Another doctor was driven to the most secluded single courtyard of Liuwangfu.
Duan Yi frowned and slowly walked into the room and looked at the second brother who was in a wheelchair and wanted to give up.
Duan Yunyan looked out of the window at night and looked calm and auspicious. He said that in the past two years, I have experienced several times from hope to disappointment to despair. It is easier for me to give up than to be firm. I don’t want to give myself some unrealistic fantasies.
Second brother Duan Yishen wants to say more. He looks back and smiles. Sixth brother, I know what you mean. I have already given up all the throne. I would be satisfied if I could look at her from a distance.
Duan Yi heavy blue Adam’s apple rolling some dry.
Do you want to be a second brother? Do you really want to push her to the second brother by yourself?
The bottom of my heart struggled and struggled to burst into heartbreaking pain.
It was colder than winter, and the picture of my second brother walking in the snow behind his back was once again alarming.
Suddenly struggling, he looked up and his eyes were firm and cold. I’ll bring her.
No one can deprive second brother of hope.
Including chapter 79 that night sincerely.
After struggling for a long time, Xiaoxiao finally made up his mind to face Duan Yishen bravely and face his own feelings. He explained that these strange things happened to himself and didn’t want to make him feel at ease and accept Lin Moying now.
When I went back, the dusk had fallen and pushed the door. The people inside startled her.
Why are you in my room?
Dressed in white, elegant and noble-his enchanting face looked at her and her eyes flickered.
Xiaoxiao wondered if he was staring at himself and not talking, and twisted his eyebrows to decide whether to solve the most important thing first.
Suddenly, he hugged her tightly, as if to embed her into his own body and melt her into his blood.
Xiaoxiao was shocked and struggled. Uh, what happened to you?
Don’t talk, just let me hold my hoarse voice for a while.
At this time, Duan Yi sank and lost his former spirits. He trembled slightly as if he were afraid that his heart would ache for a long time. Xiaoxiao hesitated or raised his hand to ring his waist and put his face on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
Even if she didn’t speak, the sudden warmth made her happy.
See, he’s not indifferent. He just feels for himself.
Sweet smile and gently close your eyes to feel his presence.
So he held her strength for a long time until she became softer and softer and finally breathed evenly. When he looked down, she fell asleep in her arms.
Duan Yi sank in distress situation and gently picked her up and put her on the bed. He sat on the bed and stared at her eyes for a moment. The tenderness at the bottom of her eyes was mixed with sadness and tangled until the sky turned white.
Early in the morning, Sai Han came to Xiaoxiao’s room, stepping on the dawn, and the fairy was breathtaking. Looking at some holes in her eyes, she blinked her beautiful eyes and asked Mo Ying curiously what happened to you.
See that she is busy saluting at dawn. See you at Princess.
You don’t have to bother. Sai Han smiled and sat casually. I came to ask your report what he ate.
The line of sight is rare for Sai Han to show shyness. She has a deep affection for Duan Yi, and her heart is sour. Xiaoxiao smiled. The princess should ask the housekeeper to know the taste of the report for him.
Ah, I thought of Sai Han suddenly slapping her beautiful eyes and dying to brighten those ordinary dishes. The sovereign must be tired of not cooking a few of our blue Qiang specialties. Mo Ying, don’t you think so
Seeing her excited, Xiaoxiao was surrounded by a sense of loss.
Well, she nodded with a smile
I’m going to prepare Sai Han to get up and run like a gust of wind.
Xiaoxiao stretched himself against the charming sunshine.

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