Then go and be a mercenary, and we’ll do whatever you want. No matter where you want to go, I will accompany you and touch the girl’s smooth hair for a few times like touching a kitten. Tang Yi scattered his eyes and looked out of the window slightly coldly.

Anyone who wants to hurt Luna is his enemy.
Well, let’s go to the mercenary union now. The girl grabbed Tang Yi and got up from her seat, pulling him away. Although the food in this ordinary hotel is not comparable to that in the Duke’s House, Luna will not be dissatisfied with the food in the hotel. Although she is a big lady, she is not the kind of vase girl who has never been through the door.
The food in this restaurant is obviously much better than the dry food barbecue when taking risks.
Now what the hell is going on? I will suddenly lose my sense of it. Is it some strange magic? No matter what, let’s find it first. Keep your eyes closed and look at the East from a distance. The girl with long blue hair picked it up and put it on the table. She turned around and stepped into the room.
Chapter two hundred and forty-two familiar mercenary group
Ps Luna’s blood is boiling and her adventure is about to show.
In k city, every street has its name, and the other side is no exception. If you think of the other side as the place where the streets don’t separate, then you are wrong. Never think of the other side as a world with an average IQ of 75 and low energy, where the streets have the same names.
Luomen Street is very famous in the Imperial Capital, not because of this street, pubs, weapons shops or many warblers, but more because an organization located on this street is as impressive as most other novels. The name of this organization is called mercenary union.
Walking in Luomen Street, Tang Yi took a casual look at the street and immediately saw how powerful mercenary unions are in this street. Besides weapons shops and pubs, shops on both sides of the road are hotels and restaurants. Pedestrians on the streets are also mercenaries. The architectural style of most streets is full of rigid and bohemian atmosphere. For mercenaries wandering on the edge of life and death, weapons, wine and women are always what they have to adjust. A group of people sit together and drink beer while telling each other about their adventures or ways. This is that they live outside.
Looking at luna’s magic robe Tang Yi, I feel it is necessary to find a soldier to join the team, that is, the soldier is a sapporo.
The mercenary union building is built very high. Well, the height of the highest main tower is almost six or seven stories, which is nothing in the earth, but it is barely a relatively high building in the other world. In that main tower, there is a huge symbol, a large shield behind the sword hammer fork and a rope dagger. A kind of weapon shines in the sun to reflect the golden brilliance. This gold casting symbol is the mercenary union badge.
Lavalons, after all, is a mercenary union in the imperial city, but it can’t be too shabby. It’s a small town dialect. The material of that badge can be silver or other materials.
Glanced at the mercenaries Tang Yi scattered from the gate, gently touched the nose and took luna in. According to Luna’s idea, she was going to set up a small mercenary group. Of course, the head of the group must be her, and then she would pick up a super-difficult Tang Yi scattered. After all, it was already a holy order, and there were not many things that could threaten him.
Compared with the mercenary trade union hall, the street is a lot quieter, but it is still very lively. Mercenaries gather in groups of 351 and say something in a low voice. Many people look at the magic screen before the release and silently choose the words that suit them.
Luna waved a staff of temporary bargains and pointed at the counter. Let’s go there and register the mercenary group.
After all, she is a person who has ventured outside. For mercenary unions, adventurous unions are more familiar with this place than ordinary aristocratic ladies. At first glance, she has already understood the layout here.
The receptionist at this counter is a woman who is almost 2045 years old, and it is obviously very inconvenient for Luna to get involved because of the relatively high counter. Tang Yi smiled at the receptionist and immediately felt Luna tearing her skirts. I’ll do it. You can pick me up.
By Tang Yi scattered picked himself up, Luna finally rose to a height of being able to look up to Miss Receptionist. My little hand touched it in the magic robe and I have caught a handful of gold coins in my hand. Miss Receptionist, I want to register and create a mercenary group.
Does it take at least three people and two to set up a registered mercenary group? The receptionist glanced lazily at Luna and put the form in her hand again.
Well, three people made a small profit in Tang Yi, and Luna jumped up lightly and looked very upset with her hair and face. It was really annoying to stipulate that if she couldn’t form a mercenary group, she wouldn’t be able to make money.
Do you need to recruit members? Just when Luna was having a headache with her fingers wrapped around her hair, she heard a soft voice not far away.
For Luna, this sentence is suspected to be that when she was sleepy, she brought a pillow. When she was thirsty, she saw a clear spring and said that she would certainly recruit members if she wanted it.
As he spoke, he turned his head to look at the direction of the sound, and saw a girl in a light blue cloak facing her face with a somewhat faint smile, which contained a little bit of joy and expectation, and a pair of white silk gloves with a slender staff in his palm. The tip of the staff was actually quite sharp, and a spike seemed to be at the same time with pike skills.
Hello, my name is Vivian, and I’m an alchemist. The girl faces Luna with her eyes closed gently, but there is no sign of opening, and she reaches out her left hand with white gloves.
Wait for a while stretched out his left hand, Luna looked at her eyes strangely and whispered, my name is Luna, and this guy next to me is sugar sugar in your eyes.
Yes, our eyes can’t see, but it doesn’t affect me very much. Holding Luna’s palm, Vivian gently turned her head and looked at Tang Yi and nodded at him, then said to Luna, Miss Luna’s skin is very good.
Really? Hehe smiled and touched her head. Luna turned her head and looked at the window sill almost as high as her head. A slight Tang Yi scattered her hands and immediately picked her up for the second time.
Silently staring at this pair of girls who are filling out the form, gently twisting their long blue hair, this is him. The treasure that can cure me is in him, but what kind of treasure is it?
Fill in the names of your members, professional grade, receptionist, while handing Luna the second form of the form, said that it takes 50 gold coins to register and establish a mercenary group. Have you decided the name of your mercenary group?
Name, this is simply called the familiar mercenary group. What’s the name of the member? You’re writing quickly. Come on, Vivian, what’s your name?
Smiling shallowly, the girl Yang said that Vivian Nicholas’s voice was not deliberately gathered, so many mercenaries next to her could hear it clearly, and some of them were older mercenaries. After listening to this name, they couldn’t help but look at her in surprise and mumble.
It’s her.

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