At the same time, Henry did not hesitate to stand in front of her. Although Henry was not afraid of the artillery bombardment of that man, he was powerless to fly the purple sword in this world.

Not to mention Henry, even if it’s not bad to change the king kong, it will be hit hard if the ghost comes to bear it.
However, Henry’s self-sacrifice was that when Jin Nuanyu won the precious prize, she sacrificed the other two pieces of protective magic weapons. In the three pieces of protective magic weapons, even though the power was extremely strong, it broke through two of the defense levels, but it never hurt her.
Road flyover Lingxuan was angered by Jin Nuanyu, but she laughed back. The witch was mean, but her companion’s body resisted the disaster. But today, you are also out of luck.
If you explode the body, Yuanying will be forbidden to be original, and it will be good to live in Dexing, so maybe you can spare your life, otherwise.
Fart is very hard to believe that such rude words are actually said from the mouth of Jin Nuanyu, a lady, but they are not Japanese in the ears of Cliff and others.
Obviously, the rude interruption of the Taoist priest Jin Nuan Jade when he was having a good time made him very unhappy. Looking back, he took a fancy to Cliff and their fight, and wu-tang clan followed him. He was already bright and purple, and the sword flew overhead and sneered, since this witch girl, you should accept your fate.
Gu, you’ve fought for the gold warmth and jade, but you know that the gap between yourself and others has always been too vicious for gold silkworm worms to be put on the enemy. But today, in the face of the sneak attack on Henry’s murderer, the spirit of gold warmth and jade is really angry, but it’s worrying about the jade hand, and it’s waiting for the bracelet worm guard.
However, I don’t have much confidence in whether the king of the golden silkworm method can defeat the golden warm jade. After all, for her, the potential of a top bad guy is almost closed, which is both powerful and powerful. More importantly, he is hypocritical and hypocritical, and the despicable sneak attack doesn’t count to the extreme, and he can say such a shameful thing openly.
The three giant kings of the golden silkworm method suddenly flew in the bracelet, and their grandchildren were also in love with each other.
Eat that shameful, despicable, dead cow’s nose. It’s better that such a sinister villain is not qualified to stay in the world. It is absolutely the only one who can make gentle, quiet, elegant, warm and jade extremely hate to this extent.
Although the King of the Golden Silkworm Method used the method of Jin Nuanyu to carry out gods knowledge, they felt the threat of the Taoist priest to the hostess, and Jin Nuanyu told the King of the Three Methods to sing in a low voice, and led hundreds of four-winged gold silkworm to pounce on the spirit.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Mahayana Shenwei II
Lingxuan is by no means Zhou Xian’s arrogant fish and shrimp. But he knows that these ancient monsters are powerful. Almost without thinking, they draw a six-petal purple sword. A huge and gorgeous purple sword flower is ready to meet. This royal sword avatar is the immortal sword clan patriarch.
The power is stronger than that of wu-tang clan Heaven and Earth Yang Huo Lei Gang. There are many spirits hanging and purple swords, which can be relied on. He firmly believes that even strong ancient monsters will subdue his imperial sword avatar.
Just as the King of the Golden Silkworm Method led hundreds of four-winged gold silkworm to return to the spirit suspension and was about to shake the gorgeous and extremely huge purple sword flower, it suddenly changed.
The King of Three Golden Silkworm Method turned out to be leading hundreds of four-winged gold silkworm to fly to the left with a sharp turn. It seems that something has sucked them in the past, but it is not only bad to see the warm jade in the heart, but even the Taoist priest is so puzzled.
However, after counting the interest rates, all the puzzles have to be solved. A familiar person who made Jin Nuanyu almost cry has been hanging in the air for the past few days. You old dog dare to ask Dao Ye to kiss his good wife. If I don’t bomb you today, Dao Ye won’t be surnamed Li.
Cliff was caught in a bitter struggle when he suddenly heard the familiar sounds of his old friends, which was also a great inspiration. The sapphire giant spear in his hand was slashed and stabbed, which forced the Taoist Jinxia who occupied the wind to retreat, while he was flying rapidly towards the Golden Warm Jade.
Princess Anne, who is also Li Yueling’s old acquaintance, has mixed feelings in her heart. It’s true that he hasn’t seen me for so long. Does he miss me? Will he greet me after seeing me? How can he marry someone else first? What should I say to him when face to face?
You know, Anne was at a disadvantage in the stormy offensive of the fighters, and now she is confused and distracted. This killing is no different
Jihad armor and divine power have been weakened a lot by Anne’s spirit miss.
Seeing an opportunity by fighters, he urged the innate Taiyi Shenmu stick in his hand to be pounded in the past. A huge force struck Annie’s throat, and her petite body was also the destructive force of the first god’s stick flying. If it weren’t for the negligence of protecting the holy armour, it would have killed her.
The fighters won’t stop holding the magic. Don’t try your best. It’s also a sacrifice to move the innate Taiyi god. The wooden stick crashed and chased it. Seeing that Anne is resistant again, she will be fragrant and dead in her hand.
Old Bull’s Nose, this is for you to find an iron rider. The renowned wu-tang clan Sulaodu’s heart trembled, and then he saw a piece of golden purple light. Three gorgeous golden purple flowers were spinning on the innate Taiyi God wooden stick, and now they were so pressed that they flew rapidly into the Shenmu stick that they were pushed to the top by great pressure.
This mutual knot shocked all the people present. With the cooperation of Yuanyang Bao Shenwei and Li Yueling, the Mahayana was almost complete.
It’s like this, with a blow, it’s incredibly living to melt the iron horse sacrifice for hundreds of years, and the innate Taiyi Shenmu stick has melted into a pile of dust and smoke.
Li Yueling’s nine-day thunderclap of Yuanyang’s ruler hand turned out to be that the fighters stood on the spot, and even their hearts were lost.
Today, the only Taoist priest who is still in a ball of silver bottles at Yale is also shocked in his heart and resolutely gathered together with his hands and fighters.
Jihad armor and divine power quickly healed Anne’s wounds. When she woke up from a short coma, she opened her eyes and found herself in the arms of the man who had missed her so much.
Sweetness and happiness filled her center of the earth, and her eyes opened a little and closed very quickly, for fear that Li Yueling would find that she was going to leave her when she woke up.
However, it is obvious that Li Yueling is also aware of Anne’s illness. It is close to Cliff’s side to directly move Anne to his hand and smile. I can’t believe that Anne is so bad now, but pretending to sleep is not what a master should do.
Anne smell speech is always a girl’s mind, and she is always embarrassed to put it on again. She just got up and shouted at Li Yueling naughty with a smile. You know that people are too tired from fighting. She just walked from the ghost gate and realized it once.
At this time, Jin Nuanyu’s nervousness is always a loose body leaning on Li Yueling’s shoulder, and his eyes are red. Yue Ling Henry Henry saved me and was killed by that despicable guy.

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