Where is Mr. Du?

I’m the housekeeper of Du Mansion, just like me.
Gu Yongxiang looked suspiciously at Wan Molin. It was a risky move for him to go to Du Mansion today. Maybe Du Yuesheng was not there to grasp the success.
That’s good. Where’s the money?
What about the goods?
I want to see the money first
I’m afraid you won’t be able to take the goods. Wan Molin has no room for concession.
You are so insincere that Gu Mou is good to leave.
People immediately stood in awe.
The stairs slowly knocked on everyone’s heart in the living room. Although people haven’t shown up yet, this step is enough to show him that everyone in Weidu Mansion is waiting for Gu Yongxiang with bated breath. Although he is not sure who the bearer really is, he guessed most from the people around him. Although he tried his best to keep his imposing manner when he first came in, the godfather still kept his heart pounding uncontrollably.
Finally stopped in front of Gu Yongxiang.
Gu Yongxiang consciously rubbed back half a step.
Mr. Gu made a speech in Du Yuesheng, and immediately his voice echoed. Is it that we are insincere or Mr. Gu that you are insincere? Mr. Gu is sincere in bringing things. Du Mou is willing to give away another 50 thousand, fearing that Mr. Gu doesn’t have it with him?
Gu Yongxiang’s face turned white for a while and red for a long time.
Du Yuesheng enjoyed Gu Yongxiang’s embarrassment with interest. Just a few minutes ago, he didn’t decide to come upstairs and meet this guy who dared to rip him off. It would be enough for Wan Mo Lin to settle the matter. But Du Yuesheng suddenly decided to play with him on a whim. Look down on his little face and look down on his despair. Du Yuesheng appreciates his own challenge theory, which is a way to challenge which part to throw all his ammunition in front of himself, which gives him great pleasure.
Gu Yongxiang is still there, but Du Yuesheng has lost interest in continuing to talk.
Yes, Gu Yongxiang suddenly looked up as if he had decided something, and said firmly that I didn’t bring the film, but Mr. Du thought about it. He never bullied the small and never weakened. Mr. Du gave me the money, and I never refused to give it to Mr. Du. On the contrary, Mr. Du gave it to me for no reason. How can Mr. Du guarantee that he won’t kill me?
So happy. What does Mr. Gu mean?
Mr. Du gave me the money, and three natural people sent things to the government. At that time, Mr. Du, what was wrong with me?
Mr. Gu is right, but I asked Mr. Gu why he convinced Du that I would get that thing.
Who dares to make such a big joke with Mr. Du on the beach? I lied to Mr. Du. Can I still escape from Mr. Du’s hand?
Ha, ha, ha, ha. Why did Mr. Gu come if he knew this?
The words sound just fell and Du Yuesheng suddenly stared at Gu Yongxiang’s face with yoshimitsu.
Gu Yongxiang immediately made a cold war.
Mr. Du, do you mean to say
Why not, Mr. Gu? You are smart, but you are not tall enough. Yesterday, you came alone. I may really have no choice, but you are in a hurry.
You mean her?
Regardless of Mr. Wang’s heart, I think you will see her soon
With that, Du Yuesheng turned and walked to the floor, leaving the desperate Gu Yongxiang in the living room. Gu Yongxiang hasn’t come yet. Behind him, a left and a right came and two big men held his arm. At the same time, a rag was quickly stuffed into Gu Yongxiang’s mouth.
Du Yuesheng calmly walked into the building and Gu Jiatang was already waiting inside.
How are things going?
Fortunately, the little bitch told us to come quietly as soon as we were scared. Gu Jiatang kindly put an envelope in Du Yuesheng’s hand.
The envelope is not big. Du Yuesheng turned the envelope upside down and poured five negatives from the inside.
Well, Du Yuesheng nodded with satisfaction and put the negative back in the envelope. Where is the person?
As you asked, it has been thrown into the river
I gave it to you along with the building. You should know what to do. I don’t want to see them again. Are you white?
Yes, I’ll do it right away
Du Yuesheng was left alone in the room, and a storm suddenly returned to the previous calm. Du Yuesheng gently heaved a sigh and then just stretched his brow and tightened it gently. He put the films in his left hand and fingered them in his right hand, and then lifted his hand and floated into the fireplace around him in a colorful way.
Leads the film to roll over and suddenly flashes and immediately disappears in the blazing flame.
Chapter 17 It’s your turn today.

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