It used to be a sealed place, even Grandpa Chu Cangming went there, and this place is like a sealed area in front of us, and people here will come here as before, which is why we haven’t seen an outsider here for so long, Ye Chen slowly explained.

Ning Xue seems to understand for a long time and has no reaction to come over.
The man soon came to their front, not far from them, looking at them with a surprised face. This is a young man with a long bow and wooden arrows on his back. He looks a few years older than Ye Chen, but his hair is messy, but his eyes are sharp and his momentum is steady. His clothes are obviously made of animal skin, and his shoes are weird wooden shoes.
His eyes swam over Ye Chen’s face, then waved his hand and opened his mouth, but there was no sound. This one-way energy barrier can isolate everything, including sound.
From this young man’s expression, Ye Chen saw surprise, but he didn’t see the unfriendly expression of vigilance, rejection and class, and his wave was obviously telling them not to go any further. It’s fate that we met by chance in this incredible place. He was so fond of a person who met for the first time that Ye Chen smiled at him. Cher, we went there.
Watching them move forward, the man became more anxious and waved his hand and opened his mouth, but other than that, he could do his best and watched them walk into the energy barrier that completely separated the two worlds.
The young man had already noticed Ye Chen’s weakness. He helped Ning Xue to hold him half-reproachfully and said, Alas, why did you still come in? Oh, this little brother, he didn’t ask Ye Chen how Ning Xue came here first, but asked about Ye Chen’s body. As soon as his arm held Ye Chen, he was surprised.
Don’t come in here Ye Chen blunt he grateful smile asks.
The man shook his head. It’s just a long story. It’s a good thing that you are in good health and come to us. You seem to be seriously injured. Come and show me.
When he finished, he held Ye Chen in one hand and pressed him in the other. A searing force rushed to his body, and soon he passed through his strange meridians. He quickly turned his hand back to his face and was surprised.
Strong strength Ye Chen’s face did not move, but his heart was secretly surprised. Just that moment, the energy release shocked him and he found that the strength of this young man in his twenties was not weaker than that of the South Emperor Zongshui Dream.
A man of this age is surprised to be able to walk sideways in Tianchen mainland.
Little brother, the man in your body looked at him in shock and sighed after a moment’s hesitation. It seems that the little brother should have survived a great disaster, but his physical strength was exhausted, and even his strength was enough to sustain his life. Even his life would be shortened. He shook his head and said nothing, sighing and regretting. This situation is that he has seen all his life run out of oil and lamps, and it is almost impossible to dry up to this extent. He believes that this man must have exhausted every strength, including the source of strength, in despair.
Coagulation snow body trembled and grabbed Ye Chen’s little hand more and more tightly. Tears fell on the grass. Ye Chen recovered every day, but his physical condition never improved after he got up. After a long time, she had guessed something in her heart, but she would always tell herself that it was just her imagination.
The young man’s words hid her in his heart, unwilling to think about it or dare to touch the scar. There is no doubt that the tone was abruptly revealed.
Ye Chen is ha ha a smile. He clenched his hand and said that it is already a pity to lose strength. What is it?
The man laughed and laughed, but the little brother was extraordinary. This tolerance is admirable. Since we are here, we are a family. Come with me to see my grandfather first. He may try to make you regain some strength. Oh, by the way, I don’t know what the little brother is called.
How dare you waste your kindness when you meet Ye Mingchen by chance? Ye Chen said a few short words, which made Ye Chen’s doubts deeper and deeper. He is not the only one here, but also a grandfather, and it sounds far more than the two of them. How on earth did they come here? Are they born, evolved and multiplied in this world like the outside world? Isn’t it strange to say that their languages are Tianchen mainland languages?
Young men don’t mind laughing. Brother Ye also met this little white-haired sister by chance, but since you have stepped into this place and looked like a villain, you are not welcome to our family. Come with me. Oh, by the way, my name is Gong Luo, the third child. Just call me Sanwa.
In a closed and narrow world, people should lean against each other, rely on each other and feel the same family. This is the rule of this small world, not this young man. If other people here see Ye Chen, they will also help them privately.
Gong Luo helped Ye Chen to move forward. Is his strength comparable to that of setting snow? Almost all the weight of Ye Chen was pressed on his own body, which made Ye Chen relaxed a lot of steps, and with the acceleration, Ye Chen gently held the setting snow in his other hand and said to his eyes that it was up to you to protect his brother after Cher.
Ning Xueji held his hand in both hands and looked up at him. I will protect my brother from being bullied by others.
Well, let my brother see the strongest Cher every day, okay? Ye Chen gently shook her hand.
Ning Xue blinked her wet eyes, then bent her eyebrows and nodded with a beautiful smile.
Gong Luo was infected by their simple and warm conversation and turned to ask, Are you brother and sister?
Yes or no, Ye Chen looked at the condensed snow and answered.
Gong Luo didn’t ask this question at a loss, but instead asked the question in his heart. Did Little Brother Ye also fall from a very high plane? He said that and quickly added, I just asked you casually and didn’t say anything.
Ye Chen smiled and said that he can now look from the fall but the bow and bow brothers. Although the strength of this bow and bow is surprisingly high, even if he falls from the broken soul, he should not be deeply puzzled by the second knot Ye Chen.
Gong Luo nodded. I was born in this place and never left here. At that time, my grandparents were still my grandparents. At that time, many people fell from the face like you. Oh, I really want to know what the outside world is like.
Ye Chen’s heart was full of doubts, and he wondered if they were all very strong and didn’t suffer from falling from such a high place
On Ye Chen’s surprise, Gong Luo looked at him with a puzzled face. He condensed the snow for a while and said, Little Brother Ye, isn’t this little sister all right? On second thought, he was even more puzzled and said, Aren’t you saved by a mysterious force?
Mysterious power What mysterious power Ye Chen has deeper doubts in his heart? He asked this sentence, which also made Gong Luo even more confused. He said that my grandfather and grandfather would have died when they fell, but when they were about to fall to the ground, they were all unhurt and no one was injured. Aren’t you like this? Gong Luo asked with a surprised face
No Ye Chen shook his head and looked ahead and gradually became distant.
It’s strange that Gong Luo said with his eyes wide open, amazed at the mysterious power. What’s even more amazing is that even his grandfather and grandfather recognize that they will die. How on earth did they come to life? But seeing Ye Chen’s tone, setting snow, his face was surprised and not like lying. He questioned, then you just fell directly. How could it be?
Maybe it’s fate. Ye Chen still looked at the front and said meaningfully
Seeing that he didn’t elaborate on the meaning, Gong Luo didn’t ask again, but turned to excitement and said, Anyway, Brother Ye, we will be a family. You must tell us more about the outside world. People here dream of going outside.
Chapter 9 Another world
This place is closed, isn’t it? Ye Chen asked.
That’s right. Everything around here that can’t see the enchantment can come in, but it’s very strong, which is in line with our strength. I’ve been waving just now to ask you not to come in. At first, my grandpa and they all fell into it, and they were trapped in it forever. But it’s good that my grandpa once came to save my grandpa and their mysterious power seems to be this strange enchantment. It’s really impossible without this enchantment. I gave birth to him and looked at Ye Chen and said, You are the first stranger I’ve ever seen since childhood. At first, I was shocked and blinded.
But after that, you can stay here forever like us. Look.

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