Lin Dong was choked by the rock talk for a while, and then he was depressed. Who let me have this second-ranked sacred head? It’s not much now.

Rock is also a dry cough-it also knows that it really wants to talk about fighting against it over the years, and it really can’t help Lin much. After all, it is too traumatized.
Of course, you can go to the treasure house of ancient gods, but some gods in that treasure house are nothing except a few others, but it is a very good god.
Are you saying that the treasure house of a sacred object is a sacred object?
Well, if it’s correct, it should be the tenth day in the ancient gods list, replied Ba Yan.
Heaven Xuan Dian Lin moved again and said blankly.
That was the same year when my master refined it. You should know that we always need a lot of equipment to fight against different demons. On this day, the Xuandian is a supernatural thing that can be refined by the Lord. If you want to throw materials into it, the Xuandian will refine it and finally equip the army to form a super fighting capacity.
Of course, this kind of batch refining is not comparable to those on the list of supernatural beings, but it is not underestimated in quantity accumulation, and besides refining power, the porch also holds the seal power, and it is hard to escape even if the demon king is caught in it. In that world war, the porch is wiped out by the law
I can’t help but be dumbfounded that this sacred treasure house is not this day, and the porch is so powerful.
Hey, hey, you can try. If you can get this day, it will be a great help to you.
Lin’s eyes also flashed with interest. S: No, it’s called refining power. The power that can seal the demon king in Heaven Hall alone is enough to make him covet, although he knows that it is very difficult for him to do this now.
How long will it take for the sacred treasure house to start again? Lin asked, looking up at Xiaoyan.
When calculating, it should be in these two or three months that the treasure house of sacred objects was opened at first.
I just realized now that the Qin lion wanted Xu Zhong’s body, and he also wanted to get Xu Zhong’s ancient tablet, so that he could take two sacred objects and pay one of them, and he could also leave one for himself, Xiaoyan, and suck up and make clicks.
Lin nodded slightly and he felt that when R Qin lion acted strangely, it was because of this.
Eldest brother is also interested in the sacred treasure house. Xiaoyan asked
It is always of great benefit to us if we can take one or two sacred objects.
Lin smiled and immediately waved, but before that, you have to refine this jng blood first, otherwise we can’t compete with those fierce guys then.
Xiaoyan nodded heavily, and he stared at the ancient treasure house in vain. I don’t know how much they want to get a piece of it. It’s not a simple matter
With a wave of his hand, Lin moved his sleeve robe, and the two men were plundered and burned. Ding Xiaoyan got Cheng jng’s blood and didn’t leave much to talk about. He hurried back and closed refining. Lin moved and looked at his hot figure and smiled. Soon, the palm of his hand gently touched the ancient god card in his hand.
I’m interested in you.
One more today. Unfinished Chapter one thousand and seventy-two God prison plate.
Chapter one thousand and seventy-two
After Xiaoyan got the other half of jng’s blood, he immediately chose to close refining Leiyuanshan, which was lost to Lin Dong. After this, he was also very upset. After all, he didn’t have the ability of Tang Xinlian to fight a huge force in good order, but fortunately, he was pleased that although Leiyuanshan has gone through the stage of changing owners, it is generally stable. Although Chen Tong and others helped, it is not too much trouble.
Seeing Leiyuanshan’s stability is also the beginning of his cultivation. Although he has stepped into the mysterious realm of death, this level is slightly lower for him to face some enemies. Although he can fill this distance by many means, his physical strength is an important factor.
However, if you want to improve your strength, you can temporarily practice Lin Kinetic Energy by following the rules. After consideration, Lin Kinetic will put his idea into jng divine power.
In the aspect of jng divine power, Lin started to wonder that even the rock mink was amazed at the talent. At ordinary times, most of his focus was on Yuan Li, which led to jng divine power often lagging behind. Although it would skyrocket due to some external factors, it was less calm than Yuan Li’s natural promotion.
Now Lin Dong jng’s divine power is at the peak of Xianfu Master’s Hinayana, and if it can be further promoted, it will be able to step into the Hinayana Master’s Hinayana realm, and at that time it will be equivalent to a strong death realm. two combination will be able to exert considerable strength of the earth.
It is not easy to let jng’s divine power enter this step, but when Lin was a little upset, it was rare for the dragon to see the tail rock and gave him some help.
In a giant hall of science of uniting in Leiyuan Mountain, Lin Dong-pan sat on a stone platform. At this time, Chen Tong respectfully presented ten dry Kun bags in his hands.
Lord Lin, there are 10 million Xuanyuandan in every bag. If adults think it is not enough, go to the warehouse and get it.
Gestured when he said this, he felt a slight pain in the flesh. One hundred million XuanYuanDan, although they Leiyuanshan are still with deep pockets, it still makes him feel distressed to take it.
Hehe, that’s enough trouble for the time being. Brother Chen Tong smiled, and with a wave of his hand, the dry Kun bag fell into his hand. Xiaoyan took control of Leiyuanshan and inherited this huge force and abundant resources. Otherwise, it would be quite amazing for him to collect 100 million Xuanyuandan himself.
Hearing Lin move say this, gestured just quietly breathed a sigh of relief and immediately left and receded, but his heart was thinking that it seemed necessary to let Leiyuanshan troops go, otherwise the warehouse could not stand Lin move so much.
Lin looked at the receding gestured this just laughed. What do you need XuanYuanDan to do?
A white light forest flies, then a light and shadow rock sucks the ten dry Kun bags into your hands and nods. Do you remember when your ancestors cultivated jng divine power a long time ago?
Lin moved to smell speech, but Zheng nodded slightly with a sigh. At that time, I’m afraid he was still experiencing in the Great Inflammation Dynasty. It was a long time ago.
Zushi is really trying to hone jng’s divine power, but you don’t know the means. Moreover, at that time, your weak jng’s divine power could not withstand that kind of tempering. I have been telling you all the time that it is barely feasible now. Yan said that although it was asleep at that time, it was also able to detect that Lin Dong had some luck to Zushi, although Lin Dong was shallow to Zushi at that time.

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