He doesn’t bother to laugh. He pulls his cloak tightly and rolls his eyes at him. I can’t believe a bastard like you can be so infatuated.

I forgot what I said. Before Cass suddenly left, she raised her rough fingers and stared at her angry eyes. The corners of her mouth raised an evil spirit and a cold double charm smile. Then she poked her forehead with her middle finger. Her body stumbled and regressed. The story was made up by my uncle to lie to you. Cass’s expression of batting practice was expressed to her. He didn’t know how inexplicable it was when he told her what was in his heart just then. He always buried it deeply and didn’t want to expose his pain to others.
Uncle lied to you
he said
She was so angry that she almost had a bloody brain, and her cheeks swelled with steamed bread, and then she stepped on Cass’s noble boots and slammed it out. You can make up such a lie. You are really an asshole.
You are so gullible.
He went on to say
In response to her, her eyes suddenly floated up with a discordant smile. Maybe she poured out her heart and felt a little sad in her heart. However, she shone brightly in the moon, and her forehead was red and her eyes were photographed to form wild and sexy.
Bastard, I curse you for drinking until you have a stroke
Laughing wildly in the sky, glancing at her angry and unstoppable back, Cass’s mouth smile deepened, as if tens of thousands of roses were blooming beautifully, and unconsciously outlined the dead girl’s sex. Think about it carefully, he is really like a woman.
The bright crystal palace in the Dragon Palace has a garden all the year round, and all kinds of charming flowers are still competing to be put out, but the seven-color flowers are so reddish and bloody, and the tall body is lying flat in the garden, looking up at the top of the head.
The unique purples and enchanting amorous feelings in the seven-color flower garden, Mo Xie’s enchanting face is hidden in the delicate petals, which makes the maids hold their breath.
Dressed in a purplish robe, the groom dresses up in the flowers with bright eyes and full lips, evoking charm, tenderness and laughter. Dangerous eyes are narrowed, strange and blurred, arms are stretched out, legs are stretched out, limbs are released, and the fragrance of flowers is enjoyed. This crystal palace is quiet.
With his hair curled up around his waist and rippling like waves, his beautiful appearance often makes women feel ashamed. On the day of his wedding, he worshipped the church and became a kiss. His little maid was robbed. At that time, he was far-sighted enough to grasp and take her back, instead of being brave for a moment. On that day, when the Dragon Palace ministers told him about her tragic death, he was too long and Mo Xie took her to the Dragon Palace, but he didn’t even have the courage to see her cold body.
Even if he failed, it was in his expectation, but he didn’t expect that the little girl who had been most moved and distressed died in his omission.
If I had known him at that time, I wouldn’t have let him go and died, and I wouldn’t have much regret. Lying in a flowerbed, tears in the corner of my eyes would have slipped quietly down the waves, and ten thousand kinds of curly hair would have gone to his neck. He had given up his heart. He still spoiled his princess and became his concubine. The enchanting dragon was too obedient, and the dragon king decided to set up Princess Suu Kyi. He lived happily but no one could guess.
A pair of boots stepped into the flower bed, and then the purple clothes fell off and covered a few flowers. Kirin crouched down and glanced at the corner of Mo Xie’s mouth and evoked a smile. It was bright and clear, and the noble purple satin and gemstone belt was heroic. He was tall and straight, masculine and full of momentum. Mo Xie was feminine, neutral and beautiful, which formed a fresh contrast. If he was a man and a woman in Mo Xie, it would be a perfect match for the devil
Kirin’s sideburns are always meticulous, and the skirts are not allowed to be pleated, and the boots are not stained with half a grain of dust. The dark eyebrows are rolled up and ridiculed. Generally speaking, they are also evil and mysterious. Mo Xie’s common characteristics are getting more and more windy.
I am so sad that my lovely princesses are all sad.
Ha, ha, ha, that’s really impressive. I have to admire it, but it’s too windy. I advise Brother Jiu not to be demoted.
Kirin came to dig at me.
Mo Xie gracefully turned around and Kirin looked at each other. His penetrating eyes seemed to be able to see through him. Kirin tucked his curly hair behind his ear and replied, No, I’m here to advise you not to get too deep, but you can’t recover.
I really want to dig up Kirin’s eyes.
Be too keen
He can see through his mind except for the little maid. He is a blood-related brother, but he can’t see through the taste, which makes him impetuous because of his thirst for blood.
Hehe, I have a nice job for you. I once redeemed a girl from an embroidered women’s workshop in Yangzhou. Why don’t you take a look at how she’s doing for me and have fun at the Dragon Palace?
Mo Xie evil pursed his lips and glanced at Kirin’s rosy and handsome cheeks. I didn’t expect Kirin to like women. He was curious that this beautiful girl who could make the Dragon Palace as beautiful as Su Shang was was sacred.

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