A stamp on the swollen soles of the feet of a small inflammation is the same shell rushing to the magic sound mountain, scarlet eyes and ferocious face, where is the previous half-simple and honest?

You be careful
See two people are already manual is no longer slow to should say a tsing lung wings reappeared behind immediately directly into a green light rushed the magic sound mountain.
Lin Dongyou’s light and shadow shuttled through the mountain peak, one arm was directly dragon-shaped, and then the black tree fell backwards and smashed all the way. Those people whose faces he had previously remembered were also severely fanned in the body by the heavy black tree at this moment, and they were bloodied and whined.
This magic sound mountain strength is slightly stronger on the whole, similar to the gold ghost owl. Two generals are comparable to World War I, but the rest are difficult. Therefore, when the three Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade tigers killed Lin, those seemingly fierce guys escaped faster than rabbits, but they looked like a defeated mountain.
Lin is another tree trunk, which fanned a guy with a dirty mouth to vomit blood and flew wildly, and then the pace was just about to step on his eyes. Suddenly, the other arm suddenly coagulated, and then the Qinglong arm was clenched into a fist, which was a fist boom.
At this moment, two fists with powerful force collided violently, and a force visible to the naked eye spread rapidly, shaking the dead leaves on the ground into powder.
The strong breeze spread, and Lin’s body trembled and stepped back half a step, while the opposite person stepped back several steps to resolve the intrusion chalk strength.
Lin looked up at the sight of a burly man dressed in leopard skin with a deep scar on his forehead, which looked rather ferocious. Moreover, the fluctuation of human body chalk in front of him also made Lin’s eyebrows pick one. This fluctuation should also reach the nirvana of nine yuan, but compared with Wang Yan, it was a lot weaker
You killed so many people in Moyin Mountain. You son of a bitch will twist your head as a urinal today. The leopard-skin man looks ferocious at Lin Dong’s new way
Vampire nine yuan nirvana
Lin moved at the leopard-skin man and shook his head with a smile. Although this man is in the territory of nine yuan, his previous feeling of touching Lin was weaker than Yao Ling, let alone compared with Wang Yan.
Keep your mouth shut and look down on the old and not tear you apart.
The leopard-skin man’s face was cold and he didn’t talk nonsense. He was forceful and forceful, and immediately his feet stepped on the ground, and his body was swept away by the forest.
Leopard-skin man’s fierce palm wind sticks to Lin’s moving other people’s faces, and soon a Qinglong arm is directly grasped in his wrist.
This strength also dare to mix.
Lin smiled and his eyes suddenly burst with a cold and powerful force like a flood, and then he gave a hard pull, which directly tore the leopard-skin man out of balance and then left him with a whip and landed on his back chest.
In the eyes of those people around Magic Sound Mountain, the leopard-skin man turned out to be smashed into powder by all the trees along the way with a foot thrown by Lin.
After Yao Ling Wang Yan’s severe nirvana of nine yuan, Leopard Man really made Lin move some regrets, and the difference between strength and weakness in the same level was so obvious. I really don’t know how this guy cultivated.
In the distance, the leopard-skin man struggled to get up from the ground. He wiped a handful of blood on his mouth, but his eyes were latosolic red. Immediately, he roared upwards and his body wriggled rapidly. Finally, he turned into a golden giant leopard and took up a red wind and rushed at Lin.
Lin was calm and looked at the golden leopard, but he didn’t retreat. He planned to turn his arms into dragon arms and then grabbed the black tree, which was severely smashed in the past.
Knock, knock, knock.
Those magic mountain people around looked at the forest and fought fiercely together, but they couldn’t account for the wind. Instead, they were repeatedly forced to retreat from the golden giant leopard, and then their eyes glanced at the other two war circles in the mountain, where another general of the golden ghost owl was also forced to be extremely embarrassed
This situation is not good.
Some magic mountain people looked at each other and fled quietly, saying that the tree fell down and scattered their eyes. Obviously, the magic mountain is going to be lost.
At this time, a magic sound mountain is in an abnormal turmoil, and the noise is booming. All the peaks are about to collapse, and the smell of blood is soaring.
When Moyin Mountain was in chaos, there was a mountain peak in the distance, but three figures flashed, and then the eyes looked at the mountain peak with indifference.
Hey, it seems that the magic sound mountain has been breached. That beast is really not so strong for a while. These three people are three people who have been in Yuanmen before, but at this time it is a handsome man in white. His eyes mock at the bloody magic sound mountain and he laughs.
Uncle Jiang, do we need help? Another man in black is smiling.
Let him die first.
In front of the two men, the old man in the brown robe said faintly that the magic sound mountain hides the pregnant god in the center of the earth. That fool knows that he invited me to come over this time. Since I’m here, let’s take all the treasures. Let me keep these treasures in Yuanmen’s custody.
Xia Yan, go secretly and get rid of those who have escaped from Magic Sound Mountain. Don’t let the news out here.
Uncle Jiang can rest assured that none of them can run away. The man in black immediately smiled when he heard the smell, and his body was swept into the forest.
Shen Yun, you go and take away the guqin from the girl. Hehe, I didn’t expect to see the pure gold ingot here. It seems that even God is helping me. The old brown dress in Yuanmen pointed to the distance and stayed outside the magic sound mountain. It should be lightly laughed.
The man in white smells and smiles, and his eyes overlook and he laughs lightly. He is still a little beauty. Come to me.
And as the white male voice fell, his figure disappeared strangely.
After the two people disappeared beside him, the old man in brown looked at the top of Magic Sound Mountain, where the little mink and the golden ghost owl were violently hands.
Actually, it’s also a great person in the Xuan realm. It seems that it’s a little troublesome to pick it up.
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