He never ignores his own feelings, eyebrows, and memories. He carefully flips the pupil from the back to the front and wakes up. Xiao Xuanwu Xiaore blows up the Northern Emperor Zong.

A flash of light flashed in his mind when he returned to Tianlong City from the evil Sect after the explosion of the Northern Emperor Sect. At that moment, he seemed to hear something, a soul-stirring sound. At that time, this sound was yelled at by him as an ordinary beast and he didn’t pay attention to it. Now the turmoil of soul force woke him up. He immediately called Xiangxiang to go to Kwai Shui.
Back in the hall, the evil Sect was swinging around a piece of Ye Chen’s heart. At this moment, the door heard something and ran to see Ye Chen. He didn’t say hello, but he was anxious to say that it was great for his master and brother to come. Sir, they went to the lost forest. The explosion of the Northern Emperor Sect shocked the super beast lurking in the lost south. It was moving in this direction. When it came here, a city would be devastated and many people would die.
I know that when Ye Chen rushed to the south and spoke at the fastest speed, he already felt the terrible breath, which was different from human breath and animal breath. Although the breath was far away, its intensity was almost as strong as the sky.
It will not leave its own territory. It will be disturbed and perhaps angered by the huge explosion wave. Once a creature that has been quiet for so many years is furious, it is extremely terrible. It is common for animals to trample on human life. They will not hesitate kindly.
Since it is his seed, he must personally solve it. He is not a good person, but he must never allow himself to bring things to harm too many people.
He should deal with the enormous strength that is close to the sky.
Xiang Xiang, are you strong enough? From being sent to Beidizong, from there to the evil land, back to Tianlong City, and then back here from Tianlong City, it’s not a long time. Four consecutive long-distance switching, that is, Xiang Xiang’s ability has reached the level of God, which should also reach her ability limit
Xiang Xiang sensed Ye Chen’s anxiety and didn’t answer him, but now he directly covered Ye Chen’s body with white light on his shoulders and arms.
Ding switching Ye Chen has come to the lost land. The northern edge is surrounded by a dark forest. It is bare and misty. Two people wait here to stare at the front and roar in a lost way. The pressure is getting heavier and heavier. The ground is also shaking and shaking. Ye Chen now, two people immediately find that they turned to look at him with a loose and tight look.
Needless to say, Ye Chen waved his hand to Yan Tianwei. I already know that you don’t need to persuade me to leave. Since I brought disaster, it is necessary for me to eliminate it.
The closer you are to the distance, the more clearly you can feel that there is raging anger, and the coercion is equally heavy. This kind of coercion is almost absolutely balanced. Even if it is a bad day, it will never be able to resist it, and Ye Chen now makes them feel slightly confused. They don’t have to cherish their lives but never allow Ye Chen to do anything.
But what do you want to say about master Yan Duancang?
Don’t worry, you’re not coming to it. I can escape at any time if I have to. Ye Chen smiles and he knows that Xiang Xiang can’t start switching again when her ability is almost short after the fifth teleport.
Yan Tianwei’s face was a little slow, and the master said, Yes, we didn’t come here for its hand, otherwise it doesn’t make any difference to die. This beast has lived in a lost place and has never left or been disturbed by the explosion. This anger is really strange. The intelligence of some super beasts is higher than that of ordinary humans. It would be great if we could ask the reason and persuade it to go, but if not.
If we can’t, we can stop this super beast with their strength to the death. Once we anger human beings and cause disaster, it will be more terrible than war.
Bow Luo Ye Chen asked.
All of them are there. If the gate position is not right, they will try to create chaos and let the people in the city evacuate Yan Duan Cang first, he replied.
Yeah, Ye Chen nodded and looked down at one side. It’s coming. Stay back. Be careful.
At the same time, I felt the oppression of Na Wei, and they were the enemy strength in Tianchen mainland. This momentum was not deliberately aimed at them, which made them feel a strong sense of suffocation. When they drifted behind and retreated to dozens of meters away, they looked at the same time because they saw a huge shadow that shocked them.
Lost trees are old and hundreds of meters high. It is not uncommon to see ancient trees in the sky, but this huge shadow is taller than the tallest giant tree they can see. It finally approaches it, and every step brings up the roar and vibration of the earth. The roar released from its mouth makes the vibration of the earth more intense. Cracks have spread to the line of sight, but as he walks, the branches and leaves of trees are rustled by it.
The trees in the sky were waved by horses like straws. When a ground crack extended to their feet, they finally saw the appearance of this super beast. At that moment, they all took a step backwards.
This is definitely the biggest creature they have ever seen.
It is more than 100 meters tall. What a shocking behemoth it is. Its body is huge, its neck is much slimmer than its body. Behind it, it drags a long huge tail, which looks rough. It is more reflective than its body surface. Its head is as high as 100 meters high, and its size is out of proportion. But its eyes are filled with violent hate light, which makes people feel scared. Its roaring mouth is shocking and sharp teeth in Zhang Helu.
This is this is not only the biggest creature that has ever been seen in the hot weather, but also a creature that they have never seen before
It was Long Yechen who raised his eyebrows and replied that the dragon was also briefly shocked at this moment. This is indeed the dragon’s extreme inflammation. Tianlong gave him the strength of soul and eyes. The message also told him that this is the name of a dragon, amethyst Nielong. It was too long ago in the year, and Tianwei guessed that it was from the time when human beings had not really multiplied. At that time, Tianchen mainland was a beast continent, and it was also the king of beasts at that time.
Its size is comparable to that of extremely phlogistic dragon, but its strength is far more than that of extremely phlogistic dragon. Its ability is in the early stage of super-god level, and this amethyst evil dragon has reached the peak of super-god level as never before. Although it is also a dragon, it is two completely different dragon types. He is familiar with the Chinese dragon with five claws, while the amethyst evil dragon is a Chinese dragon in the west. The difference is that it has no wings, and it also shows that it has no flying ability along the way.
The dragon is terrible, and its strength is terrible. Tianwei has never seen a dragon, but he is really suffering from the intimidation brought by this creature. This is the strongest oppression he has ever faced in his life.
Chapter 441 Super Great Power Pressure Amethyst Evil Dragon
Amethyst Nielong’s body is too big to notice the small three humans at the foot. It stepped forward and directly crossed the distance of tens of meters, shortening the distance between its three people directly by one third. Ye Chen sank back and then floated until the head of Amethyst Nielong was equal to the height. Drink an Amethyst Nielong.
He directly shouted the name of amethyst Nielong, hoping that the amethyst Nielong would be surprised to suspend its progress, but in fact he didn’t want amethyst Nielong’s front paws to suddenly swing a gust of wind and hit Ye Chen’s body.
Yan Tianwei Yan broke Cang Qi Qi big horror without hesitation and rushed to stand in front of Ye Chen. Although this is amethyst evil dragon with a blow, it still contains the power to make them not tremble with fear. Ye Chen just wanted to hide from fierce glimpses and rushed to Yan Tianwei Yan to break Cang. The two of them had to stabilize themselves, and the blue light around them suddenly pushed ten extremely cold and thick ice walls with both hands to hit the front.
Kaka Kaka Kaka
That even the expert who broke the soul of inflammation stopped the ice wall and was smashed by the amethyst evil dragon with a grab. Finally, it was blocked by the ninth and tenth roads respectively. In this short time, Ye Chen quickly grasped that he had just rushed to Yan Tianwei and broken Cang, and forcibly dumped them far away and left them thousands of meters away. Don’t move.
Ye Chen rarely has this kind of serious voice with warning. They talk with a burning heart. Although they are worried about Ye Chen’s safety, they dare not move again. They can look at it from thousands of meters away.
Amethyst evil dragon used to be the king of the southern animal kingdom. You shouldn’t go back here now. What do you have to do now? You can tell me here. We will perfectly help you finish seeing Amethyst evil dragon. Stop Ye Chen. He looks at each other in the distance and calmly says that Amethyst evil dragon may not be as human language as Extremely Inflammatory Dragon, but he can certainly understand his language.
In the message told by the soul eye, although the law determines the original origin of amethyst Nielong, it blurs its distinguished position in the animal kingdom in the past, and it is also known that it is warm and cruel, and its cruelty is manifested when it is touched by others.
What taboo has kept you from getting lost for thousands of years? If you leave there, you may set foot on human territory with anger. Is it because of the explosion that the explosive force may indeed wave to the lost south, but it is not necessarily dangerous for the explosion to erupt right next to it, and it is even more impossible for it to spill over?
The roar shook the earth and gave Ye Chen an answer. The eyes of Amethyst Nielong suddenly radiated two thick thunder bombardments on Ye Chen’s body. Ye Chen’s body was rapidly retrogressed by the thunder bombardment. Although he was not afraid of the five elements’ physique and made him unscathed, the impact almost tore his body apart. When he stopped, he gasped a little. Amethyst Nielong, I know that something must have offended you, but after all, you used to be a king of beasts. If you set foot on human territory, you will bring law to save the disaster. Then you will be punished by heaven. Stop.
Anger and rage suddenly faintly heard the sadness and despair in the middle of the roar.

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