"In order to thank you both, please do me the honor to invite you to dinner." Ye Yue made an invitation to us.

Of course, inviting us like this is a promise! After all, this is part of the reward ~ ~
After the general’s dinner, it’s time for the reward to be announced.
At the beginning, I wanted to do it in different ways, and I also thought that if I didn’t finish it, I might not get the reward I wanted-serial skills
But now that the incident has ended smoothly and the story has a happy ending, I think there should be something besides serial skills to reward it.
"… thank you very much for your great help. After discussion with Lan, I decided to give you two the most special gifts."
Ye Yue ordered the housekeeper to get a wooden box with exquisite relief and dazzling gem box outside, which made people feel very advanced.
It should contain valuable things! What could it be? Jewelry? Money? From the appearance of the square wooden box, I secretly guessed
Although I’m not interested in these things, it’s not bad that I can make a fortune without them!
"A little gift is not a tribute. I hope you two will like it."
Ye Lan handed the wooden box to me from the housekeeper.
"Thank you"
I stretched out my hand to pick up the heavy wooden box, which must contain a lot of things.
"Please try it" Ye Yue urged me.
"Honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk!" "Also curious about gifts BaoLei said with a face of expectation.
I covered the head of the wooden box with my hand, and the lid of the box slowly opened a crack with my movement.
In the gap, a fragrant golden light emanated from the box.
I don’t think it’s jewelry or anything like that. I have higher expectations for treasures when I find this out.
Could it be any rare and precious plants or medicinal materials?
Ordinary plants and medicinal materials are easy to obtain, but if they are advanced, they are as precious as waiting for weapons!
As soon as I lifted the lid of the box, I finally saw the treasure that gave off fragrance and light.
"Uh …" Looking at the contents of the box, my mind turned white. "What is this? 」
"Seems to be … some kind of snack? "Yao Ri stared at the things inside and tried to identify the identity.
"This is the Osmanthus Jelly made by our two brothers." Ye Yue gave the answer.
….. what? I froze.
"It’s really unforgettable that we have been so kind to save Lan at the risk of our own lives these days." Ye Yue looked at me with grateful eyes.
"…" I continue to show a dull state.
"We really don’t know how to repay you for saving us," Ye Lan went on to say to her brother.
So you sent us a snack? I questioned looking at them.
"I came here to give my family valuables to two people, but I think this secular material method expresses our passion."
Can Osmanthus Jelly show your gratitude? Is this the box of Osmanthus Jelly that you are grateful for? Are you sincere? Where is sincerity? Ah ah ah! I shouted in my heart
"After a long discussion with my brother, I finally decided to make Osmanthus Jelly for you personally." I didn’t notice my increasingly ugly face. Ye Lanxin said, "This cake represents our brothers’ gratitude and hopes to commemorate our friendship with this Osmanthus Jelly."
Commemorating friendship? I picked up a piece of Osmanthus Jelly’s finger tip from the wooden box, and then the cake shattered and scattered.
"Ha ha ….." Looking at the pastry powder, I smiled.
Does this mean that this friendship … is extremely fragile?
"honk-honk-honk!" The master got a box of "Osmanthus Jelly, the friendship between the Ye brothers", which is irritable and sincere and touching! 」
After discovering that the gift was Osmanthus Jelly, Bao Lei was the only one who felt sad.
Forget it, let’s give it to Bao Lei as a snack! Anyway, if it weren’t for this,
Just when I was expecting the Ye brothers to give it out, what they said was …
"It’s getting late. I think it’s better for you two to leave the city as soon as possible." Ye Lan urged us.
Yeah? Did I hear you wrong? What about the prize? What about its prize? Do they just want to send us away from Osmanthus Jelly? Really?
"What want us out of the city? "Asked from afar.
"Earlier, I received a command …" Ye Yue’s face looked embarrassed when he spoke. "You are thieves and robbers, right? In our city, two people of this status are forbidden to enter or leave the city, and I am ordered to arrest you. "
"…" Does his line count as kicking down the ladder?
"I understand that we will leave immediately," Yao Ri nodded and replied, "but before that, would you please promise us a request? 」
"Please say if I can, I will try my best to achieve it." Ye Yue smiled back at us.

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