"Yeah, it’s really a troublesome woman. I just took advantage of some words. Is that so?"

"If you dare to insult me, you will have a dead end, whether it is you or Shi Xuan!"
Pang Xia knew that he was implicated by Shi Xuan when he heard this.
For Shi Xuan Yin Hou Zhu Yuyan is poor and angry.
And what Pang Xia said before just reminded Zhu Yuyan of Shi Xuan that she was so furious.
But for Pang Xia, it’s all so-called whether Zhu Yuyan is furious after the Yin Dynasty.
Now that people have been chasing them for hundreds of miles, Pang Xia is naturally going to fight.
Otherwise, it would be really rude.
Up PangXia looked at Zhu Yuyan laughed "Yin Zhu Yuyan this head Jianghu people don’t know everyone knows.
But today I want to see if your name after Yin is really yours! "
Said BiPangXia step by step towards Zhu Yuyan walked past.
Every step down Pang Xia’s body momentum increases by one point.
When Pang Xia came to the front of Zhu Yuyan three meters after nine steps, his momentum reached its peak.
While looking at PangXia body give off momentum Zhu Yuyan said "hum is there are two brushes.
In this way, I won’t talk too much, so I’ll let you see that my Yin Kui School’s Monty Skill is amazing! "
Backhand a handbreadth Zhu Yuyan once again released the parcel PangXia.
At the same time, Zhu Yuyan manipulated and disturbed Pang Xia’s movement
But how can Pang Xia be afraid of Zhu Yuyan with "Stars Return to the Market * *"!
Starlight appears, the Milky Way flows behind Pang Xia, and a star emerges there.
At this time, Pang Xia’s hands turned to palms and slowly raised them. Suddenly, the Milky Way was flying around and resisted!
And this time Zhu Yuyan didn’t feel PangXia body sends out that momentum than they are not much worse.
Although it has not yet reached the realm of the great master, Pang Xia is really close.
It’s most appropriate for a half-step master to form a handsome man.
"You have reached such a state, and you are one step away from the great master!"
"I was lucky enough to get someone’s legacy to help me make progress."
"Hum half step guru, after all, is not a guru, someone is stuck in this realm.
Although you have reached the level of a master at a young age, it doesn’t mean that you can really succeed.
What’s more, you are bound to die at my hands today, but it is impossible to be promoted to the great master! "
After the words were finished, Zhu Yuyan’s body shook slightly, and it was even bigger.
It’s wrapped directly, protecting Pang Xia
The real great master let Pang Xia fully appreciate it!
Chapter IV Target Culture
"ooh The great master is really a great master. It’s really not that I can easily fight against Dayou See ~/ ~! In! ~vvww^
But it’s only interesting to fight like this. Let me have a good look at how powerful this Monty * * is! "
After speaking, Pang Xia’s true qi instantly exploded to count the starlight and the Milky Way, and the nebula spread.
Pang Xia floats on the ground, and the nebula flows around him like the star’s power is amazing.
Even Zhu Yuyan had to change color after the great master’s strength was put to good use.
Especially when Pang Xia kept the secret book "Stars Return to the Market * *", Zhu Yuyan was under double pressure.
But who is Zhu Yuyan who has been running amok for decades?
It’s a cruel thing to be a strong man in the Jianghu. It’s a common occurrence.
So although she felt the pressure brought by Pang Xia, it actually aroused Zhu Yuyan’s competitiveness.
"Monty * *" kept the course of thick gas to strengthen the wall and flew around.
A recruit by Zhu Yuyan cast out the lunbi attack way when it’s great.
Seeing this Pang Xia’s hands folded, he quickly waved outward, but he saw the stars flying in an arc towards Zhu Yuyan.
After touching Zhu Yuyan, it suddenly exploded.
It is Pang Xia who has a deeper grasp of "Stars Return to the Market" in three months.
Not only is it powerful, but its relative consumption is also reduced a lot.
At this time, Pang Xia’s hands are virtual together.
But it looks beautiful and unusual to see more than a dozen starlight gathering in the palms of Pang Xia’s hands and spinning and dancing.
However, when Zhu Yuyan saw the slight change in color behind the starlight in Pang Xia’s hands, he immediately responded.
Hands to push forward the true qi quickly gathered in front of Zhu Yuyan hands.

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