But Shang Shan’s parents didn’t have Zhang Ping’s tough repairs. After being hit by Zhang Ping’s vigorous king kong palm, he cried his chest collapsed and flew back.

At this time, Shangshan’s second old man actually got up and rushed towards Zhang Ping without worrying about his injuries, and shouted, "Go!"
While Zhang Ping’s offensive is gradually fading, Huo Tianqing sees that Zhang Ping was attacked by Shangshan’s parents and seemed to want to say something, but in the end he didn’t send a hair and shot at the night.
Several night winds blew the fallen leaves and dust rolled slowly.
Huo Tianqing just left Zhang Ping’s figure suddenly swept out, and he looked around himself with a sneer and swept away in the distance in the dark to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one Meet the forest and enter
When marching in ancient times, it is often said that the dense forest is full of branches and leaves, and the moonlight is blocked in the dark forest. At this time, the shadow of death is like the mouth of an ancient behemoth.
Zhang Ping looked at the faint figures in the Woods at this time, suddenly smiled and then strode towards the forest.
Sunshine often brings many beautiful things, light and flowers are warm, but there is no sunshine here at this time.
Zhang Ping has always walked steadily, stepping out as if his toes had never left the ground but crossed it.
When I entered the forest, there suddenly appeared a strong wind in Xulin. The terrain here is higher than the forest, and it is cloudy. As usual, there should not be such a strong wind.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha …" With a strange laugh like a man, a woman and a woman, I was afraid that this forest would leave a section for ghosts in the future.
As the forest wind is getting bigger and bigger, the fallen leaves are spinning rapidly at this time, and the sharp leaf angles are like a terrible hidden weapons, which will melt all the debris.
In the face of murderous look and falling leaves all over the sky, a foot away, Zhang Ping suddenly appeared a stream of yin and yang, which was not the artistic conception of yin and yang in Zhang Sanfeng, but the root cause of Zhang Ping’s great move and imperial efforts. Wisdom and classics urged the yin and yang in the forest to distort all the fallen leaves.
At this time, Zhang Ping looked around Langkou and said, "Do you want to come out by yourself or give up your seat?"
After saying no, two strange figures, one black and one white, suddenly shot out from above and landed in front of Zhang Ping, ten feet away.
One black and one white, two masks, coarse cloth, black-and-white gown, just like paper, and two mourning sticks are added to make it vivid, which is the black-and-white expression of the headhunter of the Chinese underworld.
The black-and-white weirdo’s black figure is to raise my hand with a sad stick and call Zhang Ping’s shoulder.
As Zhang Ping stepped back, the white figure cried and the black figure changed places, and then the same sad stick called Zhang Ping’s head.
However, at this time, Zhang Ping, with a wave of his right hand, followed by a horse’s practice of general gas strength gushed out and instantly rolled the other side’s sad stick.
At this time, Zhang Pingyin said with a smile: "How dare you come here to make a fool of yourself by performing tricks in the street?"
At this time, Zhang Ping’s first left hand shook dozens of copper coins to detain the blaster around the other side, and then Zhang Ping’s body changed to a near end of the world, and his mana course slipped toward the other side like a ghost.
At this time, the black-and-white weirdo saw that the remaining one in his hand was dancing impenetrably, and Zhang Ping shot all the copper coins every other time, followed by Zhang Ping’s black-and-white figures, which were constantly changing positions like a whirlwind.
From a distance, at this time, the black-and-white weirdo seems to have become a series of black-and-white strange floods accompanied by a burst of weird laughter, fearing that his eyes will be blinded by him if he stares for a long time.
However, at this time, Zhang Ping is just a sudden, regardless of the change, with his hands together and his palms mixed with an avalanche of force, and instantly blasted towards two black and white figures.
The black-and-white weirdo’s kung fu was clearly seen by Zhang Ping after only two moves. To put it bluntly, it was not a trick or a kind of advanced luck. Although this kind of kung fu met Zhang Ping, a master of kung fu, for reasons such as qi activity, but its manipulation of fake body attack kung fu was equally mysterious.
And the black-and-white weirdo saw that Zhang Ping’s palms were actually exactly attacking himself, so he rushed to shoot the crying stick at Zhang Ping’s throat and at the same time, his palms came together to meet Zhang Ping’s palm.
As the two sides hit each other, the black-and-white weirdo felt a violent violence like the scorching sun instantly breaking into his arm and rushing towards his heart.
At this time, the black-and-white weirdo also decided that with its strong capacity, the whole body cried out of Zhang Ping’s control and flew backwards in the forest.
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly stopped and looked at the black and white weirdo flying out of the direction and said, "What an upside-down array, but can you handle the seat with this?"
As the black-and-white weirdo bumped into a big tree and spat out a big mouthful of blood, a thick fog suddenly appeared and swallowed up all his figures. Soon, there was a sudden chatter in the strange fog like an old man in a neighboring village: "Oh, I just don’t know how much courage there is now in the purple blood demon road, which ranked first in the weapon spectrum more than a hundred years ago?"
At this time, Zhang Ping put his big sleeves in his hands, and then a dark longqin cried and appeared in Zhang Ping’s hands. Then Zhang Ping took the longqin and walked towards the depths of the fog without saying a word.
At this time, when the dense fog in the forest saw Zhang Ping approaching, they seemed to be frightened and fled everywhere. Zhang Ping left a straight path.
As Zhang Ping walked slowly to several huge trees, all the scenery around him suddenly changed dramatically. At this time, the surrounding trees have been replaced by tall and gorgeous walls.
Zhang Ping looked around at this time and found that these walls were like a big maze, and several winding roads were dazzling.
However, at this time, Zhang Ping suddenly stopped and said to himself, "Good place and beautiful scenery. You really chose a good cemetery by yourself."
"I want to see this cemetery, but you’d better enjoy it. Don’t live up to our hearts …" As an old woman came from all directions, the leaves rustled all over the sky.
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly said with a smile while slowly plucking the strings: "Flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt the old woman. You really practiced kung fu well. You are celebrating a big wind song in the pavilion …"
The words sound just fell and the sound of the piano was like the waves, and a * * roared out. It was like the two armies fighting the tragic phantom sound, and the whole forest was shaken and the sound of the piano caused waves in the air, which made the other party reverse the fantasy of the five-line array and detain it as if it were a flame.
As the surrounding leaves fly into the array, the sound of Zhang Pingqin suddenly becomes dense, and then those leaves seem to have completed their year in an instant. The individualized powder disappears into the sky like a suddenly broken butterfly … to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two The Emperor Huoxiu
With the fantasy around, the sound of Zhang Pingqin is fragmented, and there are five figures looming at the end of the ancient tree in the distance.
Zhang Ping sensed that one of them was strange and very angry, and said with a smile, "I have heard for a long time that the magical powers of the emperor are unpredictable, and today I really live up to my name."

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