"honey, I’m going to be a producer myself!" Guti proudly told Lei Dongduo.

Looking at Guti’s publicity, Lei Dongduo is very gratified. Recently, Guti will not always think about having children.
Real Madrid made a lot of money in the East and then prepared for the new season. At the same time, in the Iberian Peninsula, a Portuguese dragon will sweep across Europe this season, bringing a wave of famous Porto, and a strange coach will also go from Iberian Peninsula to the world and enter people’s field of vision.
How Mourinho and his Porto will affect Europe this season, Guti has no time to worry. He flew to Monaco soon after returning from Lei Dongduo from the East to prepare for the filming of grace of monaco.
This time, because he is also a producer, he can’t wait until the filming is in the group as before, so he can meet with the director, finalize other actors and meet with the screenwriter to discuss the plot modification, meet with the Monaco royal family, agree on the venue and sponsor all kinds of issues. Although he is very busy, Guti feels happy because he feels that he is one step closer to the president of Real Madrid.
To become the chairman of Real Madrid, several conditions must be met at the same time. Real Madrid members have less than 20 years of experience, and they have to pay 15% of the annual budget of Real Madrid. Real Madrid’s financial resources estimate that this deposit is about 100 million euros. Guti now has a lot of money scattered among various investments, such as Twitter, and a lot of money belongs to long-term investment. It is not a small expense to spend 20 million dollars to invest in filming this time, but Guti is very optimistic about the future and the earning ability of the film industry. This is an important way for him to make money in the future.
For the future and money, Guti worked hard. The winner, who usually makes people feel lazy, also showed people the crazy side of work.
Perhaps it was because Guti took the lead in demonstrating that the whole crew cooperated well in filming, and it was finished in a month. When the post-production was added, it was shown in major theaters in Europe and America in November. Although it was a little late, it still met the Oscar requirements, so representative Castro Guti officially announced that the film would compete for the Oscar in 2008.
This film has different opinions in the past, and this time it may be due to the butterfly effect of Guti, which leads to a much better reputation. Many media commented on Guti’s performance of grace of monaco and grace kelly, and they all came to another classic royal film, Princess Sissi. They think that both films are showing the audience a fairy tale-like royal marriage, and at the same time, they both show the heroine’s complex inner world, showing her self-awareness and royal rules. The traditional conflicts are more for adults than for little girls.
Before Goody played Grace, those Grace fans raised objections. They thought that although Goody was beautiful, she couldn’t play Grace’s charm. After all, Grace was once a film-winning actress, and now she has left those video materials to give a heavy pressure to someone who wants to play her.
However, after the screening, these Grace fans responded well, and some of them arrived during the interview. They felt that Grace appeared alive on the big screen again, and most Grace fans agreed with Guti’s performance.
For such a royal film, the Oscar judges also like to announce the Oscar names. grace of monaco suddenly appears in several awards such as Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Music, Best Makeup, Best Photography, etc. Among them, in the best picture award, most people think that Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy has greater hope, while in the best actress award, Guti and Charlize Theron are neck and neck, and they are both likely to win.
On February 29th, 2004, the 76th Academy Awards Ceremony of Dolby Theatre will be held here.
Is doing the final preparations in the hotel room, Guti found that Lei Dongduo actually appeared in front of him.
"Why are you here? Isn’t Real Madrid going to have a game with Certa today?" A loyal Real Madrid fan Guti may not be able to watch every game, but when and against which team, he can still say that he is surprised at how to prepare for the game in Madrid and Lei Dongduo will appear in front of him.
"I asked for leave." Lei Dongduo didn’t care much, saying that he looked at Goody’s Oscar preparation ceremony today. This is a gift for Kelly in the film. Goody is going to recreate the scene in the film today. "It’s beautiful."
"Have you asked for leave?" Guti is still struggling with Lei Dongduo’s leave.
"I don’t believe my teammates will lose the game against Certa at home without me. If they really lose, I think the captain should find his own responsibility first." Lei Dongduo has always thought highly of himself, and he also hopes that his team will do the same. Even if Real Madrid really loses the chain, it will be a slap in the face. Lei Dongduo unceremoniously dumped the pot and gave his little brother a variety of troubles to repay on weekdays.
"I want to see you win the cup with my own eyes, just like when you accompanied me to the Golden Globe Awards." Lei Dongduo gently put the broken hair in Guti’s ear behind his ear. He has reached the age of leaving the stadium and should put more energy into his eyes.
Goody blushed. "I may not get the Oscar either, but Charles is more likely."
"You are the best in my heart!"
Lei Dongduo’s words made Guti dizzy. Even Lei Dongduo changed the gift belonging to Lanier III in grace of monaco, took him down the red carpet and heard the fans cheering in his ear before Guti came to his senses.
"We saw Guti walking on the red carpet with her husband. Fans of the familiar film grace of monaco can easily recognize their husband and wife. Today, Grace and Lanier III wore a ceremony in the film. It seems that this loving couple in reality will pay tribute to the couple many years ago. I have to say that this will probably be the most mirror-like couple in this Oscar."
Thanks to Lei Dongduo’s praise, Guti was in a good mood, and her mouth was tilted after sitting in the cinema, which made some TV live broadcast hosts confident in interpretation.
And the final result is indeed so. Guti won this Oscar.
"Thank you for your affirmation to me …" Guti calmly delivered his acceptance speech.
At the end, Guti looked at Lei Dongduo. "Dear Hernando, you said today that I was the best in your mind if I didn’t win the Oscar. I also want to say that you were the best in my mind when I talked about it, and I love you!"
There was a flood of applause in the theater, and Lei Dongduo was applauding. The camera specially gave him a close-up. The big star with a poor expression is smiling at the moment and looks very happy.
Wait until the evening to end the celebration and return to their hotel room. Happy Life in Lei Dongduo will continue.
"Hernando, let’s have children in the future!" Guti is holding the trophy in one hand and winking at Lei Dongduo. He thinks that today’s atmosphere is good and he will have a baby.
Here we go again! Lei Dongduo felt that he had neglected his wife because she was busy with work recently, so he came to find out if it was a complete mistake, at least before Guti gave up the idea of having children.
The writer has something to say: grace of monaco was created by me almost ten years ago, and the Weinstein film system was founded by the Varnstam brothers after they left Max, Milla. I got it here. Their brothers left Max, Milla two years earlier, and Weinstein film was not founded, so they let their brothers go to fight economic disputes, so Miss Guti stepped out of the first step as a producer and then became a film company.
Miss Guti wants to have a baby, but Dong Ge is unyielding, but a child will be born soon in 2005. I decided to let them have another boy. Okay, little princess, wait a minute. Miss Guti takes her time.
I really want to write directly about Luo Er’s transfer to Luo Er. It should be interesting to write a psychological description of this disgusting couple.
I’m going to challenge that update on May 13th, and I hope I can do it. My period will come to visit in these two days, and I just don’t like to go out.
☆ Chapter 6
Guti and Oscar-winning Li are going to take care of Lei Dongduo so that they can walk hand in hand on the road of making people. Unfortunately, Lei Dongduo is still too powerful to succumb to beauty and temptation, which still makes Guti fail.
"I can’t believe I can’t handle you!" After Lei Dongduo insisted on the principle basis or made himself happy, Guti could lie on the bed and be bitten by a curse, by the way, vowing to have a baby with Lei Dongduo.
Guti won the second Oscar winner, and this time it was his first time as a producer, making a film news that caused a great sensation in Spain.
In recent years, Guti has been an influential star in Spain, and his influence has gradually spread from simple entertainment to sports, economy and even politics. Some media quoted well-informed sources as saying that Guti has the idea of running for the House of Representatives in elections and going to politics.
Now there are still some media who swear that the royal family has praised Guti’s contribution to the country in the cultural field, and it is likely that he will award him a title, in which case the influence of the winner in the country will reach a new height.
It can be said that Guti news occupied the headlines from the last day of February until the European Cup was about to start in Portugal, Spain’s neighbor on the Iberian Peninsula.
The 2004 European Cup is about to be held in Portugal. Aguero immediately felt the full swing atmosphere of the European Cup when he flew in from far away South America. However, Aguero likes this atmosphere very much, which will make him feel at home in Europe, which is far away from his hometown of Qian Shan. Aguero hopes that he will come to Europe to play football one day, not just to watch the European Cup.
"kun is here!"
Aguero heard the familiar sound, and he looked in the direction of the sound. Sure enough, he saw Messi jumping around like a flea trying to see him.
"Hi Leo, thank you for inviting me to watch the game." Aguero walked over and hugged Messi.
"We are friends, how can we say thank you?" Messi has a long smile and has been having a good time in Madrid. He smiles very sunny and looks just like man next door.
"Thank you all the same. I know that tickets are not easy to buy." Aguero wanted to see the high-level matches in Europe at close range. For an ambitious Argentine player, Europe is a chance for him to step into the battlefield sooner or later. It is rare to have a close look at the characteristics of European football and observe the characteristics of European players. However, it is not easy for him to buy tickets for the European Cup in Argentina. At this time, Messi has lived in Europe for many years and helped a lot.
"I want to see it, too, and I didn’t spend any money. Our tickets were given by Fina." In the face of friends, I thanked Macy and smiled shyly.
"Fina?" Aguero’s first reaction was that Messi’s girlfriend later thought it was wrong. He remembered that Messi said that his girlfriend should not be able to help them buy tickets in Argentina, and it didn’t seem to be called that name.
"Ah, Fina is Mrs. Lei Dongduo, and I am sponsored by her for the World Cup and the European Cup tickets." Messi scratched his head and felt a little embarrassed. Speaking of it, he owed so much to Lei Dongduo and his wife. If he counted it with a pen, he really didn’t know when he would pay it off.
"Mrs. Lei Dongduo?" Aguero was a little silent. He remembered that Messi had been a famous Argentine football player in Lei Dongduo for a long time. Every World Cup, he could see Messi go to the ball scene with Mrs. Lei Dongduo. A few years ago, little Aguero was still jealous of Messi.
The fate between people is sometimes unclear. Although Messi went to Real Madrid instead of Barcelona this time, he still became good friends with Aguero.
Also in the training of the national youth team, it was also in the discussion of shoes that the two people were connected again.
However, although he is a good friend, Aguero is actually a little jealous of Messi. He played well in Argentina and entered the national teams at all levels. Then when he was in the national youth team, he heard that one of their new teammates had been recalled from Europe and was a future star from the famous Real Madrid youth training camp.
At that time, Aguero was jealous and a little angry. He was jealous that Messi could go to the European giants in one step, and at the same time he held his breath and wanted to compete with this Real Madrid.
But when Aguero saw Messi, he was still a little disappointed. Is that silly and sweet guy a player trained by the giants? Aguero looked at Messi a few times, and he always felt that the other side was delicate and easy to push down. But when he got to the stadium, he knew that that guy’s stupid white face turned out to be a lie. At least on the stadium, he was not a human or animal hazard, but a lot of bad bastards in his stomach.
Impey Messi’s strength is hooked up by talking about sneakers. Usually, one is in Spain and the other is in Argentina. There are also constant letters. This time, when Aguero said that he wanted to see the European Cup, Messi invited him over, and even the tickets were included.

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