Zhaojie sun ran a smile. "Since the female ghost doesn’t come to us, we can’t find her, so we can wait for someone to save us."

"You … are you crazy? We are in the fantasy world or another world now. Who can save us? Can go out on our own? "Qing Yue roared.
"Go out by yourself? How do you want to get out? Don’t you see? We are less than two basketball courts. "
"What did you say?" Clear moon one leng.
Zhaojie lazily pointed to the surrounding lawn. "Look for yourself, the 50-meter grass in Fiona Fang is still fluttering with the wind, but the grass in the 50-meter place is like painting. Although the female ghost can imitate the natural environment, she can afford to make such a big fairyland. The roots around the place are walls."
Qing Yue looked down zhaojie’s finger and it was as he said. Although the surrounding scenery looks very real, it is as lively as a dead thing when you look at it carefully.
"Alas, why is this main line so difficult?" Qing Yue walked beside zhaojie and sat with her legs in her arms and murmured.
"I can’t help it. Who let there be props that all major forces compete for?" zhaojie lay back on the ground
"But I heard from my eldest brother that it is not so difficult for them to experience such rare props several times before. Although they did fight two tough battles, they would never be so passive."
Zhaojie was stupefied. "You mean LingHeng has experienced this before?"
"Yes, eldest brother, this is the third time he has made rare props."
"Is it also the seventh order before?"
"Yes, eldest brother, he reached the seventh order six months ago."
Zhaojie looked up at the sky and stared at a white cloud.
"What’s the matter with you?" Clear month strange way
"This … is very unusual."
"Yes, I know."
"When I say unusual, I don’t mean that the overall difficulty has increased, but there are too many strange things this time."
Qingyue cocked her little head and asked, "What strange thing?"
"First of all, it is the most unusual to go back to this era when crossing," zhaojie said faintly. "Before, I also experienced the death of the People’s Department in the city where the main line is located. People in that city deserve more attention than here, but there is no time to go back. I also asked Hughes Lan about this world. In a city like this, people died, but they died. Don’t you think it strange that the publisher has never spent so much effort?"
Qing month 200 white and neat Bei tooth gently bit her finger and nodded, "It seems so."
"The third stage, although the truth is said, let’s save the city residents, but what is the truth? To put it bluntly, are we really saving people by returning to this era? Even if we save them, will those people really come back to life after seven months? Will the dead traveler come back to life? So in the future, once we die here, will we still be dead after completion? "
"This … it’s really hard to imagine."
"This is nothing. Let’s change the general direction and say that since the publisher has the ability to take people back to the past, wouldn’t it be nice to just throw the powerful passer into the crack when it is created?"
"Say yes."
"So I think the publisher must be hiding something. We may all come back to this era. Secondly, our real purpose may be to help the publisher do something that they can solve. The third stage will be named after the truth."
"Then what do you think we should do?"
"I don’t know, but let me guess. It may be a prerequisite to solve this death frenzy, but it’s hard to say what will happen after the death frenzy."
"So are there any other strange things happening?" Qing month asked with a small hand.
"Well, are the names Yamamura Zhen and Kaya familiar to you?"
It’s familiar, but I can’t remember where I heard it.
Zhaojie laughed. "That’s right. Although I can’t remember the origin of these two names, it’s certain that we must have experienced the world dominated by these two characters on earth, either games or movies or cartoons. Generally speaking, most travelers have a deep understanding of these two names and may even know how to deal with them. But don’t you think it’s funny that the publisher erased everyone in their memory department and then sent us to this era to let us solve them? If so, wouldn’t it be nice to finish something and let us keep our memories of them directly? Why should we try our best to explore? "
Clear moon eyes carefully watched zhaojie smile slightly obsessed. "What you said is very reasonable, but what?"
"My initial guess is that the publishers want us to stay in this era for a while, but I don’t understand what their purpose is."
"So is there anything strange?"
Zhaojie looked surprised and gently coughed for two months.
Clear month "ah" at the sight of zhaojie eyes suddenly Xiafei Cheeks turned to low way "I’m just asking".
Zhaojie smiled and shook his head. "The third thing is that it’s a little different from me, but telling you doesn’t prevent me from joining my team. Terhi is my best friend on earth. She died later than me, but she came to another plane long before me, which makes me feel very strange."
Qing Yue turned her head and said, "It’s not too strange. My brother had a friend … who was also a Vulcan traveler. He died a long time later than my brother on earth, but when my brother came to this world, he was already a famous traveler."
"oh? Is this really happening? " Zhaojie Qidao
Qingyue nodded and evaded zhaojie’s eyes, and the jade neck was covered with a layer of pink. "In fact, I would like to congratulate you on your death like this. People who came to this world should have been summoned by’ God’. They are called important people in this world. These people grow up very fast and their ability is strong. If your friend is such a person, then I should congratulate you."
"Is that so?" Zhaojie’s eyes flashed a smile and he breathed a sigh of relief. "It would be great if this were the case."

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