But fortunately, Hogg’s magic communication was quickly connected.

"Hogg, I’m doing an important experiment. If you bother me with some small talk, just give me an experiment!"
On the other side, a middle-aged blood clan man in an alchemy robe turned on Hogg’s hand. Crystal was angry and growled at Hogg across the street.
"Master, a bird and a big bird attacked my residence. We are not rivals after all, and my hand will soon be eaten up by it. What should I do, master!"
"What a big bird? Can you see what it looks like? " There are too many birds in the senior monster. The middle-aged blood clan frowned and their one-step dark chess won’t be ruined by this senior monster who came out for food, will it?
But after Hogg finished shaping this bird, the middle-aged blood clan was lost in thought.
From Hogg’s description, it seems that this is the little Terran demigod Karana, the king of the wind and birds. How did it go so far to the Mai Laviron Empire to feed? But while he was thinking, Hogg’s panic sounded from the crystal again.
"Some people, some people and a person who seems to have a pair of pointed ears floating in the sky! Master, he seems to have found me. Ah! "
"Hogg Hogg? Damn it! " Angry middle-aged blood clan force their own hand crystal to the ground’ ping-pong’ and turned it into pieces.
Damn it, how did my little terran demigod know? He won’t want to make any big moves recently, will he? I can’t. I have to send some people to spy on the little Terran. If he is really going to do something about our dietra family’s participation in capturing the slaves of the little Terran, he should inform the patriarch immediately.
More think more wrong, middle-aged blood clan can’t even get rid of the gold robe, and quickly ran to the room where the heads of families usually handle things.
Ps, let’s try to spell a wave of 40 thousand words in seven days.
Chapter 56 Arrangements
"Oh, oh, this seems to be too big!" Didn’t go to the side was still preying on Trish scared and trembling elite jackal demigod Kara took this one from jackal’s hand-news crystal wry smile way
"Stop playing, Trish, and get rid of them quickly!"
Who dares to disturb my meal?
Just playing with prey, Trish was not happy to look at the sound source, but was immediately frightened by Kara with a black face. Only then did he realize that he had long been collected. Although his strength has increased, he is no longer the king of restrained windbirds.
Knowing who had a bigger fist, Trish immediately gave up playing before dinner and solved the rest of the jackals by landing next to Kara and lowering his head.
"Say you are which forces control the magic? If you don’t talk, hum! "
When the owner motioned for Trish’s huge beak to slowly approach Hogg, the jackal immediately knelt down and told the news that he knew about his master.
Although Hogg didn’t know his master’s identity, Carla immediately understood from Hogg’s description that this elite jackal was the hand of the dietra family developed by Braud dietra, the blood clan god.
This can be difficult. Now the dietra family must have known that I destroyed them. The dark hand will find someone to discuss with me, but it is qualified to discuss with me. Once they appear in the Akara Mountains, our little terran will be discovered by them immediately.
Do you still owe such a big favor to the human god in the end? The little Terran demigod Nai sighed. Although he knew that the little Terran defected from the Utopia Alliance sooner or later, he would find that the human god could not avoid the little Terran, but in this way, the little Terran who owed such a big favor was really pinned down by the human god and could not turn over!
But after thinking for a long time, I also let Hogg kneel in the snow and tremble. After half a day, Kara still flew to Tristan with a wry smile. Who makes our little Terran less powerful than people?
It’s better to take refuge in human wings with peace of mind than to always worry that people will be taken as slaves by other ethnic groups and sold, right?
"Let’s go, Trish," said the demigod, who was somewhat lost because his strength was too low, so that Hogg, kneeling on the ground, escaped, but when he was about to look up.
Huh? Why is it dark?
This is the last thought of Hogg, the elite jackal, before he was eaten by Trish, the king of windbirds.
"Everyone, it seems that we are in trouble." As soon as Kara returned to the migration team, she seriously called the Beradian Empire and the small Terran high-level Nolon with Ellie among them.
"What happened? The demigod pavilion "looked at the little Terran demigod expression and Sally had a bad feeling in her heart.
"Our whereabouts were discovered by a group of monsters controlled by the blood clan dietra family, and he also reported this matter to the magic crystal. I think there will be a Utopian alliance Coalition soon," Kara said.
"Really? This is really bad news." Sally princess royal frowned. "It’s been half a month since we started from Utopia Alliance. If Utopia Alliance is angry and insists on sending senior professionals and a large number of cavalry to chase us, it’s really possible to stop us before we return to Beradia. How can aristocratic members speed up the progress?"
"I’m afraid not." Melvin, the first steward of the small terran, frowned slightly. "The weather is too bad now. Most people have a cold and fever. Although there are enough drugs, these diseases can’t be cured for a while. If we suddenly speed up, I’m afraid many people will fall ill."
"Really? Then there’s nothing we can do." Sally looked at Patton’s commander and several other officers of the Ma Corps who learned that the trip was really important a few days ago. "General Patton sent two more scouts to the Utopia Alliance from today, and the marching speed of the soldiers also slowed down. Let’s go behind the little Terran and let the soldiers be on high alert. The patrol staff should be doubled at night. You should order it at once!"
"It’s princess royal Hall!" Several officers, including Barton, stood in awe and saluted the princess royal Temple. The horse went to inform the hand to arrange it.
Kara, the demigod, motioned for the military commander of the small terran, and Director Dalkan also said before, "We small terrans in princess royal Temple also contributed to the death of our ethnic group. One hundred and twelve people, including me in advanced occupations, were sent by princess royal Temple."
"Then I’d like to thank the demigod pavilion and the director of Dalkan here." Sally didn’t mention it. This time, the Beradia Empire is helping the little Terran to migrate. If the little Terran doesn’t do anything, it’s too unreasonable. "You little Terran advanced professionals are scattered at the front of the team. We don’t have many scouts in the Heavy Horse Corps, but the little Terran professionals are agile and fast. Let them temporarily act as scouts in front."
"We will take care of the investigation in front of the good team and the two wings." Dalkan agreed to Sally princess royal’s arrangement and also went to arrange for Sally princess royal Kiki Eleanor Long and the demigod Kara.
"The demigods are all insiders, so let me get this straight." Sally quietly moved in the direction of Nuolong. "Although this time, several gods, including my Lord God, are watching this little Terran migration, but after all, we are unreasonable. On the Utopia alliance side, the gods don’t take the lead. We can rely on the Beradia heavy horse army and the little Terran to deal with the pursuit of Utopia alliance. We have Rommel demigods pavilion here."

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