Zhang Ping killed nearly three people in the crowd. One of them was tall and his arms were very thick, which made a nine-ring broadsword look quite heavy. He cut it straight for Zhang Ping’s right arm. A human figure on the left was withered and short, which made a strange weapon round and slippery. It was like a meteor hammer with a root, but it was not. But the ball hit Zhang Ping’s left chest at a speed still in the middle. The man on the right looked cold and tall and thin, which made a small judge’s pen even point Zhang Ping’s right abdominal rib hole.

These three people are the "magic knives", Zilen Zeng, Yang Zhen, the master of the five poisons, and Zhao Gang, the judge of life and death. Although they have never cooperated before, at this time, they have joined forces to attack Zhang Ping as if they had been practicing for a long time.
Chapter ninety-two Enchanting scattered spirit
It is said that Zilen Zeng, the "Magic Knife Swing", and other three people suddenly rushed out after Zhang Ping approached. Each of them used his long and short weapons, and he took care of them everywhere. Zhang Ping seemed to be trapped in the Jedi.
However, Zhang Ping suddenly picked a long sword and a recruit, and the immortal dragon flew the Zhao Gang judge’s pen. Then Zhang Ping’s left hand suddenly appeared a long fan, which hit it wide at three o’clock in Zilen Zeng’s Nine Ring Knife.
Just then, the Yang Zhen Pearl suddenly shot a handful of hidden weapons like a rainstorm, and the hidden weapons quickly and quickly came to Zhang Ping’s front. However, Zhang Ping suddenly showed his wrist with a long fan and reversed it, and then he shot back all hidden weapons with a wave of his hand.
Just as everyone saw that Zilen Zeng and other three people were so impressed that Zhang Ping’s fear of Zhang Ping was gradually eliminated and he was ready to hug, Zhang Ping, Jin Jian and Chang Fan suddenly turned and shook Zilen Zeng, and three people immediately fell.
At this time, many people who are already eager to move have made a retreat. The rare treasures are famous. These are things that can make several people in the Wulin fight for each other. However, being able to live in the Wulin today is an individual example. Most people cherish their own lives. It is like Zhang Ping, who can walk through the second move in his hand and kill people in vain. No one wants to do this kind of thing.
Seeing this, Jiang Yulang was in a great hurry. He shouted, "Who do you want to cut this purple blood demon road? Jiang Yulang is willing to give a third of the property of the Jiang family. I hope you can make concerted efforts to return a Lang Lang Gan Kun to the Wulin in addition to this great harm."
As the saying goes, when people die of wealth and birds eat food, they hear Jiang Yulang reward everyone’s fighting spirit and get ready to cut Zhang Ping to pieces.
However, just as people are preparing to kill Zhang Pingping, Zhang Ping has already turned into a purple ghosting image and rushed into the crowd.
See Zhang Ping’s right hand, Jin Jian, make Songshan swordsmanship mixed with twelve swords in the afternoon, which is irresistible. The left hand is long, and sometimes it is combined to point, hit, block and cut all kinds of small kungfu.
Just when Zhang Ping was invincible all the way and killed everyone repeatedly, suddenly two good players came out from the oblique bottom. One of them shook his wrist and killed Zhang Ping. This weapon looked like a sword at first glance, but the tip of the sword was indeed a silver hook. In the palm of the dexterous man’s hand, Wu Gou’s sword moves were swift and vicious, and he stabbed, seized, twisted and cut this novel weapon to the fullest.
Another man, like Zhang Ping, makes one sword as thin as paper, while the other sword is heavy and growing vigorously. However, as soon as the other side makes a move, Zhang Ping realizes that his double sword kung fu is not in its shape. Although the light and heavy swords are divided, the essence of the two swords is that it is the same set of swordsmanship to deal with the amateurs, which is naturally unfavorable, but the competition between the masters is very small.
Zhang Ping’s right hand, Jin Jian, first recorded the image of Xi Yi’s swordsmanship, and the elephant Xi Yi killed half of the people around him with insufficient skill. Then the blade turned and Xi Yi’s swordsmanship stabbed him directly, which made the double-sword master, Jin Jian, although heavier than Zhang Ping’s, come fast and flash with the heavy feeling of the blade, and immediately aroused bursts of sonic booms.
Then the long fan covered the Wu Gou sword with the wrist turning and swinging and long sleeves.
With the double sword, Zhang Ping and Jin Jian struck across the throat, which made Wu Gou Sword man’s chest suddenly burst into a mass of blood.
However, at this time, the mutation suddenly happened, and Jiang Yulang suddenly fell in love with Zhang Ping. However, his kung fu is really common, and his treacherous character should never have this death.
However, the form of the field is changing rapidly. Since Jiang Yulang is in a hurry to die, Zhang Ping will also become a sharp and fierce sword when he sees Zhang Ping and Jin Jian wave his hand. Although the speed is not up to the extreme, it makes Jiang Yulang feel a sense of avoidance.
However, in this crisis, Jiang Yulang struggled to hit Zhang Ping with a palm, which was really bland and didn’t have much force. However, as Jiang Yulang hit this palm, Jiang Yulang was suddenly blown to pieces, and brown gas floated out with the explosion airflow. At this time, even though Zhang Ping’s flying achievement was Gao Liqiang, it was difficult to be reached at such a close distance.
The gas is very strange. Although Zhang Ping sometimes closes his breath, it seems that the brownish yellow gas can spread through the skin. Zhang Ping decided to immediately transport the whole body to protect his heart.
This brownish yellow gas came very quickly and fiercely. The brownish yellow gas enveloped the range of nearly 50 feet. More than 30 people were recruited for a moment. Except for Zhang Ping, all of them suddenly vomited yellow water and bled, and then they fell to the ground and died.
When Zhang Ping saw this heart move, he immediately knew that it was necessary to look at this situation. This brownish yellow gas is mostly the * * broken spirit powder in the scenic zone, except for the sacred insect Dolly method in the scenic zone.
Just then, a man in the back row of the crowd suddenly shouted, "He has been poisoned by the first strange poison in the scenic area, and everyone rushed to chop him up."
At this time, Zhang Ping is trying to suppress the toxicity. If they hug each other and it is difficult for them to have problems, Zhang Ping laughs: "How can I be bullied by the purple blood demon?" Just now, didn’t you guys let him get out of the way and let him personally experience my purple blood demon martial arts? "
As Zhang Ping’s voice just fell, there was a commotion in the crowd. At the end of the passage, it was the shouting man. A pale green teenager was looking at him with a look of indecision. Obviously, he didn’t think he would be the first to face Zhang Ping directly.
However, Zhang Ping didn’t give him a chance to think, and suddenly walked towards him with a sword. As Zhang Ping advanced step by step in the crowd, no one on both sides of the Wulin dared to make moves to Zhang Ping, but instead retreated.
When Zhang Ping was about to approach the green teenager, the green teenager suddenly shouted, "Purple Blood Demon Road, you are evil. Today, Bai Lingxiao, a swordsman with green robe, is going to return the air sword 36 times, so that you will die if you do more injustice." Then he came to Zhang Ping with a sword.
However, in Zhang Ping’s eyes, his so-called 36-way return air sword is just a child’s trick. Zhang Ping’s left hand fanned a long dance and saw that Bai Lingxiao’s sword suddenly fell to the ground, and then a little purples oozed from the eyebrows and fell down.
Zhang Ping’s ever-changing thirteen-style cloud and mist, combined with the trick of fan, combined with Zhang Ping’s waist software and left-handed long fan, is really strange and unpredictable.
Then Zhang Ping turned around and proudly said, "I’m in a good mood today, so you can break your arm by yourself." Without hesitation, I walked back.
At this time, three people in the middle and rear of the crowd tried to sneak a glimpse from Zhang Ping’s eyes. Then, with a wave of his right hand, there were three small black swords flying to the three people. The three people seemed to feel that something was coming from behind and quickly prepared to avoid Nai’s three small swords, which had been crucified in a hurry.
Zhang Ping then said, "If you don’t start work, it seems that the purple blood demon road hasn’t appeared in the Jianghu for a long time, and friends in Jianghu have forgotten the purple blood demon road …" Then Zhang Ping’s face and face slowly showed purple gas, and his expression became more and more horrible. He wore a purple robe like a purple fiend.
When they saw this, they suddenly heard a scream and saw a tall swordsman with a green light sword suddenly cut off his left arm with a sword. Seeing this man, he was also a Han. Although his face was as white as paper and he was sweating like rain, he threw his teeth and insisted on applying the wound medicine with his right hand, and then he never turned back and left.
As the saying goes, it’s easier to have the first person, and then it’s easier to be left behind. Many people saw the crowd look at the first man’s broken arm and then at the three bodies in the rear. Suddenly, they screamed one after another, remembering the number of moments when their arms fell to the ground. Many people fainted on the spot, and then many people woke up and fainted. After some injuries, their companions left in groups of three.
Zhang Pingze walked slowly to Qingyutang, as if it happened behind him, because Zhang Pingbai himself must not show any abnormality at this time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable if someone found himself poisoned.
There were only some slight people outside the Qingyu Hall when the fighting screams disappeared, but people nearby were afraid that these Wulin people would go back. No one dared to talk loudly when they came out and saw the bodies and broken arms everywhere, but they could hear the east chopping and patting the west making baby, either the door was lined up or the door passed soon, and the figure in the street was also a little bit of a rest.
Zhang Ping walked back to Qingyutang to see Mu Jiu already waiting there. Zhang Ping’s eyes were slightly closed and he carefully sensed the surrounding situation. Suddenly, one mouthful black blood spurted out and the whole person suddenly fell down.
Mu Jiu hurried to hold Zhang Ping when he saw this. At this time, Xiaoyu and Mu Shuang’ Zhang Jing rushed in, and everyone asked earnestly, "What’s the matter with the little Taoist?" "Zhang Ping, what’s wrong with you?" ……
Zhang Ping said weakly at this time: "Little Fish, it seems that I can’t accompany you to move the palace. Your kung fu is definitely not the opponent of the two palace lords of the moving palace. You’d better hurry back to the Villain’s Valley now …"

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