Keane and others were passive, and Nuo Nuo promised that his face was full of expressions of anger and dare not speak.

The ghost line is naturally instructed by zhaojie. Since the plan was destroyed by the little girl and Jeremy, zhaojie simply said it directly. Of course, he knew that the feeder line was attractive to all, but the problem was that once there were too many people looking for the feeder line, the number of people who supported the three-story crossing would be reduced accordingly. Of course, zhaojie could also choose to be rescued by the US * female squad and let Knight Wang and the Pirates and others look for the feeder line, but it is hard to say whether these people can find the feeder line in case they really find the prop first, and whether these people will get corresponding rewards or not.
Zhaojie simply let the war ghost be the wicked again and suppress the restless people by force.
"Since everyone has no opinion, then …" zhaojie smiled and was about to speak when a voice sounded in the crowd. "I’m against Captain Hubby. This is obviously to take the sideline award for myself. Am I right, brothers?"
Zhao Jie’s smile grew cold. He looked up and immediately saw that the man who was talking was the captain of a squad fighting against the pirates and other aliens.
"What’s the name of this brother?"
"I don’t bother to fix Captain Bitter’s heart. Of course, we also know that if we talk about ingenuity and insight, everyone is better than not fixing Captain Bitter. Let’s find the feeder line, which is definitely not as fast as repairing Captain Bitter’s, but this feeder line will make the US * female team take it all and cool the hearts of the brothers. It’s better to fix Captain Bitter to compensate us for some crystal coins and balance our hearts."
"Silly *" Knight Wang is sneering at everyone, but no one is going to correct this unlucky guy.
Zhaojie smiled indifferently. "How many crystal coins does this guy want us to compensate you?"
The man laughed. "You should have made a lot of money by repairing the captain’s ability in the main line, right? We are not greedy for each team to give a 20,000-30,000 crystal coin. "
Jeremy laughed at the back. "Don’t forget, brother, if you don’t talk, you haven’t even thought about the subplots, and how much can a subplots be worth?" Now you have six teams, and each team gives 20 thousand, so there are 120 thousand, right? Don’t you think you are a little greedy? "
The man straightened his chest and said, "Miss, this sentence is a bit wrong. Even if Captain Shubit doesn’t say that we are in the Stonehenge Tower, it is also possible to accidentally meet the feeder line. If Captain Shubit thinks that the compensation is too expensive, it is better for our rockets to complete this feeder line. Then we will complete each team and give you thirty thousand crystal coins."
His words are very clever. zhaojie and others want to complete the feeder line, they have to pay all teams 20,000 crystal coins first, while their team wants to complete the feeder line, but they have to find it and then give each team 30,000 crystal coins. This condition seems reasonable, but everyone present is not a fool. Everyone recognizes how precious it is for zhaojie to say that he can get the alien instantaneous parts together. Can this thing be bought by hundreds of crystal coins?
"This man … you are really …" zhaojie was angry and laughed. He said the seriousness of the matter was so obvious, but there was still such an idiot who could see the immediate interests. How could he not be angry?
"Small" war ghost holding fist bone ferocious smile "looks like you are looking for dead!"
"War ghost, right? Others are afraid that you are old and may not be afraid of you. Don’t fuck. I don’t know that your lineage is Ralph in king of fighters. Your cosmic phantom is really fierce, but it’s not short when it cools down, is it? Can you really threaten our five teams with your strength, those bitches behind you and that pretty boy? Dream on, "the captain of the Rockets said with a face of car-scrapping and a chest." Can you break the old defense when the defense of the old transfer shield soldier reaches 25 points? "
This guy said more and more, and after despising the war ghost, he said to the rest of the National People’s Congress, "Captain, the situation is very obvious now. You agree that our rocket team will complete the feeder line. Our rocket team will help you get these chicks and that stupid big key. Of course … those bitches include the beauty Hubby. If you don’t want to kill me, I can help you break their legs. How do you play?"
After the battle in the wave SS room, the Rockets were the last to return to the penultimate floor, and they had not seen the beauty squad. Others naturally didn’t know their horror. The only temptation when they heard his words was that there were three teams, and this team and the Rockets were almost at the same time out of the wave SS room, and they also saw the war ghosts. The three men immediately gathered around them at the words of the captain of the Rockets.
But the other four teams are different. They have almost seen the fighting process. How can they die with the Rockets at this moment? All the people in order to take a step back and did not answer.
"It seems …" The war grimace mockery has overshadowed the ferocious look, and he walked step by step to the Rockets.
"You fools are really dead."
Chapter directory Chapter 13 Tear the sword!
Chapter 13 Tear the sword!
War ghost …
This man is rude and tough, and he is not allowed to be fifteen people in the first day of junior high school. No one can make him swallow it except his heart-zhaojie.
What’s more, this time, zhaojie will fight with the idea of killing chickens and making an example, and the ghosts will naturally not be bound.
He walked step by step to the Rockets and another team of twelve men, with heavy footsteps and full of pitfalls. Even though he knew that this man’s strongest skill, the phantom of the universe, had made these people face closer and closer to war, the ghost could not help but quietly move backwards.
"Why? It’ s hard to say that it’ s wilting before it’ s hit? " War ghost laughed, feet point to run to the people in the past, like F1 speed tank violent terror.
"Afraid of … what are we afraid of?" Although the captain of the Rockets has no eyesight, he is not too stupid to know that if a person is allowed to suppress a group of people, when the momentum is exhausted, it will be when his party dies. He yells and calls out a steel shield and rushes at the war ghost.
Two men crashed into each other like two chariots, and the fist shield intersected with each other, making a metal distortion sound. Then the Rockets flew out with a look of disbelief, and two deep fist marks appeared on his metal shield.
"Hey, hey," the war ghost smiled grimly, but the horse recovered and threw himself into the crowd like a tiger and suddenly set off a bloody storm.
In addition to flying out, the captain of the Rockets left eleven people. Although they were afraid, they were also battle-hardened after all. After only one meal, they besieged the war ghosts, but as soon as everyone approached, they would be flying out. The muscles of light people were torn and the bones of heavy people were broken.
In the battle, the melee fighters were horrified to find that they were faced with three or four hundred forces. This man was actually in a state of absolute power being fifty points lower than the other side. This kind of combat suppression made every melee fighter complain, even if four or five people rushed and held down the war ghost at the same time, the latter force would explode and they would all play.
"What are you doing? Control skills. Control skills." Spitting blood from a distance, the captain of the Rockets roared.
The so-called control skills are naturally negative forces such as dizziness, fear and confusion. Although the war ghost is powerful, if one person is controlled, he will naturally become a meat target. It can be seen that the rocket captain does have two brushes.
How can you sit back and watch this happen if you are a beautiful girl?
When a mage’s professional in the twelve-member team just raised his hand to aim at the war ghost, a starry night dagger crossed his throat, spewing blood arrows in the mage’s throat, and at the same time, the long black dagger quickly cut several knives on his back, and the fragile mage was chopped into dozens of perfect pieces in a blink of an eye.
Another knight class is also a skill to stun, but before his hand is raised, a crossbow has hit his forehead and directly hit the man to fly, and then three times he waved a black flame knife with a length of more than two meters, and when the knight landed again, there was no breath.
In less than a minute, the battle was over, and the only captain of the rocket team who was still in place looked at the corpses and meat sauce in the river of blood with a bitter mouth, and his body could not stop shaking.
The beauty team is very strong.
This is well known to everyone, including zhaojie.
But even they hardly know how strong they are.
Through this World War I, zhaojie finally has a positioning for his own team, that is, their team has far surpassed all the teams in the same order and one or two orders higher than them. Even if the US * female team faces a melee remote auxiliary nine-order team at the moment, I am afraid that it will eventually be wiped out by the group.
The reason why we are uncertain about our own position is that zhaojie’s squad has been fighting many enemies who are stronger than themselves, and they are all at an absolute disadvantage, but they don’t know whether it is Jiao Mujiao or Wolf or Wan Wan’s top ten *OSS in Resident Evil, which are no longer able to compete with ordinary crossers, but they are all able to win by fighting, which is why they are different from ordinary people.
Looking at the ground meat chopped in the ground meat, all the women’s teams, such as War Ghost, Jeremy and Leona, were filled with pride. Once upon a time, they were so powerful that many passers-by were discouraged.
Their mentality is opposite. The other four teams watched Cheng’s battle, and everyone’s face was covered with horror. Because this battle was no longer able to fight, it was a one-sided massacre. They saw two teams of passers-by and twelve people were destroyed by three people like babies. Everyone had a thought in their hearts. If we finally survived the war, how many people would there be?
Zhaojie looked at these swing expressions with satisfaction. He knew that his deterrent goal had been achieved …
"Team? What joke? Even people like me who never move their brains know that since this branch can give such an important reward, it is absolutely impossible to finish it easily, "said the ghost with a full face of surprise."
"Not being able to finish it easily doesn’t mean not being able to finish it"
Will die 12 reward into a box, respectively, according to the mage and soldiers to the team a few people got the beauty * female team together again.
"Don’t look at me like this. Yes, it’s the team’s one-step plan. Theseus Lan and I are going to complete the branch war ghost. You go with these teams to help those people in the Stonehenge Tower to clear the aliens there." zhaojie’s eyes closed slightly.
"What if you are in danger? Then we can’t immediately support … just like just against Wan Wan "Jeremy frowned.
Zhaojie corners of the mouth slightly become warped patted beside Theseus haze shoulder "no, don’t forget by my side is the world’s first tank".
"Was it once?" War ghost trail
Zhaojie glanced at war ghost laughed "so what? Now that Hughes Lan has joined our team, what is the difficulty to regain the reputation of the world’s first tank? By fighting just now, you should have found that there is a huge gap between us ordinary passers-by of the same rank, and this gap will get bigger and bigger. I want you to have your own ideas or not to do it, but to be the strongest. I want Xiao Fan to be the world’s first mage. I want Jeremy to be the world’s first assassin. I want you to be the world’s first fighter. I want Leona to be the world’s first fighter. I want our names to show reverence and fear when they are mentioned. Only with this confidence and determination can we have the motivation to move forward. Why? Do you have no confidence in yourself? "
Little loli smiled sweetly and raised her hand. "Anyone who has confidence to be the strongest mage in the world, anyone who has confidence in her sister, come on."
"It’s absolutely certain," Jeremy smiled. "If you can’t be the strongest, won’t you disappoint the captain who has been running with us?"
"Hey, boss, you have positioned our goals as the number one in the world, so what is your goal?" War ghost snapping fingers number way "the world’s first think tank? The world’s number one shooter? Or the world’s first controller? "
Zhaojie’s eyes are deep and distant, looking at the light path leading to the three stairs. "My goal? My goal is to be the captain of the strongest team. I want our team to stand on the top of the world, so that everyone who once looked down on us has to look up to us, so that I want to protect everything that is as stable as Mount Tai and as solid as a rock … Will you realize my wish? "

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