So when he learned that Hou Xibai was defeated after several moves in Pang Xia’s hands.

Yang Xu’s heart immediately became curious about Pang Xia and wanted Pang Xia to be taller.
What’s more, he is a descendant of the former Song Dynasty, and he hates the Zhao family in the Song Dynasty.
And today’s new emperor Zhao Hongwu’s Taoist master Pang Xia naturally hates the target in Yang Xuyan.
Therefore, the theory of public and private, whether it is the magic door or his Yang Xuyan himself.
He chose to find a good opportunity with Pang Xia to assassinate Pang Xia!
Pang Xia walked in the forest, looking for the valley of nine days and ten places according to the coordinates.
However, just as he was about to find a place to rest, he suddenly felt a strange smell.
This strange smell is very faint, if Pang Xia hadn’t been promoted to the great master by half a step.
Then he is also a root and will not feel this almost invisible breath.
Private watching a circle PangXia didn’t find anything different.
But because of this, the invisible breath is becoming more and more obvious in Pang Xiali’s induction
Eyes narrowed slightly PangXia instantaneous raise my hand and play your fingers in the direction of breath.
Suddenly, a "One Yang Finger" refers to a strong shot of straight breath to that direction.
Yang Xu he looked at his head to refer to strength without saying anything and immediately waved his dark rapier to meet him.
The dark thin sword turns into a streamer with dazzling brilliance, which inspires a firm but gentle face like a needle.
A muffled sound PangXia play refers to strength in Yang Xu he deal with broken.
At this time, Yang Xuyan has shown his body shape and will no longer hide and walk slowly to the front of Pang Xia.
Look at the young man walking towards him across the street, looking at his black night clothes.
Cold face hand that flashing cold mountain dark rapier immediately guess each other’s identity.
"The famous shadow hunter Yang Xuyan didn’t expect you to find me."
"Fat shrimp, what’s your name? I’ve been listening for a long time to beat the emperor’s heart and honour person and read Zen four donkey kong.
It is to let Yin Kui send Yin Hou Zhu Yuyan to give up the target and retreat because of you.
I have to say that it’s natural for me to find you because you’ve been in the limelight recently. "
"Don’t talk nonsense for a while. In general, you are going to kill me, right?"
Nodded Yang Xuyan said, "Yes, I asked shadow hunter to come to you to kill you."
"In this case, it’s just that I don’t think you are very pleasing to the eye. If you want to kill me, I’ll kill you!"
At that moment, Yang Xuyan’s magic posture disappeared in the shadow behind him.
Immediately behind Pang Xia, Yang Xuyan jumped out of Pang Xia’s blur and took Pang Xia’s middle of the back with a dark rapier in his hand.
However, how can Pang Xia be defeated so easily?
Two shields, one green and one black gold, rise instantly. It is Pang Xia’s protective body, which is full of righteousness, mixed elements, gas and mysterious yellow shelter!
After Yang Xuyan’s dark rapier pierced these two shields, his strength was cut by 70%.
Seeing this, Yang Xuyan directly withdrew his sword and stepped back to cast the Magic Body Method into the shadows again.
But before Yang Xuyan hides in the shadows, Pang Xia strikes back!
Deception and Pang Xia’s flying skill make him follow Yang Xuyan closely without being dumped by the other side.
Then PangXia hands toward Yang Xu Yan neck and heart to grasp one by one.
This impressively is the "Tianshan Folding Plum Hand" in the three-style grip.
That is to say, Pang Xia’s "Folding Mei Sanshi" was given to Xu Ling to capture Juexue.
At the sight of Pang Xia’s skill, Yang Xuyan immediately shouted, "This is Xu Ling’s" Folding Mei Sanshi "! How could you! "
Smiled PangXia side followed by Yang Xu he never exists.
While laughing, "Xiao Ling’s" Folding Mei Sanshi "is naturally given to him by my professor, but my professor is not finished.
This "three styles of folding plum" is only a martial art, and half of it is combined with the other three styles of palm technique to be complete.
Now I’ll show you what the martial arts called "Tianshan Broken Plum Hand" looks like! "
When you say it, Pang Xia has a loose hand and a palm, and then he is strong and flexible, and he is strong and overbearing.
In this change was PangXia melee Yang Xu he immediately fell into the wind energy struggled to resist.
Bite one’s teeth. Yang Xuyan doesn’t intend to expose other martial arts talents, such as Magic Body Method and Phantom Sword Method.
But for Pang Xia, I have already seen the night bat display these two unique skills. He is not interested in Yang Xuyan’s skill.
So this makes Yang Xuyan have to use these two skills.

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