Zhang Ping came to the store and saw two plank tables on the eaves and a "Yanjia Restaurant" brand. Obviously, in some years, Zhang Ping shouted a few times outside and ran out of a 17-year-old bartender. His face was handsome and his manners and speech were quite gentle and orderly, like a scholar studying imperial examinations.

Then Zhang Ping took out an ingot of silver and said, "I’m going to send you some water, cakes and cooked meat leftovers in a guest room."
The bartender looks like a man who is overjoyed and quickly leads Zhang Ping to the patio. It looks like a clean room to settle down. Then Zhang Ping tells him not to disturb himself because he hasn’t called himself recently after bringing in the cooked meat and cakes.
Later, after checking the room, Zhang Ping arranged some simple machines and prepared to heal after eating some cakes and cooked meat.
There is a saying in martial arts that "learn to be beaten before you learn to hit people". At first, you have to be taught by the master how to be beaten without being seriously injured. When the martial arts are profound, you have to learn all kinds of methods, such as protecting your life, relieving the wounds, healing the wounds, and healing the bones. It is better to be strong in the middle, and you will never miss the martial arts.
The article on healing in the Nine-Yin True Classics is that if the master qigong is injured, such as qigong conditioning and true yuan treatment, people who study the True Classics will no longer learn it.
When Zhang Ping slowly followed the special method of resolving strength as described in Jiuyin Zhenjing, he resolved the strength of Gong Ling Tian Zhang.
The practice of the Nine Yin True Classics is indeed supernatural, which has helped Zhang Ping to relieve the crisis by pressing his injury several times. At this time, the strength of the palm method has gradually spread on that day, so Zhang Ping dare not slacken his efforts and quickly resolve it.
The quiet village was shrouded in darkness until the sun rose and set.
And Zhang Ping is cross-legged in the guest room at this time, trying to resolve the palm force of Tian Yun by collapsing silently.
At this time, there was a knock at the door. Zhang Ping took a long breath and collected his kung fu. Then he shouted, "What didn’t I say don’t bother me?"
Outside the door came the bartender’s voice: "The Taoist priest was afraid that you didn’t come for dinner all day, so he specially brought some food to bother you."
When Zhang Ping heard this, he took the opportunity to knock on the door and said, "Come in, don’t bring me food again."
Then the bartender looked at Zhang Ping and respectfully brought the food tray to Zhang Pingfang’s table, turned around and said respectfully to Zhang Ping, "Take your time, Taoist."
Then as soon as he reached the door, he heard a "wait" until he turned around and saw a small piece of broken silver and Zhang Ping threw it at himself. As soon as he reached out and caught the small piece of broken silver, he heard Zhang Ping say, "Don’t bother me again after what happens, Bai?"
The bartender quickly nodded and replied, "Don’t worry, Taoist, Xiaobai."
However, Zhang Ping has already closed the door early and rearranged the machine. After thinking about it, Zhang Ping went to the table in the room.
The bartender brought in a bowl of rice, a plate of braised pork, a plate of cold dishes and a pot of tea. Zhang Pingxian sniffed these four things carefully, and then tried them carefully with the tip of his tongue in his face.
Then Zhang Ping suddenly put the plate of cold dishes on the table with braised pork and tea. After dinner, Zhang Ping poured the cold dishes into the tub for washing and sneered, and continued to collapse and meditate.
After nearly two hours, there was a slight knock at the door outside Zhang Ping’s door. After Zhang Ping heard the knock, he was silent and got up. Then he was going to see what medicine was sold in the gourd.
Then I saw Zhang Ping’s reaction to knocking at the door. Suddenly, the bartender came outside and called out slightly, "Are you resting, Taoist?"
At this time, Zhang Ping’s soul body has already floated out and looked at each other with one hand hidden behind him. Zhang Ping’s body immediately came to the door at this time.
At this time, the bartender seems to have determined that Zhang Ping should have fainted, and the convenience rope took out a prepared steel bar to pry the door bolt.
However, just as he put the steel bar through the crack of the door, he heard "poof" and suddenly burst out of the door and his hand grabbed his neck.
The bartender will struggle when he is physically transformed. However, the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of the hand are just a little bit strong, and the bartender’s throat will "click" and become brittle.
Then I saw that the door suddenly hit Zhang Ping slowly, and then I walked out of the bartender’s body without looking, but walked into the depths of the back hall.
Zhang Ping had just arrived in a courtyard deep in the back hall without hiding his footsteps when he heard an old man’s voice in the room: "Yao Zong, why did you come back so soon today without disposing of the body of that Taoist priest?" I tell you that we must be careful when we do such a thing, although the Taoist accent … "
Before the old man could finish Zhang Ping’s speech, he had smashed the wooden door of the courtyard with one hand. As Zhang Ping slowly walked into the old man, he suddenly shouted, "You, you … are you a person or a ghost? Where am I Yaozong? "
Zhang Ping smiled strangely at this time: "I really can’t say for sure whether it’s a person or a ghost, but you will see your Yao Zong child soon."
Since the old man can do such a business with his son, it is naturally not a fool to detain and understand that his son has died in a draw at this time, so he suddenly grabbed a crutch and called Zhang Ping, but Zhang Ping pointed out that the crutch was broken and then the old man was beaten back to his seat with a cotton palm.
Then Zhang Ping asked, "It’s natural for people to die of wealth and birds to eat, but I’m curious about your son’s manners. He’s mostly a scholar, but are those so-called sages he learned just to teach him to kill for money?"
At this time, the old man suddenly collapsed and shouted, "You don’t understand. You don’t understand my son. He’s an astronomical singer. It’s our money that will help high school to raise people to honor their ancestors in the future. This is why you bastard won’t let him kill me every time you fail in the imperial examination. If he gets enough silver, he will definitely honor his ancestors in the future. You bastard .."
After saying this, the old man sat on the ground and cried.
However, after listening to the old man’s answer, Zhang Ping shook his head, then his body jerked and swept to the old man’s side with a palm that shattered his heart.
After confirming the other accomplices, Zhang Ping went back to the room to continue to operate Jiuyin Zhenjing Healing Articles to treat the injury. It was getting late. Fang Liang Zhang Ping’s injury had recovered at this time. After taking a swig of the weird wasp royal jelly, Zhang Ping lit a fire in this restaurant and then left slowly in the darkness before Li.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three The palace night fire
When I came to a small forest not far from the village, Zhang Ping felt the physical injury after finishing the morning class and mixing Yuan Gong. Zhang Ping sighed that the royal jelly was actually restoring the effect of meridians while feeling that there are always many people in this world who pretend to be just and do evil things.
Later, after returning to Hangzhou City Road, Zhang Ping carefully thought about the Jianghu people and the father and found that they had a lot in common.

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