If thirteen places are really determined to investigate, they will definitely lock Pang Xia, the descendant of two dead prophets, first.

It’s only a matter of time before Pang Xia is discovered.
Unless thirteen people are really idiots like Duan Yang said, words will not be discovered.
What Yu Duanyang wants to make this call is naturally to show an attitude.
Otherwise, it is certain that Duanyang knows thirteen places step by step.
Things have developed to the present, and it is not just a struggle in the game.
Although the game is located in the martial arts world, the final main battlefield is very important, but the real world is still not ignored
If there is no help from the real world, then when the final war starts, Duanyang feels that the victory will not be too high
There was a silence. Duanyang looked at the table photo again.
There are four people in that photo, three big and one small.
The juniors were young, Duanyang and the deceased Ponzi couple.
There is no doubt that the baby held by the Ponzi couple is the Ponzi couple alone.
"pang eldest brother Xiao elder sister you can rest assured that I will not let pang Xia have an accident even if I fight for my life
I’ll help him clear all obstacles, and when things are over, Pang Xia will definitely be able to live the life you both dreamed of. "
A gentle smile appeared on his face, and then he closed his eyes and leaned back in his seat to be quiet.
I had a quiet meal with my godmother in michel platini.
During this time, everyone in it seemed to have a tacit understanding, not to mention eating and chatting.
After dinner, four people sat on the sofa and finally had a formal conversation.
"Little Xia Xiaobai has told us everything, and I want to know what you think about these things."
Pangxia listened to dopted mother’s words and wanted to think, then smiled and said, "dopted mother, don’t worry, I already have a plan."
Although I don’t remember my parents, I will help them finish their legacy.
This world does not have a kind of wisdom of human beings. Some people are kind to human beings, but some are malicious.
Therefore, when I set an insurance button in our world, I must come out
As the saying goes, this is my destiny, and I am happy to accept it after the rebellious period.
So don’t worry, I won’t run away, I won’t give up, I will finish my parents’ legacy.
Of course, this is when my life is guaranteed. If my life is really threatened, I may run. "
After listening to Pang Xia’s words, the dopted mother immediately smiled and said, "It is good to run."
Nothing is more important than life. What will weigh on you in life and death?
If you can’t threaten life, then do it. If you threaten life, let’s run without saying anything. "
Although dopted mother’s three views are obviously incorrect, her speech is obviously out of tune
But for Pang Xia, these words are more kind and warm than what words are afraid of.
So he smiled and changed the subject. The four of them ate the fruit while watching.
At that time, it was very warm to have a family of four.
Late at night, Pang Xia and Bai Yui left the car together and went back to their home.
For Bai Yui, you still have to follow yourself. Pang Xia refused.
But when I saw dopted mother’s threatening eyes and fruit knife in her hand, I immediately left with Bai Yui.
The building is where the car is. When Pang Xia took the bus, he heard Bai Yui dialect.
"It should be false for you to talk to your mother."
Hearing this, Pang Xia pulled the harness hand and paused, then continued to bring the harness for himself.
"What is false? I don’t need to tell lies."
"In fact, you don’t need to tell lies because it’s not just me, but mom and dad also listen to it.
When you tell a lie to outsiders, it’s a perfect seam, even a polygraph can’t detect it.
But when you tell a lie to someone close to you, it’s so clumsy that we can feel it.

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