Chapter ninety-four Bloody Inn

The withered vine, the old tree, the faint crow, the small bridge and the flowing water, and the westerly wind slowly blew across the ancient road near the village. Two slim and lean old horses crunched along with a carriage, and the sunset slowly dragged out a long oblique shadow.
Cheche is a handsome boy with a scar on his face. He has a thin straw hanging from his mouth like a lazy and happy combination.
When we reached a shabby inn in the village, the carriage stopped and walked from the car. A beautiful woman with a green skirt and white skin was as beautiful as jade. After she got the car, she helped a young Taoist in a purple robe from the car. Then the three of them walked into the small shabby inn together.
Three people are the little fish, Mu Jiu and Zhang Ping Mu Shuang, Mu Shanshan and Zhang Jing. Three people have already left first, and Zhang Ping knows that Mu Jiu will never leave, but although she is poisoned, she is absolutely capable of protecting her. There is no mouth to let her leave.
Walking into the shabby inn in this village, the three of them suddenly found that the lonely scene outside the inn was very different. The seven round tables in the lobby were already full of people with weapons. Among them, the weapons were different, ranging from Zhang Erhong gun to a pair of iron fists, from silk to coarse linen, but one thing was very similar, that is, they were not really old.
What a precious time to be young! He means that dreams, blood and fears radiate all their light like the morning sun, hoping that he can radiate more light and heat later and enjoy the worship of hundreds of millions of people. However, it is also so painful to be young for a while. He means ignorance, impulsiveness and publicity, like a big picture scroll that can ooze out just by sketching lines and a little color. It is very likely that the whole picture scroll will be rendered.
It’s a pity that it’s a sunset hanging obliquely outside the inn and then waiting in front of them. I’m afraid it will be all dark
Zhang Ping’s eyes, as deep as stars, swept the crowd at the screen where the inn just entered, as if everything was under control.
At this time, a tall and big young black man got up and said, "I am the Golden Lion Escort Agency, and the Jianghu in Li Sheng calls me the’ Red Shirt Golden Knife’. You are so evil that you will be killed by Li’s Zijin Knife today."
As soon as the voice fell, three people got up and walked beside him. One of them, a beaded flower shirt with fine eyes, was like a girl giggling in seven points. "My name is Hua Xixiang, and my father is called’ Jade Face Judgment’. It’s a pity that my father couldn’t come in person, otherwise it would be a witness that we have saved a great harm in Wulin."
A tall, thin, bamboo-pole-like teenager and a short, chubby teenager with full eyes are standing by and indifferent, but it can be seen from their expressions that they seem to be planning to kill Zhang Ping, such as accepting compliments from their peers in Wulin and praise from their parents.
At this moment, a girl who looks 14 or 15 years old came from the building. Strictly speaking, this girl is not ugly. Zhang Ping and others will be disgusted at the sight of Zhang Ping. The little girl roared at the sight of Zhang Ping, "Purple blood demon said that I killed you, Yulang took revenge …" Then she drew her sword and came straight for Zhang Ping.
When Zhang Ping saw this, he did not wait for Mu Jiu’s hand. In the left sleeve, a long fan swung and a long sleeve swung, and everyone felt a flash of silver light.
Fourteen or fifteen years old is the best age for a girl, especially when she has a rich family. She can recite poems and draw pictures, ride horses and practice martial arts, and have a tryst on a small bridge and walk in the streets and lanes. However, at this time, she closes her eyes forever. All this she does again.
She once loved a teenager, although she didn’t know that the teenager didn’t love her. He was handsome, handsome, with extraordinary martial arts and a noble family. She loved him madly, but he gave everything. One day, someone suddenly told her that Jiang Yulang was dead. She couldn’t believe it. In the end, no matter how terrible her parents and elders described the purple blood demon, she secretly stepped on the road of revenge for Ailang.
However, in the wrong place at the wrong time, she will always lie on the throat of this strange land, and a rose-like purplish wound has witnessed her regretful love for Jiang Yulang. Maybe she will love her lover when the cherry blossoms are blooming all her life, and her children and grandchildren will live forever.
Zhang Ping’s flint sword is really coming to the extreme. No one in the inn can see where this sword comes from and where it goes. Although these martial arts rookies are passionate, they are definitely not stupid. Not everyone can pay the price of their lives for Zhang Pingli’s consumption.
As the first four teenagers cried miserably after the girl fell to the ground, "Sun Xiaomei …" Any more noise in the inn was like a peerless master ordering all the acupuncture points.
When Zhang Ping saw this, he seemed to say to himself, "It’s true that illness comes from the mouth, but it’s a good thing for a person to have courage, but if he doesn’t have the courage to match his strength, I’m afraid it will turn good into bad, but a man will be responsible for what he said even if he died."
Then Zhang Ping shook his fan and said to Li Sheng and Hua Xixiang, "Tell you a simple truth. The greater the shortcut to fame, the greater the cost. Go ahead."
Later, Li Sheng, whose face was calm, first cut Zhang Ping’s neck with an impatient backhand knife. Unfortunately, the knife is a hundred-refined purple-gold treasure knife, but the knife man can no longer hold it steadily. It is still a long fan and a dance. It is still a flash of silver light. Li Sheng also sleeps in this strange land forever like Sun Xiaomei.
Hua Xixiang suddenly changed her face and shouted, "Purple blood demon road, you unexpectedly … you unexpectedly …"
Zhang Ping smiled and went to Hua Xixiang and said, "Oh, is this the last words of Ge?"
Hua Xixiang retreated two steps and roared: "Do you dare to kill us? Do you know who our parents are? You, you, you killed us and they won’t let you go … "
Zhang Ping asked Xiaoyuer faintly, "Xiaoyu, do you know these great people? Tell them so that I can see and collide with them."
The little fish smiled at this moment and said, "These three are the disciples of Master Yifan, who was judged by the Jade Face God."
Zhang Ping said a "good" after listening, and then Zhang Ping’s long fan suddenly shot like a sharp arrow and took the so-called big fat ball from Master Kongtong Yifan.
Then I saw a flash of silver light, and there was a blood line in the throat, and the short and fat ball flashed sideways, but it was still hit by Zhang Pingchang’s fan. When Zhang Pingchang’s fan flew backwards, the short and fat ball suddenly fell to the ground with a burst of black gas escaping, and then the seven holes were bleeding.
And the tall boy like a bamboo pole suddenly shot at the building behind him when he saw this. His tall figure was a combination of lightness skill and beauty, and he learned from lightness skill, the first ghost in Jiangnan, and his double-decade penance also won a nickname of light smoke. This lightness skill was really like a light smoke, and everyone saw him gently and went to the building behind him.
But just as he was full of joy, he was ready to climb the second floor of the inn and break the window to avoid this terrible opponent, Purple Blood Demon Road. But then he suddenly caught a glimpse of a purple shadow floating by the corner of his eye, and then he looked forward. First, it was a silvery white sword light in his eyes. Then his throat suddenly felt a bit cold, and then it was dark
Only by this time did the champion find himself buried in this strange land like the four of them. At the last moment of his life, he thought of his father, the same slim man who forced himself to practice hard again and again. Before this, he opposed himself again and again to find purple blood demon road. He always admitted that he had never fought like a real man, but he was scared when he heard the title of purple blood demon road. Only then did he realize that he was wrong.
With the champion’s body falling from the second floor, his eyes have been wet with two drops of crystal, which is his last effort in his life.
Zhang Ping coughed a fan and shook it at the floor. "You are still young and have a bright future, but if you don’t have enough kung fu to support your name in the Jianghu, you will become a stepping stone for younger people sooner or later. The rules of Anqing City will remain unchanged once. Let’s have a good time."
The so-called Anqing city rule is naturally to choose between saving hands and life. If you are wandering around the Jianghu for many years today, it is only reasonable to make a decision and live.
However, a group of young people who are new to Jianghu have something more precious than life, that is, dreams. If one arm is missing, all their dreams will be shattered. Not everyone can accept the reality of being a one-armed warrior.
Suddenly, with seven screams, seven one-armed teenagers despised their eyes in the inn and went out silently.
Then Zhang Ping suddenly jumped from the second floor. When Zhang Ping was flying in the middle, he suddenly flew to the crowd with long sleeves and several light cyan powders.
With a burst of noise, the weapon was drawn, "despicable …" "Purple blood demon road is incredibly poisonous …" "I’m poisoned …" "Everyone copied the guy and fought with him …"
However, for a moment, the original crowded inn was left with a dead body and seven broken arms except Zhang Ping …
Chapter ninety-five River War
Zhang Ping, three people are not ordinary people. They are faced with the fact that the inn is full of dead bodies. After simply vacating a clean table, Xiaoyu found a lot of food in the kitchen and made a big table full of delicious food.
The three of them then sorted out two rooms in this inn, rested for one night, and then they continued on their way the next day.
Nearly a hundred arms and dozens of life lessons made Zhang Ping’s journey smooth. Along the way, Zhang Ping kept teaching them his martial arts experience, which is the most mysterious secret of martial arts. Few people in the whole country know the secret of martial arts.
On this day, the stars are getting thinner and thinner, and the oriental eyes are watching that the dawn will gradually emerge. In the Woods, the stars are chirping and birds are singing, and the earth seems to be unable to say peace and tranquility.
The little fish is leisurely rushing to the carriage, but he secretly ponders the martial arts tricks granted by Zhang Ping. Who knows, at this moment, he suddenly hears a person calling, "Little fish … Jiang Xiaoyu … where are you?"
The little fish was awakened from trying to figure out the artistic conception of martial arts. He jumped up with a wry smile. "Things really came to you again … but I don’t know who this person is? How can you come to me instead of looking for a little Taoist? "
Zhang ping laughed after a circle of soul body out-of-body experience exploration at this time "Tu Jiao Jiao! I can’t believe that you are out of the valley, and several others must be nearby. "

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