"Disappearing virgins?" War ghost craned its neck to see zhaojie "that and the second stage? We can’t look for a lost virgin in the whole city of Banny, can we? "

"No need!" Zhaojie confidently said, "What do you say is the place with the most virgins in such a big city?"
"A brothel?" War ghost small asked
"Bullshit!" Zhao Jie can’t help but scold a way "please have a little brain, ok? How can a brothel have a virgin? "
The war ghost was scolded and turned red, but he couldn’t ask, "Where did you say it was?"
Zhaojie looked at the distant sky through the window and smiled, "Of course it is a school and it is a school for women!"
He had a vague feeling that the feeling from the gate of Catherine Women’s University before must have something to do with this second stage and the whole main line!
That night, zhaojie, three people took advantage of the night to sneak out of the hotel. Yuan Yifan seemed to feel a kind of fatherly breath from the war ghost body, and she actually pestered the war ghost back. She immediately agreed to this requirement, so the two fathers were affectionate and interested in hitting it off.
The little girl who is marching fast is prone on the broad back of the war ghost and makes a face at zhaojie, indicating that it is also a man. Look at how broad the back is.
Zhao Jienai smiled but couldn’t get up.
This second stage is simple, but it seems simple, but there is an unknown dilemma behind it.
It’s a dilemma at all, but if this main line is really born in that girls’ school, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to finish it.
From the moment I entered this city, zhaojie, I had an ominous premonition. Although there were speculations before, it was not until I personally experienced it that the traveler was so unbearable in the eyes of the indigenous people!
Such a group of people may be tolerated if they occasionally kill some indigenous people and do some bad things, but once these people break into that girls’ school in a big way and add those bastards to their chests, once they do something that makes people angry, it is likely that the whole city will fight back!
And the time given is one month. If everyone divides it, it may be enough, but once the traveler and the indigenous people lead the battle, it will inevitably delay the completion.
Since this needs a full 30 travelers to do, it is doomed that it will not be a simple one.
Looking at the towering female bell tower in the building complex from a distance, zhaojie sighed from the heart.
Female institutions of higher learning are destined to be a sensitive place!
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Soon the three men came to the door of Catherine’s female institution of higher learning.
At the moment, it is already a natural person in the middle of the night, and this kind of school seems to have no guard room. The school gate is sealed with a precision iron gate and a camera is supported to closely monitor everything around it.
The war ghost looked around and asked, "Are we going in?"
"Brother Ghost, what are you busy with? Let me ask you something first." zhaojie stretched out his hand and stopped him and said.
"You speak!"
Zhaojie said faintly, "How many times have you participated in the main line?"
The war ghost nodded and said, "Yes, four times!"
"So if the main line of the second stage is shown to the people, what will be shown later?"
"Of course!" The war ghost made no secret and said, "Not only will it show everyone that the passer-by has a clue and received the main line of the second stage, but it will also give you a choice to ask if you can directly eliminate the clue and give it to everyone, so that others will get a reward on the spot."
"Can’t you hide your name?" Zhaojie mo ba asked.
"Directly show the number, but this is actually similar to showing the name, because everyone almost knows the number of others."
"I am white! Brother Ghost, you jump in from the wall first. "
War ghost although not white zhaojie what do you mean, but he still put Yuan Yifan back two steps, a run-up over a wall of up to two meters.
Almost at the same time, a sound sounded in zhaojie’s mind.
"The number o3o5 completed the second stage first!"

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