After just two hours, five people each collected three groups of gold and silver brocade boxes, flew to the gang and entered Baihutang to offer gold and silver brocade boxes.

One gang’s fund is increased by 55,000 at a time, and each gang is playing at the same time for three times in a row. You can imagine how much stir this scene has caused in Shenzhou Jieyi. Help all staff to look up at these five numbers! Directly call the five-person crown local tyrants!
Because these five people are crazy about putting gold and silver boxes in the "* *" line ★ Shenzhou Jieyi ★ The gang funds have skyrocketed and reached the standard of exchangeable wages. Many members have returned to the gang to find the corresponding np to exchange tribute for cash.
Chapter 46 Sustained high profile
Just as five people were in the White Tiger Hall of the gang, several members of the gang rushed in with nothing to do while running around in the narrow hall and shouting excitedly on the current channel, "Local tyrants! Rich people! Gao Fushuai! "
Five people didn’t respond, but threw the gold and silver brocade box to np White Tiger Hall manager.
Just as five people were immersed in profligacy, the meaning of life suddenly broke into the door and said, "I said, Brother sister, can you not be so high-profile?"
"What’s wrong again?" "What do you mean?" The evil man and the returnee asked in unison, and others looked at the meaning of life in confusion
The meaning of life looked at the five people naively, took a deep breath and said, "You have made headlines too much!" "
"Headline?" The returnees were surprised, and others were equally surprised.
"official website Forum headline" One and a half years later ★ Shenzhou Jieyi ★ 9 local tyrants "!" Naidi explained the meaning of life
"Headlines? So soon? " The returnees show their eyebrows and frown.
"wow! Wow! Can you be famous like this? " The wicked are excited and incredible.
"Being madly followed", the stowaway said indifferently that he had checked the official forum.
"I also have a look!" The evil man excitedly hit the web page.
"You are so crazy that it is easy to be studied." Worried about the meaning of life.
"That’s the so-called truth and falsehood," stowaways said indifferently.
"This is a good cover-up. I mean, I’m afraid that someone will doubt your true identity. After all, you are too abrupt to join Shenzhou as a level 1 identity, and one is five." The meaning of life explains, "Generally, even if you help your own people, a level 7 gang like Shenzhou can’t be put in unless there is a certain number. Even so, when this number comes in, it should be level 9 or turned around from other areas, which is more reasonable."
"Now that things are like this, what do you say?" Asked the redeemer.
"Why don’t we be kicked by you?" The evil man talks.
No one responded to the silence in the room.
For a long time, the returnee naidi sighed, "It’s a little troublesome."
All of a sudden, six people were covered with gloomy clouds.
After a long time of four or five minutes, the stowaway said, "I think the only way now is to keep a high profile!"
"Sustained high profile?" The meaning of life frown way
"Confuse judgment on persistent high-profile!" The stowaway explained, "If you were here like us, would you act in such a high-profile way?"
"It’s hard!" The meaning of life is very serious. Look at stowaways.
"Yes, it’s hard! But we will be waiting for us because we have the best comrade-in-arms, "the stowaway continued." But we abandoned her once. It is well known that we may have it today. Is she so high-profile? "
Several faces suddenly became very dignified.
The stowaway further explained, "In the past two years, have our thoughts been shallowly one person, regardless of the overall situation?"
Hearing the meaning of life here, he nodded and said, "It is easy for Tai Cong people to analyze the emperor and fall into this trap."
"No one will think that he is stupid or that his opponent is so reckless as to be unreasonable," the returnee agreed a little.
"In this case, the most powerful outside speculation may recognize that you are a group of idle things looking for excitement in Gao Fushuai!" The speculation about the meaning of life was followed by a sudden dignified and serious tone saying, "It seems that I have to work hard on your identity."
"Khan should have bought a set of numbers if he had known so much trouble." The evil man was depressed.
"It seems that our brain was polluted by pigs at the beginning!" The redeemer looked at the meaning of life and said very seriously
"Shit!" Life is full of meaning and can be transformed into a word.
"You continue to be high-profile and confuse others." After the meaning of life, turn around and go.
"I depend! Don’t confuse others, do it yourself! Your little redemption is * *! " The evil one suddenly said in a tone of * *
The redeemer suddenly froze and said, "I said little evil. Can you drag me into everything?"
"That how line that would be too sorry we have been gay for so many years" evil people continue to * *.
"We will continue to walk high-profile when the speed is lost!" The stowaway wakes up
Four people responded immediately.
"Do we have to be high-profile when we collect baby equipment?" Asked the returnee
"Since we want to be high-profile, of course, we must carry it out to the end," said the stowaway. This sentence has been high-profile for more than half a month, and all the equipment and babies have been purchased. In the words of stowaways who are still high-profile, this is called bringing out their taste.
Five people collect gold and silver brocade boxes in Aolai warehouse from nearly 2: 30 in the afternoon until 11: 00 in the evening. I don’t know how many goods players have in their hands. At the longest, players will come to trade every few minutes, and they are afraid that they will make a reservation before they accept them.
Of course, the five people didn’t do nothing but collect gold and silver brocade boxes. Although this is an important thing for them, it doesn’t occupy much attention. In the afternoon, half of their attention was spent in the treasure house looking for the baby and equipment. After dinner, half of their attention was spent in the martial arts altar. However, they didn’t watch the battle in person but entered the dream talk channel to watch the live broadcast. The most wonderful thing is that there are many explanations, and they don’t know much. Many players try to answer questions, and it is very likely that they will get answers here.
"It’s really not the same grade as 155!" The evil man sighed with emotion.
"It’s not that any auxiliary qi and blood will defend against about 3 thousand, and the speed is still a hundred thousand!" Redeemer also sighed with emotion
"The baby is also * * physical attack, and the physical method baby actually adds a little bit of blood to the baby’s injury. There are so many kinds of baby equipment and Dan are quite big!" The evil person recalls that when the level 1 baby was attacked, it showed that it was probably full of blood and emotion.
"Now the war has become a metaplasia, and almost no team is unworthy of metaplasia, but few teams were worthy of metaplasia before their death." The returnees also sighed with emotion

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