"What area do you mean we are going to attack?" Asked the goblin

"I used to make a fuss about a few small countries and small areas in the South China Sea!" Lin Tian heresy gave his own ideas.
"We are going to attack the Philippines in three ways. I plan to attack Vietnam all the way. You two decide for yourselves that the last way is to stay here and defend!"
"This … doesn’t this mean that one of us has to stay in magic dragon City?" The goblin and Liu Heng looked at each other with that, and then said, "No, we both have to go out."
"If you two can arrange it, you two can do whatever you want, but as I said before, if magic dragon falls, don’t blame me for turning my face and denying people!" Lin Tian evil say that finish directly out of the deacon’s office.
A day later, 30 million troops led by Lin Tianxiao went straight to the South China Sea, and the Philippines walked with Lin Tianxiao, as well as his best friend Wang Youliang, named after the bomb, dark cuisine, holding Tu Longdao and lusting after your gentle three people.
In Lin tianxiae’s view, with himself and the help of the three of them, it should be very easy to fight the Philippines.
After less than a day in Hainan Airlines, 30 million people in the Philippines quickly maneuvered into the land and attacked a city in one day.
Those people were shocked when the unified sound floated throughout the game. They didn’t expect Lin Tianxiao to invade the second country so quickly, and these countries were once hostile to the Dragon Kingdom.
Three days and three days, Lin Tianxie came to the Philippines. It has been seven days. In these seven days, Lin Tianxie has killed more than 50 million players in three cities.
In the seven days, Liu Heng and the goblin actually joined forces to fight Vietnam, and Vietnam fell into a dependency of the Dragon Kingdom in the game.
"How about Xiaotian? We are fast!" Liu Heng sent a message to Lin Tianxiao with a hint of provocation.
Lin Tianxiae replied, "This is wool. Vietnam has only set up more places. At least the Philippines is also an island. If I don’t talk to you more, my horse will attack the imperial city!"
As the name implies, the imperial city is a regional heart, which means that this region has fallen. After seven days of hard work, Lin Tianxiao finally entered the Philippine region. Around the imperial city, 30 million troops consumed more than 10 million in seven days, less than 20 million.
The Philippine Imperial City gathered here again after the players died, and the total number reached 100 million. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for a master like Lin Tianxiao to fight this imperial city without making moves!
Sitting on the dragon, getting tired of flying in the imperial city, Lin Tianxiao brought great pressure to the hostile players, and the fear in their hearts showed that their momentum was a lot weaker.
"The group symbol shoots indiscriminately!"
You’re welcome. Lin Tianxiao used the group character volley skill, and 3,000 soul fire characters instantly fell to the enemy players in the city wall.
No doubt seconds kill!
Three thousand players were killed by Lin Tianxiao. This is not over yet. When the enemy players were instantly killed by Lin Tianxiao, three thousand people, a series of explosions rang, and then they heard the huge city gate collapse. It was the dark cuisine that carried out his bomb attack.
Waves of yelling and killing constantly entered the whole imperial city. At this time, dozens of dragon knights rose and attacked wildly in Lin Tianxiao’s command exhibition.
Lust for you, gently holding Tu Longdao, and constantly crossing the neck of your opponent, blood rushes out and sprays all over your body.
Screaming one after another, broken limbs and broken bones, blood constantly flying in half, one player after another fell to the ground, these people will be witnesses and victims of this war
20 million versus 100 million, and the number of siege personnel is five times less than that of guarding city. It was originally a victory of radical method, but it played an unimaginable record in Lin Tianxiao’s command and assistance
When Lin Tianxiao’s army surrounded the Deacon Hall with a million people, there were less than three million hostile players left in the imperial city fighting with trapped animals. It was not that they were not strong, but that Lin Tianxiao was too strong here.
These players’ pets alone are some high-ranking pets, and even the mounts can attack, especially those unicorns whose one-horned horns constantly release thunder, which can paralyze their bodies although it can’t kill people.
In this case, paralysis means that there will be such a huge gap in the death center
Ten minutes later, the protective cover of the deacon’s office collapsed, and the players who were guarding it were wiped out a few minutes ago. When the news that the Philippines became a dependency of the Dragon Kingdom sounded, although some people were still surprised, more people had guessed that the Philippines would lose.
On the same day, the remaining personnel led by Wang Youliang returned to magic dragon City, Longguo District, and Lin Tianxiae moved to other areas alone.
The seahorse king was very fast, and in two days, he brought Lin Tianxie to the place, and this is where the United States is.
Because he is unfamiliar with Lin Tianxie here, he can’t attack rashly. He has to make some explorations, but if he remembers correctly, several powerful figures from the World Tournament Conference came from here, such as Mike, darkness and so on.
It is an acknowledged fact that the United States is very strong, but Lin Tianxiao doesn’t care because his heart is always in the enemy’s position, even if you are strong and old, you will be dragged here.
I entered the stealth state and flew all the way to the land. After a day and a night, Lin Tianxiao finally found a city, which is very huge. After I qualified for the main city, Lin Tianxiao never thought that the first city I met was actually the main city.
Lin Tianxiao swaggered in and changed his appearance. The name of this city is Goddess City, which should be taken from the meaning of the Statue of Liberty.
Most American players are knights and warriors. On the main street, they see knights with big swords on their waists. Some coquettish players have no mounts, and they seem to show off on purpose.
Lin Tianxie spat low. Just now, there was a knight riding a mount and soaring from his side. Lin Tianxie was almost knocked down by the other side. Did Rao hide fast or was his arm scratched?
Lin Tianxiao swore and left the place and entered a pub. He just ordered a bottle and sat there pecking. He was waiting for the best opportunity.
However, the plan did not change. Soon, when Lin Tianxiao was enjoying a leisurely drink, a familiar figure actually walked into the pub. Lin Tianxiao bowed his head at once.
Di shou is also located in the United States, and the top players just have nothing to do to come to this pub for wine today. As soon as they entered here, they immediately felt a dangerous atmosphere.
This dangerous smell is very familiar, as if he had touched the general emperor’s hand. As soon as his eyes condensed, he searched in the pub. It turned out to be dark, but when he saw a player on the bar, his eyes were fixed there!
Very coincidentally, the emperor’s hand got a special equipment after coming back from the second tournament, which can see through all hypocritical objects, including people.
And Lin Tian evil transformation is a resurrection ring transformation. Although people can see it, this equipment of Emperor’s hand is a nemesis.
The false pupil can see through the reduction phase of all illusory things!
"There are five words floating in the sky!"
A scream came out from the emperor’s mouth, and Lin Tianxiao’s face was horrified. When he saw a light, he immediately shot at his body and appeared.
"It was you!"
The emperor started his skills immediately after drinking low!

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