With that, he gently threw a Grenade into the sky with his left hand. After the Grenade exploded, a silvery white body enveloped a subtle layer of red mist’s foot and ran to the king with a layer of red and white ghosting.

The heavenly king Zheng made a countermeasure, but his hands pressed to the ground to stimulate the purple circle, and a huge hellwarrior appeared again.
Zhaojie corners of the mouth hanging if if if smile quickly ran to hell warrior and behind him.
Seeing that zhaojie came to the side, the halberd in the hands of the Hellscream took the evil wind to zhaojie, but before he landed, he was beaten out by a huge black fist.
"I won’t allow anyone to intervene when he fights."
Zhaojie seems to have anticipated this, and his body shifted its center of gravity from the ground to the king.
Sliding shovel
Before the sliding shovel, zhaojie threw grenades, which had a great speed bonus for zhaojie. When Zhao Jie shoveled in the legs of Tianwang like a flash, the man’s expression was still in a state of shock when the Hellscream was just beaten by Terhi.
Suo Tianwang flew in.
Zhaojie flashed a finger across the heavenly king’s body, and a row of BUFF emerged from his ware gun.
Explosive bomb [explosive flame state attached to bomb]
Mechanical improvement 【 Make all summoned mechanical fighters cause high damage 】
Death Revolver [increases critical strike chance and critical strike damage]
Shooting in the middle [increase the lag attack power and shooting frequency limit of jumping shooting]
At the moment, the strength difference between the two people is less than 500 points. The singer can produce control skills for zhaojie, and the suppression state disappears completely. However, the singer fights against the king’s transformation and has a very high resistance to control skills, so he loses his balance and falls to the ground after floating for about one meter.
Zhaojie kept the shovel moving and the body spun instantly. Two slender legs took up the golden light and drew the damaged blood in the heavenly king shining armor.
The heavenly king roared, and the golden hoop in his hand tried hard to support the ground to support himself, but zhaojie wouldn’t give him the chance. His waist was strong, and his whole body was kicked in the chest and abdomen of the heavenly king by rushing to the middle. Both of them floated again almost at the same time, and even then zhaojie’s legs were still deeply sunken in the heavenly king’s body.
Swivel robbery
When the two people’s bodies rise to the highest, the heavenly king is in the body.
Gun Huang Wei and … Niya’s true identity!
Gun Huang Wei and … Niya’s true identity!
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods, all the truth and … Prehistoric examples!
All the truth and … Prehistoric examples!
Calvin Odie XI gasped, "Protect the country, princess?"
Luo Tianyun’s eyes widened. "The final weapon?"
Terhi bowed his head thoughtfully and said, "Poseidon?"
"That’s right," zhaojie nodded. "According to the historical records of Atlantis, 1,213 years ago, that is, now the mainland has finished the War of the Gods in 15 years. However, in three years, the whole continent has just recovered from the war and has been suspended in the middle of Atlantis. Suddenly, the floating devices of the cities failed and fell into the deep sea. Because of the sudden incident, the Atlanteans did not control their own cities and changed their course."
"Three months later, a large-scale tidal wave suddenly set off on the seabed, and the underwater creatures were in turmoil, attacking many national exhibitions on the seabed. Among them was Atlantis. At that time, a princess named Princess Jieyu of Atlantis came out. Her song dispelled those underwater creatures and saved Atlantis. First, in the battle of the gods more than 1000 years ago, the princess Atlantis and several other ethnic fighters helped the king of God win the final victory."
"Unfortunately, I found a very interesting thing in the library last time. The ten secrets we are hearing now are left by the original ten final weapons. These ten final weapons are not weapons, but powerful creatures. They are Raytheon, Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Avelot Dite, Ares, Hades, Ourea, Athena, Vulcan, hephaestus, Abyss, Tal talos, and these ten men can either drive away the beasts, call the wind and rain, or have the power to rule mankind. They are resisted by the king of gods, and I know that a secret knife is the ghost god Hades
"It was also from that ancient record that I learned that one of the ultimate weapon abilities was to drive away Poseidon, the sea beast. Her image was basically the same as that of Princess Jie Yu of Atlantis."
"Some of you don’t know that when my team and I came here, we happened to meet the little princess singing here. How wonderful her songs are. Let’s not say for a moment that I noticed that many deep-sea behemoths were quietly listening to her songs outside the protective cover. I didn’t think much about it, but I finally understood what we were here after comparing the data."
"In the past, the God of War, the king of the gods, is generally what we now call the publisher’s division. After the war ended more than a thousand years ago, the last few weapons were left, including Princess Jieyu. Her ability was too strong to let the Atlanteans rekindle the war in the mainland and the king of God sank Atlantis to the bottom of the sea with a wave of his hand. This is also why the Atlanteans made the floating device fail suddenly for thousands of years. At the same time, she did not let Princess Jieyu hold up the gods again. The king also created a tidal event to forcibly drive away the sea animals and attack the underwater kingdom. Princess Jieyu was exhausted in the battle of the gods to protect her country. Finally, she sang to disperse the sea animals and died at the bottom of the sea. "
"One thousand years later, the mainland is in crisis again today. A few years later, the alien monster army is coming. Of course, the King of God will not place his hopes on us who crossed the border. So he tried to recall the former soldiers. After scanning by divine power, he found the new princess of Atlantis, which is also the most powerful ultimate weapon. At the same time, he also found a secret organization and this girl … Niya has been in crisis before we came to save this matter. I don’t know what will be forced because of what organization Bu Tianlong is in and what is hostile to the king of God, but I can say that even if all of us die here, Niya will not be in danger. At the critical moment, the king of God will definitely rescue her. "
In the crowd dumbfounded zhaojie smiled and stopped talking.
"Really, this ass sat more than a thousand years ago?" War ghost close with wide mouth murmured
Luo Tianyun sincerely looked at Zhao Jiedao. "Captain Shubit today, I’ve completely finished you. I didn’t expect you to benefit from layers of information to reason out so many things. No wonder your team is so popular now."
Shelley also praised, "It seems that it is no accident or luck that you are strong. It is really happy to have a captain like you."
Cruise suddenly said, "But how did you know that someone would attack Niya?"
"I didn’t know from the beginning," zhaojie said of course. "Because the combined strength of us people far exceeds that of a royal army, this forced call will never make us finish the battle so easily. I guessed that there would be a powerful enemy. At first, I was still hiding some mysterious power in this country, but when Bu Tianlong appeared, I put everything together and said, who is this organization in Terhi?"
Terhi smiled and looked at everyone, including the war ghost. She said leisurely, "Now that you already know, I might as well tell you."
"The name of this organization is Resistance."
She has a deep fear in her eyes and says, "It is specifically against publishers."
"You should all know the ins and outs of the establishment of the abyss troops, right? In the first arrival era, all the walkers mastered the ability in the game and came to this world, and then the’ gods’ constantly copied the monster wave SS from various games to this world. Later, the walkers became stronger, and for various reasons, the abyss troops formed the’ gods’. They felt that this force could also protect this world, so they agreed not to resurrect the same wave SS and came to this world. "
"But resentment doesn’t just lie in those waves that keep dying and being resurrected. Some monsters are ignored by the’ God’ and the abyss troops at the same time, and they secretly decide to resist this tragic fate. So in a game, a character devours a passer-by and becomes neither a monster nor a passer-by. After years of accumulation of resentment, he makes him swear to resist this disgusting world, so he constantly swims around the main lines for his own benefit, arousing one wave SS to make them feel sad and teach them to devour the passer-by and wander between people and hell."
"At first, the’ gods’ didn’t notice these people because they were too similar to the travelers, but after a long time, some people will find doubts. A publisher found that in several cities under his jurisdiction, there were always several travelers who left before they were rewarded, so they were wary and carefully observed these people until one day he found that these people had the power to break the rules and could break their own deployment. It was here that the publisher informed all the’ gods’ on this continent. Through constant observation and exploration, the’ gods’ have found that this organization has become more and more huge. They have the property of wave SS, and their strength rises faster than that of the passerby. The most important thing is that there is no rule in their bodies about whether they kill the passerby or the passerby kills them, and they will be rewarded. "
"In order to prevent these self-proclaimed resisters from disturbing the overall situation, the’ gods’ once sent a team composed of publishers to attack these monsters, and the result was tragic. Those who were high above the publishers were killed and seriously injured."
"What?" They all gasped. How can those who are like "gods" not be surprised when the guy is dealing with resistance with such heavy casualties?
"Although I also know something about the resistance, I don’t know it as thoroughly as Terhi’s sister," Yu sighed.
Terhi smiled. "In fact, you don’t need to show the publishers how horrible those guys are. The only thing that is stronger than us is that they are born with transcendence, that is, a single attribute has reached 3,000 points. However, when it comes to fighting skills and ability control, they may not be the ability that our opponents’ publishers have to change the world after they grow up because they have a machine that can adjust the world at any time at that level, but this machine has two shortcomings. First, it must also follow the rules, that is, it can’t kill the passers-by at will; Secondly, you can’t bring this machine into this plane. "
Zhaojie frowning slightly, "you they fought? What know so detailed? "
Terhi cocked his head and made a face. "I can’t say this about the rules ~"
Zhaojie, angry and funny, knocked on her head. "Don’t be cute. Go on."
"All right, all right" Terhi DuDu made people want to bite off their mouths and stared at zhaojie before continuing. "This is why we are needed to save the world. The reason why these passers-by are also what? Just now, Jay … Hugh bit said that the God King needed ten final weapons because when those’ gods’ came to their pure land, they lost their power."
"After the failure, the gods reflected on themselves, and they finally found their own shortcomings, so they wanted to use the passer-by to deal with the resisters … Of course, it must be those who have the ability to see through all this and have something to defeat the resisters, and I was dragged into this battle of gods and gods because I knew where this organization was at one time."
"I know," the war ghost grinned. "Is it the paradigm soul in the double ghosts?"
"That’s right." Terhi blinked his left eye and posed as a pistol.
"Then why do you want to tell us about it now? Aren’t you afraid to drag us into this battle? " The little girl face some not good-looking said
"Little MM, don’t be hostile to me ~" Terhi smiled charmingly. "First of all, since Hugh Bit said this, you have been dragged into this war. This is beyond doubt. Secondly, your ability has reached the point of joining the war. Even if no one tells you, the publisher will still assign you a resister to be hostile. If you don’t know the situation of the enemy and the enemy, you will look more passive than me, won’t you?"
"You’ you’?" Jeremiah keenly noticed Terhi’s words and suddenly said, "What do you mean? I also hope that you will join us after this time. "
Terhi smiled and nodded. "Yes, I intend to join your team to add a mutual attribute, but I won’t join you until you step into Varoran."
She gave zhaojie a deep look back. "Because my strength is too strong, it will drag you into the crisis that you can cope with … Maybe you don’t know that every battle I experience now is more dangerous than this one."
Zhao Jie nodded. Although he was reluctant to part with Terhi, he also had his own concerns in this respect. Besides, Little Loli and Jeremy also needed a buffer to adapt to Terhi’s presence.
Terhi said affectionately, "Don’t worry, I won’t let myself fall into a more dangerous environment, and my return to Varolan this time can also play a role in fighting for you."
"So … be careful"

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