"My little master, just your little fist, save it!" Hao Qiang pressed his fist and made fun of him.

At this time, after all, Qiu Dao was cultivated in the period of Danling. Although he was trapped by the red sandalwood green ants, he still paid attention to their side. He found that Chu Yanqi and Hao Qiang were not attacked by the red sandalwood green ants, but they were able to talk and laugh. Suddenly, their hearts moved and they said, "Do these two people have different treasures and can avoid insect ants?" While thinking about it, I reluctantly pulled up the gold thread, shook my body, and jumped at Chuyan.
Sure enough, at the moment when Qiu Dao was close to Chuyan’s habitat, the insects and ants instantly retreated.
"Go!" When ChuYanQi saw him approaching, he knew something was wrong. He was busy pulling Hao Qiang and wanted to escape.
"Want to go?" Qiu Dao clasped his wrist and smiled grimly. "I can’t believe you found a treasure in a place like this today, boy. Hand over your treasure." While speaking, he kicked Hao Qiang with one foot.
Sent for a big state, Hao Qiang at his feet is like a three-year-old child vulnerable, he kicked into the red sandalwood green ants, immediately there are countless red sandalwood green ants jump up.
"Ah, ah …" Hao Qiang shouted, "Little master."
"You run." Chu Yanqi tried to run to save Hao Qiang, but Qiu Dao pulled him hard and cried, "Hand over your treasure."
"I have no treasure." Chu Yanqi saw that Hao Qiang was attacked by insects and ants, and he remembered the story he heard in his previous life. He heard that there was a man-eating ant in Africa. In droves, he met people and living animals, and countless ants jumped on him instantly. Just for a moment, he devoured a living person, leaving only a skeleton, which was very scary.
At that time, when he listened, he felt that such a way of death could catch up with torture in the year, and countless ants were killed alive. Red sandalwood green ants are definitely much more powerful than those African man-eating ants in previous lives.
"It’s okay if you don’t pay it. I’ll do it myself." Qiu Dao’s face was red and swollen with red sandalwood and green ant bites, and gold silk was no exception. It was only now that it was near Chuyan Habitat that the green ant retreated.
While Qiu Dao was talking, his fingers were already buckled on his wrist, ready to pick the storage bracelet.
But the next moment, the high blade let out a moan, and then he like to see a poisonous snake, mercilessly off ChuYanQi hand.
"Uncle Qiu, what’s the matter?" At this time, Jin Si was busy and asked.
"Lan Li … Lan Li is in his hand." Qiu Dao said tongue-tied.
"There are many imitation blue storage bracelets on the market, which is nothing unusual." As Jin Si spoke, she stretched out her hand to catch Chu Yanqi.
But as soon as Chu Yanqi was free, he didn’t think much. He was busy rushing towards Hao Qiang, and then he hugged him-countless green ants faded instantly, but Rao was so, Hao Qiang was still bitten and the wound was all red and swollen.
As soon as Chu Yanqi left, the green ants began to attack Qiu Dao and Jin Si again.
Qiu Dao is busy with gold thread, and once again he is close to Chu Yanqi. In an instant, his mind is full of twists and turns. Just now, he can see clearly that there are indeed many imitations of blue ideas storage bracelets in the market, but the one on his hand doesn’t look like imitations. If it is really blue ideas, his identity is very suspicious.
Killing him will offend a person he absolutely can’t afford to offend, but different treasures are present, and this person also bullied Jin Si. Thought, suddenly evil to bravery edge, anyway, this place countless rosewood green ants, killed him, robbed the baby, throw him into the nest, even if someone found, also can only find a few skeletons, who can pursue his head?
"Master …" Hao Qiang looked at those red sandalwood green ants retreating, and this was a sigh of relief. He cried, "His, it’s terrible. How can I be so tender that I can’t lift my strength?"
In fact, it is not only him, but also the high knife and gold wire. At this time, gold wire completely relies on the high knife to help, but the high knife is cultivated in the spirit period of Dan. Its strength is much stronger than that of Hao Qiang, and its natural resistance is much stronger than that of Hao Qiang.
When ChuYanQi saw Qiu Dao approaching, he knew that he was ill-intentioned, and immediately quietly pulled out a dagger. While he was defenseless, he concentrated his soul force again, and he was bombarded with knowledge of the sea.
Qiu Dao only felt a strange force, and suddenly hit him in the depths of the eyebrows, and suddenly his whole body was soft. At the same time, the dagger in ChuYan Habitat’s hand had been stung by his heart.
With a successful blow, the dagger pierced Qiu Dao’s body, and Chu Yanqi was overjoyed at the moment. He didn’t expect to kill a master in Danling period so easily, but at this moment, the feather cherry fairy called out, "Be careful-"
"What a fast speed." Qiu Dao grimaced, talking at the same time, he had grabbed ChuYan habitat, then, the dagger in his hand turned into a pile of iron juice, fell to the ground, and was melted by him in an instant, and the scar on Qiu Dao’s chest recovered quickly at the speed of visible to the naked eye.
"This is the sorrow of a loser." Qiu Dao sneered, "Anyone who has practiced it knows that ordinary weapons and attacks have no effect on a cultivator like me. Hum, even these insects and ants are much more useful than you."
ChuYan habitat tongue-tied, how also didn’t think of, a monk Dan ling period so much?
"Let me send you on your way." Qiu Dao sneered, "You are such a waste, living is a waste of food."
"Don’t hurt my master." Hao Qiang managed to get up, but he couldn’t lift a muscle.
"Yanqi Gongzi-Yanqi Gongzi-"At this time, in the distance, the crisp voice of small beans came from the thick fog. "Are you there?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
ChuYan habitat a listen to, immediately in a hurry, this little beans don’t come early or late, Piansheng come here at this time, there are not only eating red sandalwood green ants, there is also a deadly shameless madman.
"Don’t come over." Chu Yanqi was busy and shouted, "There are insects and ants here, which is very dangerous."
"Let your companions come and die together." Qiu Daoyin smiled deeply. "You think I will let your companion go."
"I’m not afraid of insects and ants. Be careful. I’ll come right away." In the dense fog, the voice of the little bean came again.

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