I haven’t changed my equipment in the half-time game of Club Star Competition, and then I said to the cold-blooded, "Captain or the old rules?" Cold-blooded nodded his head. He knew that Ye Qing said that the old rule meant that he would be given the command at half-time and he would command the next game.

Apart from the opponent’s strength exceeding their expectations and the unfavorable cold-blooded command, the embarrassing situation of the team also has a lot of factors. He also feels ashamed that he has an unshirkable responsibility. Ye Qing asked for the command, and he didn’t resist him as he did last time. Now he wants Ye Qing to take over the team, and the fight is getting worse and worse.
Ye Qing’s mentality is very relaxed. On the one hand, his self-confidence has increased a lot because of his recent strength surge. On the other hand, when he watched the last round of the half-court, he found that the opponent’s play was very simple. It was a typical group attack and group defense. However, when this team launched the attack, everyone’s position was strictly trained, and they would not go astray. They would look after the left and right behind and concentrate on the front. Once they found the enemy, they would hit a fatal blow with fire. If they could not resist it, they would retreat together. This is a bit like the way
Ye Qing expected that the opponent’s defense should also have this feature at half-time. Although it is impossible to concentrate the troops on one point for group defense, the emphasis must be very obvious. It is easy to play if you feel out the defense focus of the opponent. If the opponent wants to disperse the defense, the defense force will be greatly reduced. It will not be too difficult for them to attack any point.
"You believe that everyone has seen that the team has reached the end of life and death. We can’t lose another round, that is to say, we have to win seven rounds at half time! It seems difficult, and the score of 6-1 is desperate, but we are not completely hopeless. Remember our classic comeback in the Champions League? If we try our best to fight, a miracle will happen. Now, don’t be depressed. After the game, don’t go your own way. You must listen to my command. We must rely on team strength to win, especially Dong Laoer. Don’t rely on your own strength to be the strongest in the team, so you can’t slam it alone. It’s not a team competition mode. It’s a blasting mode. You must cooperate with everyone. Do you hear? " Ye Qing tried his best to boost everyone’s morale before the game, hoping that his field would bring confidence to everyone. He always remembered the feeling that the shocking wind brought him, and he hoped that he could bring this feeling to his teammates and let them trust him.
Dong second nodded his head is very firm tunnel "eldest brother you can rest assured that you dare to run around to command me? You said I would never go east to Xima’s half-court. I was killed by snipers there many times, and I was going to collapse and hold my breath. "
Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "I’ll let your belly vent later. I’ll kill them. Sniper meteor, don’t fight him. Just cover their attack, ok?"
The meteor nodded and said, "I hate that my marksmanship is not as good as that guy’s. After I go back, I have to practice well. Why are there so many people who are good at shooting?"
"I’ll talk specifically about the tactics of the first round while there is still some time." Ye Qing explained the tactics to his teammates when he grasped it. The first round of the half-court was to find out where the opponent’s defensive focus was. They had to attack and defend the central forces like Xingjing. If they attacked that point, they wouldn’t suffer in terms of strength. On the contrary, if it was a weak point, their superior forces could quickly wipe out the opponent’s defensive line.
Cold-blooded is very much in favor of Ye Xie’s tactics. He didn’t pay attention to the targeted tactics made by the star-studded tactics, but Ye Xie saw the star-studded tactics as soon as he came, and he also saw that the star-studded players had worked too hard for this kind of tactics. Everyone’s position has been tempered without a trace of deviation. It is impossible to easily abandon this kind of tactics after training for so long. Even if they lose two or three rounds at half-time, it is estimated that they will still defend this kind of tactics. It is only at the most critical moment that they will bite their teeth and change their tactics.
After the game, if Ye Qing’s commander decides to take everyone out of the base from the slope, of course, the intersection will be blocked by smoke. Their attack direction is point B, because according to Ye Qing’s judgment, the general team will focus on defending point A, because point A can attack many routes, while point B has the road B.
The five of them are divided into three columns to move forward. The first two are Ye Qing and Dong Laoer, which are good friends. Their marksmanship is the best in the team at present. Of course, they have to fight outpost teammates to smooth the obstacles. Behind them are cold-blooded and affectionate, and at the end are snipers and meteors.
They pushed all the way to the outside of the arch, and the other side was undefended outside the arch. Judging from this, the other side must have been at point B because the troops were not strong enough to defend it outside, but contracted in the arch to defend it, and it must be a wretched Yin.
This point must be the weakest point of the other side’s defense. Ye Qing confidently reached the attack order. He and Dong Laoer took the lead in rushing in, and then they tacitly watched the situation outside the moon door back to back and one looked at the situation of the blasting point.
Cold-blooded and affectionate two people rushed in, and four people firmly controlled the blasting point in their hands in an instant, and after the danger was eliminated, the meteor also came in. He went to the back of the blasting point box to cover Ye Qing and Dong Laoer to eliminate the danger outside the moon. As a result, Ye Qing was surprised to find that the other party did not leave a person at point B!
"I rely on wonderful things!" Dong Laoer was very surprised and nodded at Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing. This is the first time to play a game and meet the defender’s side. It’s undefended at point B. Isn’t this a surrender? Ye Qing quickly arranged the defense line to let the meteor go to the arch door to cover his cold blood and Dong Laoer shrink to defend at the blasting point, while he squatted behind the outer box of the moon door
Ye Qing’s analysis shows that the other side can’t see their figures all the time, and they will definitely come to point B at once. According to the other side’s play, they will certainly flock from a certain route and will never split their troops to attack the enemy they want to find. Ye Qing requires everyone to defend in the past.
The other side is bold enough to give up point B. On the one hand, it may be because they don’t want to split their troops and want to gamble on point A. On the other hand, it may be because they deliberately give up point B, which makes club I change from an offensive side to a defensive side and they change from a defensive side to an offensive side. Maybe they are a team that is good at attacking but not good at defending, so their attack will be very sharp.
In fact, this tactic has been used by Jiang Yuhan and Bare, but it is only because of the bold command of the artist that the tactic can be made, because once the opponent can’t quickly attack and control the blasting point, it is expected that the screen will cry when the explosion occurs.
If the star competition command is the second plan, then I have to say that this guy is very enterprising and confident in the strength of the team, but they never imagined that Club I was not the team at half-time. Although they changed a person, they became as energetic as a heart.
When the star race commander came with all the people from the defender base, Ye Qing immediately called the others to gather meteors and feelings at the Moon Gate and quickly withdrew from the arch. Cold-blooded and Dong Laoer also flashed out from behind the box and went directly behind the Moon Gate wall.
The two sides held a fierce battle in the corridor outside the moon gate. Ye Qing flashed to the quick point and shot one of the machine gunners in the head. His posture became extremely flexible in the stormy training, and the sniper of the other side actually shot him.
"Meteor! Now! " Just as the other sniper pistol rang, Ye Qing shouted that the meteor certainly knew what to do. He quickly flashed out and seized the opportunity. A flash sniper left the other sniper outside the bunker.
"Well done!" Cold-blooded can’t help but praise that the meteor is also breathing a sigh of relief. It was so badly crushed by that guy at half-time. This time, he finally gave a bad breath. He felt that his self-confidence would increase several times if Ye was present. In several games with Ye, his performance was much better and the number of people killed was steadily increasing. He felt that he couldn’t kill anyone without Ye.
"Well, we have the advantage of numbers. Brothers, give it to me!" Ye Qing was very excited and shouted that he was the first to rush out. As soon as he went out, there was a burst of gun shooting. In the process of practicing guns together with Jing Feng, he was able to lower the recoil of ak47.
He shot the two people in front of him and swept them to death. The man left was crazy and generally hedged with him. The two men swept each other, regardless of who was the better marksmanship. That guy lost a lot. You know, Ye Qing was here but five people were in strong firepower. He was killed without rushing a few steps.
In the first round of half-time, Club I actually beat the other team without anyone dying, which is very different from being beaten at half-time. It’s not like the same team. Big honey looked at the big screen score change and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, then turned to coach Zhang and said, "This is something for Wynaut. After a game, the state of the whole team has changed, which shows how much a core figure has influenced the team."
"Yes, I knew this little boy was an out-and-out genius. During this period, he made remarkable progress by practicing alone, and his strength rose a lot. Our team is a treasure!" Coach Zhang is very gratified tunnel
Chapter ninety-two Go and buy the old man a cup of coffee
After I won the first round of the half-court, the morale of the club was greatly boosted, but it was very calm. He was not excited at all. He knew that this was just the first step of the long March, and there was still a long way to go.
The Star Race conductor was annoyed that he needed to win one more round before he could call it a day, but he didn’t expect that the other side suddenly became as fierce as taking an expired aphrodisiac this round, which suddenly filled the whole situation with variables. But although Star Race lost one round, its advantage was still obvious. They always needed to win one more round, so they didn’t believe that winning one round was impossible!
In the second round, Xing Jing still insisted on guarding Point A, but made some changes slightly, leaving one of the machine gunners in the Defender’s base, so that it was convenient to find the movement and movement at Point B. Ye Qing knew that the other side liked to play in groups, and this time they still took Point B, but they were discovered by the middle people just after they came from the slope. Although there was smoke blocking the other side, they also lost a Grenade to blow up the meteor that was walking behind.
"Your sister! Dare to blow up! " Meteor turned to want to go back to the guy who threw grenades to be killed, but Ye Qing immediately shouted, "Don’t go back! Our goal is the second child at point B. You cover behind the house! " Meteor bitterly continue to run to point B, while Dong Laoer is hiding behind the bunker.
Although the star competitors lost a Grenade, they didn’t chase it immediately because they had to wait for all the people to get together before attacking, otherwise they would not be used to it, which is their inherent style of play.
After they were all here, the I club had already entered point B. At this time, the star competitors chased the past from channel B and suffered a big loss outside the moon gate. They learned their lesson and prepared to take channel B to kill them.
When they enter the B channel, a person flashes out of the front arch. "Bang!" A sniper rifle went off at the front, and a machine gunner fell dead very simply. The people behind him immediately scattered in disorder.
When the meteor killed the other person, it retreated. At this time, Ye Qing and others all fell in love near the arch and squatted at the blasting point.
"Smoke bomb shop for me! ! Get ready to flash! " The star race commander shouted hysterically, and immediately two smoke bombs flew away, and then blocked the vision outside the arch, so that they dared to show up from behind the bunker and slowly move forward.
"Flash!" Star race command drink a way again immediately and someone threw a flash into the arch. Four people immediately divided into two teams before and after and rushed in directly without waiting for the smoke to disperse. They thought it would be able to catch each other off guard.
Ye Qing had already set up a net at point B, waiting for the four machine gunners to ambush around, while the sniper meteor was on the right side of the blasting point. After the other party rushed in, the meteor was right in front of a man who shot him without hesitation, but the meteor quickly flashed into the tunnel.
The remaining people in the Star Race quickly dispersed, and two people rushed to the blasting point, one rushed to the moon gate, but before they could react, two people flashed out from behind the blasting point box, and at the same time, two people flashed in outside the moon gate.
On both sides of the attack, the star competitor was immediately overwhelmed, and the meteor flashed out again. Soon, the star competitor was wiped out, and there was cold blood on this side of the I club.
"Captain! Point B can’t be put any more so that we will be chased by them! " Star race a machine gunner captain and command to them
"Bastard! I know, but if we split up, our strength will be greatly reduced! And our individual combat ability is not as good as the other half. We can only lead so much by physical strength. "Command is better than chagrin tunnel.
"Captain, how about we defend point B this time?"
"Idiot, what if they attack point A again?"
"That how to do? We can’t guess each other’s intentions unless we have mind reading. "
"Ah ah! ! I decided to go crazy. Let’s give up defense. Let’s just go out and attack and defend the team strength and destroy them. What do you think? "
"Captain, I think we can try one!"
"good! Then hurry, or they will all come to our base! Go! " The star competitors were killed directly from the base under the leadership of the captain. They took the route of point B. When they directly went to channel B, everyone was dumbfounded. Obviously, the other party had gone to point A before they could react. 4 The sound of successful installation has already sounded.
"I depend! circle runner Go to point a! " Star race command big drink a way a group of people immediately jumped toward a point.
"Ta-da-da …" A man flashed out from the right side of the middle road and fired at them. "Bang!" From behind them came another sniper rifle, and in front of the last sniper, he fell down directly. Suddenly, he looked back in horror and there was a sniper lurking in the lookout.
Just as they split up their troops to deal with snipers, three machine gunners rushed in from the middle. They joined up with the machine gunners on the right side of the middle, and the fire increased so much that the people who turned to deal with snipers had to go to the bunker first and then hide in the middle. For the sniper on the lookout, he could kill everyone from behind.
Ye Qing and his men rushed directly to cooperate with the meteor, and they soon wiped out the enemy department hiding behind the bunker, and none of them escaped. Club I won three rounds in a row and swept away the half-court decline.
Big honey looks more excited and happy in the face, applauding hard, and coach Zhang’s face is also significantly better. Ye Qing is indeed an Indiana Jones, and his mental outlook will be completely new if he is in the team.
At this time, he yawned after winning three consecutive leaves, and he looked a little tired. He stayed up too long last night and didn’t wake up. He was still a little dizzy. He also pulled himself together. At this moment of the game, a sleepy feeling hit him, and he was a little overwhelmed.
"Holy shit, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Is there any coffee to drink?" Ye Qing shook his head hard and tried to wake himself up. Dong Laoer couldn’t help but tunnel "Did you sleep late last night?"
"Yes! I didn’t sleep for half a night. "
"I depend on the boss! I have an hour at most. You are so angry that you have been tossing for half a night! " Dong Laoer looked at Ye Qing with reverence.
Ye Qing directly looked up and slapped him on the top of his head and didn’t good the spirit tunnel "where did you want to go! ! I’m so sleepy now that I have to be God. "He said, looking back at the field and waved to Big Honey.
Big honey looked at Ye Qing at a loss and then pointed to her. Ye Qing nodded to call her. She immediately got up and left. Before she came near Ye Qing, she was arrogant and said, "Go and buy a cup of coffee for Lao!"
"what! ? It’s urgent now, boss. You want me to buy you coffee? Are you kidding? Can’t you drink after the game? " Big honey simply wants to slap Ye Qing directly. This guy is too careless, isn’t it?
"If you don’t want to lose the game, you’d better do as I say, and if you don’t want to lose the game soon, I should fall asleep later." Ye Qing yawned again, which made him wonder why he wanted to drink coffee. She expected that Ye Qing was so sleepy that she must have something to do with running out last night. She nodded her head and then went to pick up her bag and hurried outside the basketball court.
"Can the leaf tilt hold?" Cold-blooded is very earnestly asked, now that the team has finally pulled back three rounds, he doesn’t want anything to happen at this time. Now it is the team’s hope of winning.
"Can you barely hold on for a while? Win another round first!" Ye Qing forced himself to cheer up and then arranged tactics. In view of the fact that the other side was killed directly in the next round, Ye Qing directly ambushed in the middle of the road and waited for the other side to kill.
This round, Star Race seems to have changed its tactics again. They haven’t come out for a long time. Ye Qing feels very strange. I wonder what the other conductor thinks. Have they returned to the former defensive mode? So which point are they focusing on this time?
"Go into point A and have a look!" Ye Qing flashed out from behind the bunker and threw a flash bomb at the middle. Everyone rushed to it quickly. When they turned to the right, they suddenly found several heads coming out of the pit.
Ye Qing and others were suddenly shocked that the other party was in the pit and didn’t even understand the truth of cross fire. Ye Qing spoke at that time. I really don’t know how this group of people beat the I club so badly at half-time!
"I rely on wonderful things!" Dong Laoer once again sighed that the team of Star Race proved to be a team that can’t be dispersed to death. gay friends’s team arranged a line of defense, and it’s never too crowded for everyone to nest in one place!
Chapter ninety-three Very hot old

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