Just when Dugu Hanmei was proud, she suddenly felt a touch of danger!

She quickly drew her sword and looked around warily.
Everything is normal around.
The sun shone on the lush trees and cast mottled shadows on the path.
There is nothing unusual!
But no, she just sensed danger!
Dugu Hanmei is suddenly a little scared. If she is in distress at this moment, Roots will come. No, she is in a beautiful future in Jasper. Don’t die!
So Dugu Hanmei started to run!
But she can’t run at all!
Because of a poisonous arrow with thunderous force shot at her!
Dugu Hanmei was frightened and quickly used magic to try to avoid this poisonous arrow!
But the archer practices in her, and does she want to avoid it?
Even though I tried my best, the poison arrow still went through her shoulder.
Dugu hanmei screams
"Still running?" The man in black covered his face and sounded cold.
DuGuHanMei desperately shook his head "don’t run"
Her life and death are in his hands. If she dares to run, she believes that this guy will shoot her in the heart with an arrow!
"Not bad."
"We don’t have any grudges against our predecessors, do we?" DuGuHanMei tentatively asked
Dugu Hanmei was relieved so that she could live.
"Does the elder want me to help?" Dugu cold plum has always been clever and tentatively asked
Seeing the black dress person laughing, "What an ice-snow girl ate it!"
A pill was thrown in front of Dugu Hanmei.
Dugu Hanmei knew that if she didn’t eat this man, she wouldn’t let her go.
So she reluctantly took the pills.
Men in black then quickly flew to her side and sat down to heal her.
The black dress person spared no effort to cure her shoulder injury quickly, which puzzled her again.
"Twice a day can be cured within two days." The black dress person handed her a bottle of medicine.
Glass dugu took the "white"
"You are to give your sworn enemy glass poison dugu or the middle method."
Black people say that finish with a bottle of poison and a seal method of insect to her "you don’t always want her to die? We are allies. "
Dugu Hanmei doesn’t know each other’s identity, but since the other party wants Dugu coloured glaze to die, that’s her partner.
"I know what to do."
"Dugu Liuli is very clever, and she is clever and intelligent. I believe you have learned it. Don’t rush for a while. You can get her trust before you do it."
DuGuHanMei nodded "thank you for your advice"
"You don’t need to be obedient. Of course, if you don’t be obedient, the bug I planted in you will listen to my orders and let you live, not beg for death!"
Dugu Hanmei’s face changed greatly!
She didn’t expect the black dress person to give her a trick!
"Afraid?" Black dress person laughs
DuGuHanMei nodded.
"If you know that you are afraid, you should do something well. You are not too impatient. I hope this bug can teach you to sharpen your sex. If you are angry, this bug will bite you. Do it yourself!"
Black dress person say that finish haughty smile.
"Looking for death!"

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