Johnson gushed blood foam. He was really shocked by Lin Tian’s evil spirit. He would rather take his pet than let him slay the paladin. That’s why there is no such thing as the first person in the Dragon Kingdom. It’s simply a thief!
"Boss, you’re not dead!"
"Bah, Bah, childish words avoid your boss. How can I die if I live well!"
"Kill the devil there! Everybody kill him!"
Lin Tianxie’s voice just fell and there came a roar. Looking back, he immediately scared Lin Tianxie to pee. Hundreds of meters behind him, there was a sea of people with all kinds of’ weapons’ in his hands, constantly shouting and killing himself.
"Kill the paladin!"
Lin Tian evil roar loud a immediately rushed to the paladin leader ghost dragon small four also unceremoniously hand blood cut again arrival milli doubt in two strong attack paladin leader face unwilling to fall in a pool of blood.
"You’re cruel, but you’ve done it with a real dragon blow. I’ll see how you can kill me this time!" Johnson roared and immediately summoned his blazing angel pet to kill Lin Tianxiao.
However, Johnson did not say that he was fighting hard or desperately. He was fighting to drag Lin Tianxie until those reinforcements arrived, and Lin Tianxie would die.
"Hum, you want to haunt me, daydreaming!"
Lin Tian evil cold hum a immediately jumped the ghost dragon small four back legs gently a clip ghost dragon small four immediately rushed to the sky.
"Don’t fly if Falk wins!" Johnson shouted from the ground! But he also knows that if Lin Tianxie doesn’t run, he will die.
Flying wild all the way back to Freetown, because there are materials he wants. At this time, Freetown is full of broken limbs and bones. Except for the sparse streets, a few people are wandering around, and others are estimated to be chasing themselves. I didn’t expect such a big Freetown to become like this in their own onslaught. No wonder they lost dozens of levels.
Finally, an hour later, Lin Tianxie was out of combat. At this time, he was dozens of kilometers away from Freedom City.
However, just out of combat, I haven’t waited for him to click back to Lin Tianxiao’s ear to hear the unified indication.
"Congratulations to the players who have completed the first stage of reward experience with five words floating in the sky, 500 million gold coins, 200 million freedom league feats and 5 special equipment!"
The first stage?
Is there a second stage?
Chapter 292 Sniper Cardinal
Just when Lin Tianxie was wondering, he heard the unified message again, "Does the player accept the second-stage level sss?"
If you don’t accept it, it’s the king’s egg. Lin Tianxie immediately chose to accept it.
"The Pope is very angry because the white bishop of Liberty City was beheaded, but Liberty City can’t leave it alone. After all, there are still many believers there because the Pope sent a cardinal this time. Although the strength is not as strong as that of the white bishop, he sent a powerful guardian to the cardinal. Please slay the cardinal!"
I don’t feel relaxed when I hear that Lin Tianxie is in charge. Yes, the low strength of the cardinal is doomed to kill him quickly, but this paladin of light is absolutely outrageous, otherwise the Pope would not assign this paladin of light to guard the cardinal.
It seems that the light paladin is stronger than the paladin. How can we attract the light paladin and slay the cardinal?
Lin Tianxiao hit his own column and remembered the detailed information. In addition to the face-to-face, he guarded the cardinal and a pair of sixteen soldiers. They are coming from the Holy See where the Pope is located. It is estimated that they will come to Freedom City the day after tomorrow and want to stop the killing of the cardinal.
Remember the route. Lin Tianxiao rode the ghost dragon and flew for a hundred kilometers. Only then did he see a group of soldiers far away. One of them walked in front with a knight gun in his hand, and behind him was a cardinal.
Worried that the other party will find the ghost dragon small four breath Lin Tianxiao found a hidden place to land, put the ghost dragon small four away, and summoned the flame lion boss to take out the knight gun and ride it.
"The flame lion knight is not bad either!"
As soon as the flame Shishiku ran up, Lin Tianxie felt that the trees on both sides kept retreating their ears to shout the wind. I didn’t expect the flame lion to be quite fast.
In less than a few minutes, Lin Tianxiao saw the paladin and cardinal. At this time, Lin Tianxiao has become a knight in armor, of course, a knight in flame lion.
The paladin immediately roared with a knight’s gun in his hand, so if Lin Tianxie crossed the line, he would be crucified on the lion’s back
"I’m so disrespectful to my flaming lion knight that I want to challenge you!"
"Light Paladin, I accept your challenge, but only on the condition of cardinal Ann!"
The paladin is very responsible for protecting the cardinal at all times, which makes the incarnation of the flame lion knight Lin Tianxiao somewhat unexpected!
"But if I am attacked, I will do it. I won’t allow my opponent to have any accidents in the duel!"
At this time, an absolute sight will come. Yi Long Ming Long Ming shakes the heart of heaven and earth. Everyone is surprised and immediately stares at the dragon on the alert!
This likes and dislikes the dragon actually transferred the hatred to the paladin, and immediately howled and killed the paladin!
At this time, the flame lion knight has been hiding on one side, and the flame lion has disappeared, leaving the knight in stealth and hiding on the other side!
Yes, these two people are Lin Tianxie, the ghost dragon, and Xiao Si. When he discovered the cardinal and his guardian, the Light Paladin, Lin Tianxie made this plan. After all, the Light Paladin is too strong to sneak attack himself, so that the cardinal can be destroyed first, and those people can slowly tinker with it!
At this time, the ghost dragon Xiaosi has killed the paladin, and the two of them have never been away from the cardinal for 20 meters. It is estimated that the paladin’s maneuvering range is 20 meters.
"Xiao Si strives to lead the paladin away!"
"Don’t worry, boss!"
Sure enough, after a few minutes, the ghost dragon Xiaosi suddenly retreated for tens of meters, holding high the blood and chopping it into the opposite light paladin!
Dozens of bloody Dao Qi went straight to the Light Paladin, and even the cardinal and dozens of soldiers behind him were shrouded in the scope.
Naiguang Paladin can rush forward to prepare when these Dao qi are released because the skill display has a central point. The more the skill is fanned out, the more it will be blocked and the more it will be attacked.
At this time, Lin Tianxiao, who was in a stealth state, quickly rushed forward, and the speed was amazing. At the same time, Lin Tianxiao also concealed his breath until he rushed to the red leader, which suddenly released all the breath.
Dragon sword hard cut a flash of cold light!
The paladin of light shouted that it was too late to turn around and rescue!

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