A group of girls angrily expelled the war ghost.
Shota hey hey smiled. "In fact, this question is very simple. What would you do if your lover suddenly split into two identical people?"
"Of course, both of them love each other." As soon as the little girl shouted, she shut up.
Jeremy also wanted to say an option, but she rejected it before he could say it.
"Hehe" zhaojie laughed. "It’s a paradox. Choosing to love one person or two people at the same time is unfaithful to your lover. Are you sure that little boy is not a demon sent by Satan to separate the couple?"
After thinking for a long time, the little girl sighed, "On how this couple have proved to be loyal to each other, they are so romantic even when they die."
"Romantic?" Squatting in the distance, the ghost curled his lips. "Is this too nonsense?"
"Yes," Hughes Lan rarely commented. "It is the biggest disloyalty to this love to be separated from heaven because of a puzzling problem."
See the little girl and Jeremy glared at Theseus haze zhaojie laughed at the same time "forget it, there is no need to argue about this stuff? After all, this is a saying. "
"The man finally thought of the answer, didn’t he? What is the answer? " Constantly on the side, Leona was moved by this story and could not help but ask
"I don’t know. The story ends here." shota shrugged.
"Sister, have you thought of the answer?" The little girl looked at zhaojie.
Zhaojie chuckled, "I can probably guess the man’s answer, but I would never choose this one if it were me."
"Come on, come on," a group of girls urged together
"The man’s answer is that the story of Zhao Jun has already been explained. If you become two people, I will turn myself into two even parts. Although you can get each one, I am incomplete, but my love will always belong to you completely."
"Wow ~ ~" This time, both men and women couldn’t help screaming.
"But you just said you wouldn’t choose one, so do you have any other answers?" Constantly behind zhaojie Qing month suddenly asked.
"Yes, yes, tell us quickly," cried the little girl, jumping her feet and blushing.
Zhaojie chuckled, "If it’s me, the person I love the most suddenly splits into two people, I will kill one of them and then take her ashes with me forever, and then I will love the living one so that I won’t spill my love."
"What, you said I was a little shuddering?" Shota shivered and others looked at zhaojie.
"Well, you guys said it was necessary to be so serious? * * Isn’t love love? Instead, I agree with Sioux Lan that two people have proved that they love each other and heaven and earth are separated forever. This is the biggest disloyalty to love, "said Zhao Jienai.
"Anyway, since uncle just attacked the fountain, he couldn’t prove it was true." The little girl suddenly cried hysterically.
Jeremy nodded. "I think it’s right, too. Only those who get the blessing of that couple love each other the most."
"All right, all right, you are right." Seeing the two girls looking at each other with hostile eyes again, zhaojie shrugged very calmly.
At this moment, the sculpture water flow in the fountain grew up after all, and slowly changed from gurgling water to a small water column rushing high. In this moonlight, the spray was as dazzling as pearls, and it hit the statue and raised a rainbow.
Soon, in full view of the public, the water suddenly rushed up and then in Sinochem, a bright water arrow swept over to zhaojie.
(No … It’s really me?
Zhaojie one leng immediately can accept this spray baptism.
Seemingly dissatisfied with a cup of spring water, Zhao Jie’s skirt was soaked and this stunning beauty was poured into a drowned rat.
Feel the tension between two arms and palms. zhaojie couldn’t help laughing. Even he himself was looking forward to this story.
But I don’t know if the scene was quiet for a while, and zhaojie could hear the people around him beating violently.
What’s the matter?
Zhaojie slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at Jeremiah on the left, only to see that the girl looked at herself with amazement. There was not even a drop of water in her body, and even she clutched her arm and didn’t splash on zhaojie. One leng immediately looked at the other side, only to find that the little girl and Jeremiah were in exactly the same situation. zhaojie himself looked like he had just fished it out of the river, but the two girls next to him seemed to have just been released from the desert.
"Isn’t this joke a bit big?" War ghost dull sound at the same time, zhaojie felt that the blade storm pseudo-field and the burning pseudo-field at the same time set off a strong coercion, such as Taishan coping, which fell on every traveler’s body. In an instant, several people were almost on the ground by this strong coercion, and the flames around them were firm but gentle.
"What’s the matter?" Zhaojie turned around and looked along Jeremy and the little girl’s eyes, and the pupil suddenly shrank.
(This joke … It was really big.
At the center of the two pseudo-fields, I was soaked to the skin and looked at zhaojie with a delicate and touching moon. Her body was also half kneeling on the ground, and the surrounding fire elements were constantly evaporating water vapor from her body.
"Okay, stop playing. We should go to the village town." zhaojie frowned lightly.
"Kill her" the little girl gnashed her teeth.
"I agree." Jeremy’s eyes were fierce.

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