Once the team loses, he will definitely blame Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng because he thinks that these two men, who are known as gun gods, can beat their opponents so badly? It must be because the two gun gods didn’t do their best to lose the game.

Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng, who have been blamed for a long time, have often been scolded for their face. In fact, the five gun gods have long been noticed by major teams, and they hope that their every move will be stared at, so that they can make an offer to invite them to join K and go to nb team. He is Jiang Yuhan’s solid cluster, and other teams have broken their minds.
Apart from K, there are four gun gods left. Although these four men are not as good as K alone, they are still a force to be reckoned with. They must have their own unique features. These four men are also the targets of major teams. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng have all left the original team, and the income of the Royal Forbidden City team once made other professional teams feel scared. It is a pity that another team will rise into a super strong team. It is a pity that the Royal Forbidden City team failed to make these two gun gods drive them away.
The other two gun gods are Luo and Lan Bao, so let’s not talk about it. Now that all the professional teams in the retired institute are broken, it’s interesting to miss Luo. He has been staying in a team with little potential. The name of that team is Meng Yanyu.
He is very arrogant and has a flawed personality, so many teams are reluctant to choose him for this reason, so that he can stay in the dream and have no chance to make a difference. Although his name is loud, his future is not so good. He is not as good as Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng, the two gun gods.
Meng Yanyu didn’t come to fpl team this time, and there was a little problem. The reason was that this guy Luo asked for a raise and threatened the top team that he would quit if he didn’t get a raise.
Because the team has never played any good results, there is almost no bonus income, and life is relatively tight on the base salary. Luo Gui Gun God naturally thinks that he is expensive, and his strength income is not proportional. In fact, he is already the highest in the dream, with a base salary of 3,000 and other players only 2,000.
For Luo’s request, the team’s top management thought that his asking price was too outrageous, so he didn’t agree. Luo felt that he was worth at least 5,000 yuan a month, and the increase of 2,000 yuan was really scary. The team could support two ordinary professional players at this price, and there was still 1,000 left.
It is worth one thing that the boss behind the dream is just a small boss in a small internet cafe, who is not rich in wealth and is not willing to spend a lot of money on Luo.
Luo was able to become one of the five gun gods. It was also in this team that he was honed. At the beginning, his salary was only 1,500. When he became famous and was blocked, his boss gave him a raise and rose directly to 3,000. At that time, Luo was also ecstatic, so he stayed in the dream with great determination.
Who knows that after only two years, the price soared by 3,000 yuan, which was almost the same as that of the previous 1,000 yuan. He suddenly felt that his salary was still too low, especially after he heard the story that those professional lol players were making millions of dollars a year, his heart was even more unbalanced. This time, he also planned to ask for a raise.
After being rejected by the boss, Luo had the intention to go. He told the boss very clearly that he would leave the team if he didn’t get a raise. The boss didn’t say anything dead, saying that he would consider it for a few days before giving him a reply. Luo was not in a hurry. His purpose was not to leave the team but to get a raise. If the team could give him a raise, he would definitely stay. If he didn’t get a raise, he would go back to his home.
He has nothing to pursue for the championship. He wants to make money, and he will go where whoever pays more then.
It can be seen that the best way to dig the five gun gods is to pay a price that satisfies him, and he will not hesitate to join, but his personality is really unpleasant
It is foreseeable that the pattern of the professional circle will change again in the future. One change is that the sniper’s comeback will cause almost a huge shock, and then these changes will be brought by three of the five gun gods, and maybe another strong team will rise.
After the Royal Forbidden City team lost two spear gods, it had already fallen into disrepute. Jiangnan Kun was also eager to recruit experts to join, so when he returned, he posted job advertisements in major game gates to recruit spear-god-level machine gunners and powerful snipers.
Coincidentally, Luo happened to see this advertisement and learned that his sworn enemy Feng Xiao had left the Royal Forbidden City team. Although I don’t know what prompted Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng to leave together, if Feng Xiao was gone, he would want to join the idea and recruit heavily. The word was particularly attractive, so he joined Jiangnan Kun in those few days while waiting for the boss’s final decision.
Jiangnan Kun can’t help but scoff when he learns that he is also one of the five gun gods, because there used to be two gun gods in his team, but in his view, they are not worthy of the name, and the team’s record is still poor.
Luo Jiangnan Kun didn’t seem to value his gun god status, so he boasted that he was much better than Feng Xiaoliu. However, he had a real quarrel with Feng Xiaoxiao. He felt that Luo’s words were very pleasant, so he asked Luo to come to the interview. If he passed the exam, his monthly salary was 7 thousand, which made Luo Wanfa refuse.
You know, he only asked for a salary increase of 3,000 yuan a month in a misty rain, and the boss didn’t even agree to it. Now the Royal Forbidden City team is 7,000 yuan, which is 2,000 higher than his own salary. Can he stand the temptation?
Chapter 1233 Escape
Luo was very moved by the rejection of the offer of the Royal Forbidden City, so he contacted Jiangnan Kun privately and made an ace collar, which really frightened Jiangnan Kun and made him feel that he was really capable, so he planned to sign him at a price of 7 thousand yuan per month.
Luo also promised to come without hesitation, and then when he got back, he would cancel the contract for the team. The boss was still hesitating whether to give him a raise. As a result, this guy directly said that he would cancel the contract, which made the team boss angry and immediately promised to understand the contract and let him go.
After signing the resignation contract, Luo happily went to the Royal Forbidden City team, whose headquarters is in Beijing. Luo naturally also went to Beijing. Jiangnan Kun generously rented him a room and invited him to Jude to give him a dinner on the first day.
Luo, a team member of the Royal Forbidden City, was highly valued. He felt that only in this place could he have a sense of honor as a gun god. He could not enjoy such high-level treatment in the rainy days, so he stayed with peace of mind.
Feng Xiao couldn’t help but sneer at the news and then said two words to die!
Then Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng discussed a decision to join a team with the hope of winning the championship. Even if the salary is not high, it is said that they are coming to the end of their careers. They all plan to draw a successful end to their careers, but there are not many champions with high gold content in their hands. Some people really say that they will fight for honor if they don’t pick them up!
Now they are still choosing ordinary professional teams, but nb team is not short of experts. The remaining teams are ag, ig, Qingcheng Competition, Tiger Brotherhood and Modern ep. Although Club I is the biggest dark horse in fpl, it still doesn’t have the conditions to win the championship in their opinion, especially one of the teams is comparable to K machine gunner. After they go, they will be three powerful machine gunners, but it is difficult to go further without a top sniper and a powerful sniper team.
Those super teams all have top snipers in the circle, and each one is worse than the other, which is why they can’t be too bad in any competition. If Club I has a sniper like bare, it will be very attractive to Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. Once the two of them join three spear-level machine gunners and one sniper saint, this array can be called luxury and will never be much worse than nb team.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng agreed to see which team can get the runner-up this time, and they will join which team. Of course, the former team will accept them, but the two of them have the ability to ask them to do so. Almost no team will refuse.
Ye Qing didn’t know that his team missed the two spear gods because there wasn’t a powerful sniper. If he knew, he would be quite depressed. If Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng were willing to join, he would of course be very happy, even if Pearl Krabs and Tian Mao were allowed to play as substitutes. With the two spear gods joining the I club, the strength of the team is likely to rise a lot, and then it will definitely be a shoo-in for the Tiger Brotherhood, and it will not be played so hard again.
Ye Qing didn’t know what happened outside the stadium until later. Now that he just won the game, he was in a good mood. When he packed his equipment from the field, he saw a beautiful girl waving at him. He froze and immediately reacted. That girl was probably Tang Yiqing.
In order to avoid any misunderstanding, he simply pretended not to see it and then urged the players to leave quickly
Outside the stadium, Ye Qing looked back at the exit. Tang Yiqing didn’t seem to be chased out. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. They were the first to finish the game. Because they beat their opponents cleanly by three-to-one, the process was naturally fast. There were still two games going on at the scene, and all the audience were still watching the game. Ye Qing and others were not surrounded by fans this time.
"Go back to the hotel!" Ye Qing said to the players
"Why go in such a hurry? Don’t we look at other team competitions? " Pearl Krabs asked with some puzzle.
Generally speaking, after the game, you should watch a game of another team and know yourself and know yourself, so that you can win every battle. From the games of other teams, you can see the characteristics of these teams’ playing styles, and then you can arrange tactics in a targeted manner when you play against these teams, and you also know which person to focus on.
Ye Qing is a little embarrassed. "I won’t watch it today. We have reached the semi-finals. Everyone can go back to the hotel to relax. I’ll give you a holiday today. You can go out and have a look around, but remember not to make trouble on your own initiative. I believe it is impossible for you to be honest and find trouble every time."
Pearl Krabs and Nalancai strolled across the street with Dami, and they were not interested in going out for a walk. They were very dull, and Tian Feng and Thomas were very excited, because they were almost suffocated in the hotel and had long wanted to go out for a walk, even if it was a walk in a nearby park.

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