Tang Cheng and Tang Yingxue were surprised at the same time. At the same time, they turned around and looked surprised at the sudden opening of Jianghan. He didn’t mean anything!

And the guests in the field looked at Jianghan one by one, and Jianghan’s eyes seemed to have been covered with a layer of mystery and horror!
Jianghan didn’t mean others’ eyes, and everyone was afraid. He just took the necklace from Li Biyang’s hand and turned around and gently gave it to Tang Yingxue!
"Do you like the gift from Brother Loach?" Jianghan affectionate judo
"Like is like but …"
"No, but I wish you liked it!" Jianghan gently blocked Tang Yingxue’s lips with his hand, and his hand felt cool and itchy.
"Jianghan ~ you this …!" Tang Cheng’s urgent words have been interrupted by Jianghan’s hand before he finishes.
"Although my life in Jianghan is worthless, it is still more valuable than this Van Cleef & Arpels limited-edition necklace, aren’t you right?" Jianghan stared at Li Biyang’s face with a faint smile!
Li Biyang doesn’t talk, and his hand is still hanging.
"Do you hate me so much? No, I should ask you how much you hate Jiang Wenxuan? "
In Jiang Wenxuan’s eyes, Li Biyang flashed a sharp edge, but he still didn’t talk, but Jianghan didn’t plan to stop.
"It’s just for strange bedfellows for 20 years. It’s a great shame for a woman to like men sleeping beside her for 20 years without touching herself once. It’s a reason to hate a generation, right?"
Jianghan smiled, but Li Biyang’s face became extremely cold. A cold and cold ShaQi emanated from her body. Everyone felt strange. Those animals who had felt depressed for a long time wished they could not escape from here and never look at the grass again. This moment is a clue!
"You hate you, you are jealous, you want revenge, but you can’t bear to do anything to Jiang Wenxuan. Today you are here!"
Jianghan’s smile on his face became more and more intense, and his words jumped out of his mouth more and more neatly.
"Your root is not to help me. You want me to die. Although impeded tactics are not something you should have, this is exactly what you are doing in shenjiamen. Even if the husband knows that this is a plan, he will be desperate to wash his shame! "
"It is well known that the independence? Husband, it’s well known that you are pursuing 49 cities. He likes you and loves you. This account will not be counted on you. Li Biyang will be counted on me, a poor bastard with a mother and no father! "
"But I don’t think it’s white that since you did something, you didn’t do it more thoroughly! Although the slap in the face is not light, I think if you had just left that Shen Aotian with a pair of hands and feet, wouldn’t I have died faster? "
Jianghan smiled and asked himself and replied, "You want me to die, but there is still room for it. To put it bluntly, you are afraid that Jiang Wenxuan will hate you if I die! The purpose of this is to force Jiang Wenxuan to show up and satisfy himself? "
Jianghan sneer at more than "what dragon soul Yan Ruyu alone? Husband and poisonous woman are just three poor people in insatiability! "
"Ha ha ~!" Li Biyang smiled this time, unlike cuttlefish chattering with cold laughter.
"You are smarter than I thought!"
"Really?" Jianghan smiled shyly.
"But it’s a pity that you are uglier than I thought. No wonder Jiang Wenxuan chose my mother over you for 20 years and never touched you!"
Volume 3 Work all day Chapter 26 Get out of here!
There is still a light on in the first room of the river in Laohuai Village. The ox is lying on the edge of the mahogany bed with a pair of old eyes shining. Jiang Wenxuan moved a bamboo chair to accompany the bed.
"The pool in Sijiucheng is too deep. Qin Keqin’s girl set this little thing on fire!"
After fifteen years in the Jianghu, the workhorse never slackened and severely punished Jianghan, which once made Jianghan hate this ruthless and stubborn grandpa!
However, Jiang Wenxuan clearly loves Jianghan and hurts him the most. Jianghan is also a stubborn old man with duplicity.
"Jin Lin Hua Long If you don’t meet the real fire, if you can succeed? Dad, Jianghan was trained by you. I believe him, and you should believe him more. "The baptism of honest and elegant pastoral life has already found no trace of blood gas in this former battlefield killer, but there is much more smoke and fire. It is like those ancient scholars who are tied up and poor!
"Hum, you are open!" Master blew his eyes off Jianghan Wenxuan and didn’t good the spirit way
Old children, old children, the older they get, the more childish they become.
Jiang Wenxuan smiled gently. "Phoenix men, peacocks and women can turn dragons and phoenixes into dragons and phoenixes. If you want to reach the peak once in this world, which one hasn’t gone through all kinds of difficulties and dangers? Didn’t you come here like this when I was in Jianghan? Instead, you became hesitant."
"Smelly little when it’s your turn to teach the old!" Jiang Di blew his eyes and patted the bed board, but soon he was also laughing with Jiang Wenxuan!
The world knows that the first river is a stubborn cow, but it doesn’t know that he has a clear mind!
It is a fierce tiger, but no fierce tiger can think of it as more brilliant than telling it all his life!
Laughing and laughing, the first thing in the river is coughing!
Follow the river and be happy together. Jiang Wenxuan immediately got up and held his father’s arm to caress his back.
Over the past six months, the first bones of rivers have been getting worse day by day. Fifteen years of running around the rivers and lakes and the first half of my life have made the head ox enter the twilight years.
"Dad, do you want to …"
"no! It’s almost like this in my life when I’m almost ten. I’ve seen it all, and you don’t have to be persistent. "
"But …"
"Nothing good but! I hope I can see you bring the dream girl back before I close my eyes. It’s not a problem for our Jiang family to stay in the general temple of our Jiang family’s daughter-in-law! "
Jiang Wenxuan’s pupil suddenly shrank and looked at his doddering father in front of the bed. His eyes seemed to burst into flames.
Tonight, the Crystal Palace is destined to be high and high, and one scene after another is dramatic. The high and high tide is comparable to the cool Hollywood blockbuster of the Oscar ceremony.
Life is like a play, acting depends on acting. These animals in the banquet hall of Crystal Palace feel that they are in front of them. The comparison between these two is simply a battle of five dregs!

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